my friends, i don’t want to come across all braggy braggerson, but i made those tortillas.  with my BARE HANDS!  ok, my bare hands and a tortilla press.  color you impressed?!  well, i have to confess, making tortillas is mind blowingly simple.  like, really really really simple.  i had NO IDEA.  but now that i’m in the know about how easy, fast and superior homemade tortillas are there’s no going back to those store bought, rubbery suckers.  the hardest part of the whole homemade tortilla making adventure was finding organic masa, but don’t worry, i’ve done the leg work for you.  enough organic masa to last you for many, many nights of delicious homemade tacos.  start with these portobello ones, they’ll knock your socks off!  xx- sarah  {more after the jump}

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