The Role of Interior Design in Casino Experience

The Role of Interior Design in Casino Experience

Gaming resorts aim to create a unique experience for their guests. They do this by relying on multiple factors like accommodation, game selection, and even thorough interior design. The role of design isn’t just to impress the onlookers, it serves a greater purpose. It affects player psychology and it’s also a form of branding broadly speaking.

In the past casino interiors were deliberately designed to trick players and make it difficult to leave. Of course, the industry has come a long way when it comes to regulating unethical practices and player safety is the top priority. We even have self-exclusion as one of the safety methods, which admittedly many gamers find extreme.

Luckily there are non Gamstop casinos UK that anyone can access even if they are self-excluded. That’s one way to handle your gambling nostalgia, while the other is simply to visit casinos around the world. There’s a lot to be admired interior-wise and we will delve deeper into this topic.

Types of Casino Designs

The casino design is a key component that determines the quality of the gaming experience.


Source: Tachi Palace

In general, casinos are known to fall into modern and classic styles of design. Many of the latest designs are based on sleek lines, contemporary furniture, and modern technology. These designs aim to offer an ambience of modern sophistication and luxury. Tachi Palace Casino Resort is a great example of a modern design in casinos, with unique ceiling finishes and materials that reflect the tribe’s ancestral lands.


Source: Monaco Tribune

In opposition to modern designs, classical styles tend to use a more noble outlook. This is often done through ornamental fine detailing, the use of rich hues, and traditional architecture. Once inside casino you might feel nostalgic or simply taken away by sheer grandeur. There is no better example of classical casino design than Casino de Monte-Carlo in Monaco. Once you step into the building, you are met with the grandeur of the Belle Époque era, with gold leaf wall decorations, lavish chandeliers, and ornate ceilings.

The Influence of Design on Psychology

The layout inside a casino is very important because it directly influences the mindset of its visitors. There are various ways that casinos influence human behaviour and emotions. This can be via :

  • Colours
  • Lighting
  • The Positioning of Amenities

Different colours can impact your mood, while lighting can guide you through popular places, in-house artworks and centrepieces. Also, the positioning of gaming tables, slots, and amenities can greatly impact how you navigate through the casino.

Importance of Design and Its Impact on Casino Popularity

With a wide range of design themes, gaming resorts can attract a broad customer base. Luxury designs of establishments on the Las Vegas Strip will attract high rollers and those who seek a “VIP” experience. While comfortable, classic designs will cater to more laid-back and traditional players. Such diversity allows casinos to be accessible to a bigger audience and hence, increase their popularity.

Best Interior Designs

Now let’s go over some of the truly inspiring interiors, and discuss what makes them unique.

The Venetian

Image Source: The Venetian

The Venetian Las Vegas is famous worldwide for its intricately designed, wealthy and luxurious appearance. The architect drew inspiration from the romantic magic of Venice, in Italy. The colour palette of The Venetian is dominated by gold, red, and white, making it look warm, inviting and pristine at the same time.

The walls and ceiling are decorated with a variety of sophisticated mouldings and the floors are covered with marble. The ambient lighting adds a cosy ambience to the space, while accent lighting is used to spotlight particular architectural features as well as art pieces.

The Bellagio

Image Source: Pixabay

Bellagio is a world-class hotel and casino in Las Vegas that is famously distinguished by its lavish décor and high level of detail. Bellagio has many noticeable aspects. But, the presence of elegant tapestries is probably the most outstanding. They are placed to decorate the halls, lobby, corridors as well as dining areas.

What’s more, the lighting in Bellagio is carefully chosen to fit the atmosphere. It uses soft and warm lights to draw attention to the tasteful embellishments and artwork that can be found throughout the place.

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

Image Source: Pixabay

The interior design of Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Atlantic City, US provides a modern and stylish ambience. The oversized guitar is the most eye-catching ornament inside of this casino. It gives a special character and an expressive touch to the space, represents the brand’s rock-and-roll style, and creates the casino’s whole atmosphere.


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