DIY Dining Room Makeover With True Value


Hello my friends!  I’m back with another house update in partnership with True Value!  Today I’m sharing our dining room before and after.  I couldn’t wait to get this space updated- it felt so drab, small and dated when we moved in.  But a coat of white paint and a new chandelier changes EVERYTHING, doesn’t it?!!  Now the space feels bright, airy and inviting!  And truly, the amount of work it takes to paint a space in just so minimal for the impact it can have.  Details on what we did after the jump!  And don’t forget to follow True Value on Instagram for inspiration!  And share your own #DIYaDay projects for a chance to win- they’re giving out prizes throughout June!   Happy DIY’ing!  xx- Sarah

Decor Sources:  Table, Chandelier, Rug, Chairs, Otomi artwork, Sanna Annukka print, basket

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DIY Fireplace Makeover with True Value


I’m so excited to be partnering* with True Value to share some DIY projects that we’ve been tackling around this old house to make it our own!  I’m sharing  how we dove right into the project of transforming the bright red (oddly faux-finished) fireplace in our living room!  This post is the first of four, so there’s a lot to look forward to and I hope they’re helpful and inspiring for your own home projects!  And if you’re looking for more DIY inspiration – check out True Value’s #DIYaDay Instagram challenge starting Monday! They’ll be sharing simple DIY ideas and giving out great prizes all month!  All you have to do is follow and tag @TrueValue in a photo or video of your DIY project (there will be different themes each day) and use #DIYaDay.  I’ll be participating in a few of the challenges so you can see more of my smaller projects on my Instagram too!

I’m a firm believer that paint is the easiest, most affordable way to make HUGE changes to a space.  It’s my go-to if there’s need for improvement in a room.  So, spoiler alert: these DIY’s will all involve paint!  Ok, let’s dive right into it- this red fireplace with what appear to be faux bullet holes covering it from top to bottom- NOT our jam.  Not our jam at all (see more of the empty room and red fireplace here).  I was thrilled to discover that the previous owners had painted the rest of the room a creamy white.   Meaning that at one point THE ENTIRE ROOM INCLUDING THE CEILING WAS THAT COLOR RED.  {insert wide-eyed emoji face}  Even though it was an easy project to complete, the impact on the space was HUGE.  It felt like a whole new living room.  That’s my favorite kind of DIY!   See photos below for more of the transformation and then click through for instructions on how to tackle a project like this!  xx- Sarah

Decor Sources: Chairs, Pillows, Pouf, Tripod PlanterFireplace Screen, Candle Holders  (all other items are vintage, were picked up in our travels or are unavailable for retail sale that I’m aware of)


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House Update with Pottery Barn


Hi friends!  Today I’m SO excited to be partnering with Pottery Barn to share some progress on our living space!  As I think I mentioned earlier, when we sold the Palm Springs house the buyers purchased some of the furniture from us.  It actually worked out pretty well so that we weren’t starting completely from scratch but also didn’t move into our current home with a bunch of items that wouldn’t work!  So, as you can see- we have so many of the pieces from our old living room that we’ve been able to make work in this new house!

I’ve been looking for the perfect ways to update the space to make it feel fresh and new- some smaller changes that would make the couch feel different- and I fell head over heels for these Pottery Barn hand woven pillow covers that add so much warmth and coziness to the couch.  I was really looking for some texture to play off the vintage fabric of the colorful pillows we brought along.  I also added this cable knit throw which is possibly THE SOFTEST THING TO EVER LAY UPON MY BODY.  I’m not being dramatic.  It’s legitimately softer than kittens and I think I might have to buy another so that Lou and I aren’t wrestling over who gets to snuggle up in it every night.  I’m very aware- not a bad problem to have!  I have plans for a few last updates to this part of the room for down the road- and replacing the coffee table is at the top of the list.  So looking forward to it all coming together the way I imagine and sharing the final product with you when we’re able to make it happen.  Click through to see more of the room!

OK, now for the most exciting part!  Pottery Barn is hosting a contest for one lucky winner to receive $1000 gift card to shop for their own Spring refresh!  For a chance to win, upload a photo to Instagram OR to the Pottery Barn site and hashtag it #mypotterybarn (you may also be featured on the PB Instagram!)  You have until June 10th to enter, so hop to it!  Oooooh, I so hope it’s one of you who wins!!!  I’m also simultaneously very jealous of that winner!  GOOD LUCK MY FRIENDS!!  xx- Sarah

Sources: Pillows:  here, here and here, Chair, Throw, Copper Bowl, Feather Juju HatsMoroccan Wedding Blanket, Rug, Lamp, Books: here, here and here

a_house_in_the_hills_Spring_living_room_update-17 a_house_in_the_hills_Spring_living_room_update-24

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Our San Diego {Empty} House Tour

When we first moved into our Palm Springs home (seen empty here, and finished here) I photographed the space before we moved in, and it was so much fun to look back on later.  So, yesterday I did the same with our new house.  It’s quite the contrast!  Our PS house was brand new, mostly to our style and pretty much the cleanest canvas to start from.  I love our new (very old, as in built in 1926) home just as much- but it’s going to take some blood sweat and tears to get it to where we want it to be!  We put in a solid 9 hours of painting yesterday and it was just the tiniest taste of what’s to come!  So here we go, let’s take a tour, shall we?  I’m so excited to show you and to tell you a little bit about what we have in mind for updates!!


Ok, so what you see here is the entryway to the house (love the front door, love the barrel ceilings, love that as you walk in- to the left is the living room and to the right is the dining room (see below for the view facing the opposite direction).  Although I love the history of Spanish homes and the style, we’ll want to do some updates.  I would love to replace the floors (they’re pretty beat up and the contractor we spoke with said that they’ve probably been refinished just about as many times as possible with the thickness of the wood).  And for this entry way I’d love a pendant light that’s in line with the architecture/design but an updated version.  I have my eye on a few already!  But both the front door and closet door are keepers, I’m determined to maintain the style of the house but add our own modern twist to it!


Next up we have the living room!  This is the room that sold us the house- these windows have been restored, but are the original design.  And they are just AMAZING, right?!  One of the first projects we’ll be tackling is window coverings- we’ll need them for privacy and to make the room feel cozy.  But I also have intentions for that fireplace- a major makeover that I’ve already designed and cannot wait to tackle (and of course it starts with a paint job)!  We’ll be doing as much of the work as possible ourselves, so I’ll be sharing DIY tips as we go!


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