What You Need to Know About Remodelling Your Kitchen Yourself

What You Need to Know About Remodelling Your Kitchen Yourself

In a time when prices seem to be rising faster than wages, that kitchen remodel you’ve been planning for the last few years might seem like it is further and further away. Even in financially troubling times, you can still give your kitchen a fresh new look, but you may have to adjust your sights slightly.

While there are certain jobs like electrical and plumbing that will have to be done by qualified contractors, there is still a large amount you can do yourself. Your own labor along with a few savings that you might not be aware you could make – could be key to getting a new space to prepare and eat your meals.

1 Set your budget

Set your budget

While magazines and TV programs may provide some inspiration, what you see there will probably not resemble the reality you face. This is especially true for kitchens, which can be one of the most expensive rooms in the home to remodel. So, you need to start by working out your budget, allowing 20-30% as a contingency because there will be unforeseen problems regardless of what you are trying to achieve, there will be unforeseen problems. Once this is sorted out, you can start to think about what you want from your kitchen and what you can save from what is already there.

Reuse what you can

Aside from labor, materials are your biggest cost, so you should look to save whatever you can here. You might not be aware, but in a fitted kitchen, most cabinet carcasses are exactly the same, and only the fronts are different. This means you can save most of these and just re-site them if you are moving your kitchen space around. The same is true of sinks, which have been broadly the same for many years, and just adding some new faucets can make it look as good as new after a quick clean.

2 Remember to take breaks

As you do the labor yourself, you will engage in physical activity, and managing the project will take a mental toll. For this reason, you need to take breaks and ‘escape’ from your half-finished kitchen into a world of online games like those found at an online casino.

Remember to take breaks

Playing casino games real money, like roulette or blackjack, can provide excitement and entertainment during a coffee break, or playing video poker or blackjack can be fun when you sign off for the evening. These, along with the many slots you will see there, are quick to play, so you can put them down whenever you want and get back to the business of removing tiles or putting down flooring.

3 Don’t forget the finishing touches

Don’t forget the finishing touches

After all that labor, you’ll want to reward yourself with some finishing touches that will get admiring glances from everyone to whom you show your new kitchen off. It could be that top-of-the-range coffee machine or the extra-large side-by-side refrigerator you now have room for. Whatever you choose, including some smart tech to control the lighting or heating, it will provide the perfect end to what could be an interesting adventure.


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