The Most Popular Reasons for a Basement Remodel

The Most Popular Reasons for a Basement Remodel

Many consider their basement to be an eyesore; often unfinished, dark and overrun with clutter. Yet a basement remodel can transform it into an invaluable part of their home.

A finished basement can add tremendous value to your home and be an attractive selling point for buyers. A finished basement serves as an extra living space and may serve as an office, game room, theatre room or bedroom space.

1. Extra Living Space

Basement remodels can be an excellent way to both expand the livable space in your home and add value. Furthermore, remodeling a basement is far cheaper than adding on or building entirely new rooms.

If you’re planning on selling your house in the near future, a basement renovation will increase its resale value. Buyers tend to view an appealing feature as an incentive when making their decisions and could help convince them that yours should be chosen over others.

Basements provide the opportunity for an entirely different style of decor than what is possible on the main floors of your home. Remodeling can transform it into an ideal movie room for family film nights, a gym without membership fees or an exclusive home bar with an inviting feel.

2. Extra Bathroom

Basements can often go underutilized, providing ample room for a bathroom to increase home value and attract potential buyers. A well-planned bathroom in your basement can add great value and appeal to potential buyers of the property.

Imagine being able to use the bathroom without bumping elbows with your spouse when both need one in the morning, or not fighting with your kids over who gets to shower first – adding an additional bathroom can solve these issues and enhance family life.

Remodeling your basement can also save both energy and money by eliminating drafts, improving insulation, and installing new windows. An insulated and well-designed basement can provide just as comfortable an environment as any room in your home – even serving as an oasis from busy household noise!

3. Extra Bedroom

Substantial increases to home value can be accomplished with an addition to your basement, such as adding an additional bedroom. It can often prove less costly and simpler than renovating either a kitchen or bathroom.

Make your basement into an extra bedroom for family and friends to stay, making a real contribution towards both you and potential buyers. Perhaps consider providing them with their own private en-suite.

Be sure to design the room correctly as a bedroom by installing non-load bearing walls, an egress window, and fire safety precautions – this will ensure it is considered legal and safe. Once it has been qualified as such, then add stunning fixtures that will wow overnight guests as well as endure typical teenage behavior such as horseplay and dust from wood carving hobbies, all while readying it to grow with future generations.

4. Extra Storage

Organize all of your extra stuff with ease by remodeling your basement! Baskets provide easy storage solutions to conceal clutter while lockers provide an innovative system of organization for winter clothes, sporting gear and holiday decor – they even work great as toy/book storage!

Make things even more creative by installing a flange system on the ceiling to form tracks for off-floor storage, then using wire racks, magnetic systems and pegboards to store items ranging from tools to sewing supplies – this makes finding what you need much simpler while keeping things safe from children and pets!

5. Extra Space for the Kids

A basement is an ideal location for setting up a playroom for kids. They can make all of the mess they want without disrupting main living areas of your home, and this helps release any excess energy they might be harboring which could otherwise manifest into negative behavior in other parts of the house.

Add an inflatable foam pit or jungle gym to their play space to encourage their motor skills and teach them how to fall safely. It will also increase activity levels within their area!

Basements make an ideal space for movie nights, home bars and quiet home offices away from the noise upstairs. Many homeowners even transform them into quiet offices to get away from all of the action upstairs. You may also opt for home gym options with barbell racks, dumbbells, elliptical machines and mats available as options in your basement space.

While all these benefits contribute tо a happier home, remember the price tag: price to renovate and finish your basement will be between $32,000 and $71,000, sо weigh your dreams against your budget tо find the perfect basement transformation for your family.

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