What Are the Top 5 Most Stain-Resistant Rug Materials

What Are the Top 5 Most Stain-Resistant Rug Materials

Even if you are very disciplined about keeping your house neat and tidy and being careful about the potential for spillages, accidents can and do happen. Seeing your nice clean rug have something spilled on it can be frustrating and annoying.

You won’t be so upset about it if you know that your rug is made from a material that is resistant to stains. Do you know which materials work best when it comes to offering the best stain-resistance properties?

When you are browsing wool rugs for sale, for instance, is that a material that would be a good choice when protecting against accidental spillages? Here is a look at a shortlist of rug material options that are known to be stain resistance.

Wool Offers Quality Combined with Good Stain Resistance

Arguably, the number one material from an aesthetic point of view would be wool. Many homeowners love the look and feel of wool. It also has excellent natural resistance properties when it comes to dealing with stains.

Its fibers resist and repel stains. That makes it an excellent choice as wool is impressively impervious to dirt and moisture. Its durability also means that it can cope with high traffic areas in the house. The best way to get stains out of a wool rug is to clean it using a wet towel combined with a clear dish soap.

Wool may have a bigger price tag than its man made counterparts, but it still represents great value for money when you see how strong and stain-resistant it is.

Polypropylene Is a Viable Synthetic Alternative

You can’t easily replicate the softness of natural wool, but polypropylene is a good budget-friendly alternative if you want a rug that is hard wearing and stain resistant.

This type of rug is a cinch to clean. You simply wet the rug and scrub in a few drops of dish detergent.

Nylon Feels Like Silk but Without the Price Tag

Another worthy contender is nylon. Rugs made from nylon were created to replicate the look and feel of silk, but at a much more affordable price because it is created from synthetic fibers.

It offers a good degree of comfort and stains are usually quite easy to remove by blotting the area with warm water and a clean cloth.

Cotton Is Another Natural Contender to Consider

The case for cotton rugs is an interesting one. Don’t expect a rug made from cotton to repel dirt and stains in the same way that woolen rugs can. Instead, you have the option of putting your cotton rug in the washing machine to get it clean that way.

Don’t put it in the tumble dryer though, as cotton needs to dried naturally to avoid shrinking.

Seagrass Is Considered an Environmentally Friendly Option

This natural fiber enjoys a natural coating that feels very waxy. It is this waxiness that makes a seagrass rug very stain resistant.

The downside to this option is that seagrass is not as soft as the likes of wool and cotton. However, it is very durable and easy to clean using a clean cloth and a 50/50 mixture of water and mild dish detergent.

When choosing your next rug, it makes sense to think about where it is going to go in your home and how prone it might be to staining. This should help you find a solution that looks great and is easy to clean.

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