Top Ways To Liven Up Your Space With Plants

Top Ways To Liven Up Your Space With Plants

Plants are an excellent way to add life and vigor to interior spaces. There’s nothing like too much lush plant life to liven up a living area, and the benefits of plants to our health and well-being have been thoroughly established.

Plants can offer a lot of character to a room. Plants add life to a place, and there are several species to choose from. The options are limitless. When it comes to plant ownership, keep in mind that it’s all about trial and error. If you’re just getting started with plants, expect to kill several along the road, which is fine! Simply keep going and learning.

How can you use them to decorate and personalize your space? We’ve got you covered with these style tips.

Have Fun with Vines

Shape your vines to wrap around a mirror. This will keep hanging leaves off the floor while also brightening up your entrance entryway. Who says decorating with plants is only for the holidays?

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Line Your Shelves with Plants

Many interior designers and stylists believe that plants are essential for adorning shelves.

Plants, particularly trailing plants, add softness and freshness to any shelf. Succulents have an architectural flair and require little upkeep, making them ideal for filling in spaces where other things feel too hard.

You can line your shelf, with cascading ferns, spider plants, and potted pelargoniums, to give your living area the sense of an indoor jungle.

Layer Your Plants at Different Heights

Layering plants is an elegant technique to add life and interest to a white living space. For an interior jungle atmosphere, choose a range of forms and shapes and exhibit them at varying heights, either on stands or hanging as part of a gallery wall.

Plants with variegated leaves and pink strokes are excellent décor pieces due to their striking contrasts. They genuinely appear like they were created by an artist.

We usually advocate using white planters in basic forms that do not compete with your plant.

Use Plants to Soften Partitions

A variety of indoor plants may add the right finishing touch to a room divider in an open-plan living space.

Plants with sculptural, organic forms offer an excellent contrast to the strong architectural lines of contemporary partition shelves, in addition to adding splashes of brilliant color.

Styled with a mix of plant species positioned at varying heights, such as Devil’s Ivy, Snake Plant, and Philodendron, they may assist in quietly zoning your living and dining areas while creating a bright and airy atmosphere throughout.

Use Indoor Trees to Create a Focal Look

If the indoor jungle effect is too much, just a few strategically placed plants may improve a space. When decorating with plants, homeowners tend to look for huge statement plants to serve as a focal point.

People are increasingly using house plants as essential design elements rather than as room decorations, treating plants as they would furniture or art items. Including plants in a design strategy may quickly change any area.

Plants that make a statement include banana trees, elephant’s ears, pygmy date palms, and interior trees such as citrus or fig trees.

Place Plants on The Windowsill

The windowsill is an ideal spot to showcase light-loving house plants. However, when it comes to how to care for home plants in winter, be cautious about leaving them there; while they will benefit from the sunlight, some may be damaged by drafts and temperature swings.

Be cautious of extremes such as flowing air vents, fires, or proximity to outside doors. Plants thrive in a steady environment, so put them away from locations that alter regularly.

Add Plants in Your Bedroom

Bedrooms, being areas of recuperation and relaxation, are ideal for embracing biophilic design – the method of bringing harmony from nature. Place the best air-cleaning plants near your bed to help create a healthy sleeping environment.

Your bed is likely to be the focal point of your bedroom and may easily be refreshed by surrounding it with air-purifying plants, which can assist inspire relaxation and facilitate a good night’s sleep.

Not only can clustering plants near your bed make a lovely show, but they will also help remove airborne contaminants from your home. Mix medium-sized plants, such as Calathea Orbifolia, with larger plants with arching fronds, such as the Kentia Palm.

Create a Beautiful Oasis in The Bathroom

Bathrooms are sometimes disregarded when it comes to decorating with plants, but being humid areas, they provide the ideal condition for many indoor plants, as well as contributing to the space’s wonderful, spa-like vibe.

When deciding which plants to add to your bathroom, consider the lighting to guarantee that they will thrive. Dedicate windowsills to plants that demand that extra bit of brightness, and in bathrooms with poor lighting, choose plants like the Boston Fern, which loves dampness.

Arrange Plants on A Table

Clustering plants together, whether as part of your entry table decor ideas or arranged on a table by a window, is an elegant approach to creating a decorative focal point.

For the best effects, use a range of leaf shapes and forms, staggering the heights with the tallest at the back and little pots at the front.

Liven up A Corner with Plants

It might be difficult to decide what to do with an empty living room corner, but adding a huge houseplant can immediately provide purpose and brighten the space.

Incorporating plants and greenery into a space makes it seem layered and welcome, adding natural texture, organic shapes, and a splash of color to the space.


When it comes to decorating with plants, don’t hold back since abundance is the key to a good botanical motif. Think creatively about how you may use bookcases, windowsills, and even ceiling fixtures to create an immersive and enchanting atmosphere.

Simply placing a few plants on your windowsill is insufficient; they must become a part of the area.

Abundance is key; the more you devote to the botanical motif, the more spectacular it seems; stepping into a plant-filled space is uplifting. It requires a lot of attention, but it is well worth it when they thrive and your space is always changing with fresh growth.

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