The Role of Property Management in Vacation Home Rentals

If you are wanting to rent your property for people coming on vacation, you might have heard many people suggesting to you that you should only rent places with a property management company. But what does this mean? Properties in Arizona are becoming some of the hottest summer rentals, (literally and figuratively). Here are some of the benefits of property management to persuade you into using a Scottsdale vacation rental management company.

Emergency Support

Sometimes your vacation rental home could experience an emergency including a broken appliance, a gas leak, or a pipe leak leading to flooding. If the property owner’s job is to ensure that the problem gets solved in a timely and appropriate manner.

This means if you do not have a property manager or a management company, it’s you who will be on call all the time. If you have a family or other responsibilities, you will find it extremely hard to balance all this work at the same time.

Instead, when there is an emergency, they can call the property manager and that person can deal with all the issues that arise.

More Property Exposure

If you are renting your vacation property, you want to people to be aware that it exists. Otherwise, how will people know about it and want to rent it for their vacation?

Property management companies often use social media and other marketing platforms that show rental properties. This allows more people to know about them and increases the likelihood that your home will be rented for the entire duration of the winter and summer holidays.

Most of the time, rental properties for vacation are booked online, so ensuring your home has a large presence online is more important compared to advertising it around town.

Better Profits

Rather than charging the same rate all year round, variable pricing does better for your business and for your wallet. Property management companies that advertise your vacation home will be able to list the property with the appropriate variable pricing.

For example, prices will be higher on weekends or during times of the year when more people are traveling. Discounts can be offered when business is slow which can draw in more clients and make you more money.

The best part about property management companies is that they know the local area and they understand the busy and slow times of the year.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Your vacation property needs to be cleaned between all visitors. This ensures the health of all your customers but also ensures that your home stays safe and clean.

Having to clean the property yourself between all the stays can be extremely difficult and time-consuming. Hiring a firm is much easier. When you have a rental property company, they have a cleaning team and they add the cost of the cleaning to the stay so that you are not paying for it out of pocket.

The rental company can also perform regular maintenance on the home including fixing pipes and replacing lightbulbs. These are often easy tasks that you can forget about, but with a management team behind you, you will know that everything is taken care of.

Easier to Grow

If you own one vacation home and it’s successful when it comes to renting it out, you will want to get another home eventually. Most people make renting vacation homes into a business so they can own several homes at a time.

If you are wanting to grow your rental vacation homes into a business, it will eventually become so busy that it becomes impossible to care for the customers and market the home all on your own.

If you have more than one vacation home, you will need to use a property rental company to ensure all the cleaning and maintenance are done. They can also take care of customer service so that your renters feel better-taken care of.

With a rental management company, you can expand easier and increase your earnings to truly make some passive income.

Better Customer Experience

When you are renting property, you must communicate well with all the guests so that they know what’s going on. Sometimes guests will want to message you with simple questions and others might have real emergencies.

No matter what the issue is, you will want to make sure you respond quickly so that the renters get the help they need.

If you do not respond or you are not around to help them, they might leave you bad reviews which can make it harder for you to find renters in the future.

With a property management team behind you, there is always a manager that can respond to the guests and answer questions.

They can ensure all your guests are happy and that no one is left feeling frustrated.

Better Online Rating

This goes with what was talked about above. When your customers are happy and there are no complaints, you can be sure your online reviews and your online ratings are better. When you have good online ratings, you can draw in more business and make more money.

Online ratings are especially important in this day and age because people look to the internet to find all the information they need before booking a hotel, vacation home, or Airbnb. Online ratings can make or break your business.

Overall, hiring a property management team makes it more likely that your customers are always satisfied. When you have a happy customer, make sure you request they write a review to help you grow your business.

Final Thoughts

While it can be tempting to just take care of your vacation rental team all by yourself, this can make your life much harder. A management team can do much of the day-to-day work for you including cleaning, maintenance, and customer interaction.

You can focus on other jobs and work while the team takes care of the rental property.