Moving to Tennessee in 2023? Pros, Cons, & Expert Tips Before You Go

Moving to Tennessee in 2023? Pros, Cons, & Expert Tips Before You Go

Are you contemplating moving to Tennessee in 2023? The thought of relocation always brings a blend of excitement and uncertainty, doesn’t it? Tennessee, known for its vibrant music scene, scenic landscapes, and warm Southern charm, is often an attractive choice. But, as with any other place, the decision to move should be weighed against its pros and cons.

Let’s delve into the details of what life in the Volunteer State entails. We’ll explore the reasons to move to Tennessee and what makes it unique. We’ll also evaluate the potential drawbacks, asking the all-important question, “Is Tennessee a good place to live?”

Why Tennessee?

What makes Tennessee stand out among the 50 states? Often, people ask, “Why consider moving to Tennessee?” The answer lies in the state’s unique offerings, which range from a harmonious blend of city and country living to the legendary Southern hospitality. Tennessee is much more than just the home of country music – it’s a state filled with diverse experiences and opportunities.

The Geography of Tennessee

When moving to Tennessee, it’s essential to understand the state’s geographical diversity. Tennessee is split into three distinct regions: East, Middle, and West, each providing unique characteristics and attractions. From the breathtaking beauty of the Appalachian Mountains in East Tennessee to the fertile farmlands of Middle Tennessee and the impressive Mississippi River’s presence in West Tennessee, the geography of Tennessee is a medley of natural beauty.

Tennessee Climate

Climate often plays a significant role when deciding where to live. If you enjoy a moderate climate, you’ll find Tennessee’s long, warm summers and short, mild winters appealing. Experiencing all four seasons in their true essence is another factor that may tilt the balance in favor of moving to Tennessee.

Tennessee’s Demographics

Diversity is one of Tennessee’s strengths. Home to a multicultural blend of residents, Tennessee offers an inclusive and vibrant community. This cultural potpourri contributes to Tennessee’s allure and its unique Southern charm.

Cost of Living in Tennessee

One of the pros of living in Tennessee is its affordable cost of living. But what does this mean for different aspects of daily life? Let’s break down the cost of living in Tennessee.


When considering the question, “Is Tennessee a good place to live?” it’s essential to factor in housing costs. The affordability of housing in Tennessee compared to the national average is appealing. Whether you’re looking to rent or purchase, Tennessee offers options for every budget, making it a considerable reason for moving to Tennessee.


Transportation in Tennessee is easily accessible with an extensive highway system and efficient public transportation, particularly in urban areas. Plus, gasoline prices in Tennessee tend to hover below the national average, which can make a noticeable difference in your monthly expenses.

Food and Groceries

Living in Tennessee also means access to affordable groceries. The state’s strong agriculture industry ensures a consistent supply of fresh, local produce. Moreover, Tennessee’s food expenses are quite reasonable compared to the national average.


Although healthcare costs in Tennessee are generally on par with the national average, regional variations do exist. Nevertheless, the state provides quality healthcare services that are relatively affordable.

Job Market in Tennessee

The job market in Tennessee is robust, offering opportunities across a variety of sectors. The healthcare, education, and manufacturing sectors are particularly strong. Cities like Nashville and Memphis are significant economic hubs, making the prospects of moving to Tennessee appealing for job seekers.

Education in Tennessee

Tennessee’s education system is another compelling reason to move to the state. Home to top-ranking universities and schools, Tennessee provides a strong platform for academic growth and success. It’s always reassuring to know that moving to Tennessee can mean access to quality education for your children.

Lifestyle and Culture

Outdoor Activities

For outdoor enthusiasts, moving to Tennessee is akin to finding a treasure trove of adventures. The state offers an array of outdoor activities like hiking, biking, fishing, camping, and more. Exploring Tennessee’s natural beauty is an experience like no other.

Music and Arts Scene

Being the birthplace of country music, Tennessee’s cultural scene is vibrant and varied. Its rich cultural life extends beyond music to include a thriving arts scene.

Tennessee’s Healthcare

Tennessee offers a comprehensive healthcare system. The presence of numerous hospitals and clinics across the state ensures that residents have easy access to quality healthcare services.

Pros and Cons Of Living in Tennessee

Pros of Living in Tennessee

  1. Affordable Living: Tennessee has a lower cost of living compared to many other states. This affordability extends to housing, transportation, and groceries, making it a financially attractive place to live.
  2. No State Income Tax: Tennessee is one of the few states that does not charge a state income tax on wages or salary, which can be a substantial financial advantage.
  3. Natural Beauty: From the Appalachians to the Mississippi River, Tennessee offers a diverse range of breathtaking landscapes. Nature lovers will find plenty to love in Tennessee’s parks, lakes, and hiking trails.
  4. Vibrant Music and Culture: Known as the home of country music, Tennessee boasts a thriving cultural scene with festivals, live performances, and a rich artistic community.
  5. Job Opportunities: With a strong economy and opportunities in healthcare, manufacturing, and education, Tennessee has a healthy job market that can be a significant advantage for job seekers.
  6. Friendly Communities: Southern hospitality isn’t just a saying in Tennessee—it’s a way of life. The state is known for its friendly, welcoming communities.

Cons of Living in Tennessee

  1. Income Tax on Interest and Dividends: While Tennessee doesn’t charge a state income tax on wages or salary, it does levy a tax on interest and dividends, which could impact certain residents.
  2. Weather Extremes: Tennessee experiences a range of weather, including hot, humid summers and occasional severe storms. This weather can be a challenge for those unaccustomed to such conditions.
  3. Crime Rates: Some areas of Tennessee have higher-than-average crime rates. As with any state, it’s essential to research and choose your neighborhood carefully.
  4. Healthcare Costs: While Tennessee has a good healthcare system, the costs can be high in some areas. It’s worth considering this factor and exploring health insurance options when planning your move.

Expert Tips for Moving to Tennessee

To make your move to Tennessee smoother, here are some expert tips:

  1. Conduct thorough research before choosing a city or region.
  2. Understand the local job market and its dynamics.
  3. Be prepared for humid summers, characteristic of Tennessee’s weather.
  4. Familiarize yourself with the local culture and lifestyle.
  5. Consult with a local realtor before buying a home.
  6. Consider finding professional Tennessee movers to help you relocate there

Is Tennessee a Good Place to Live

Moving to Tennessee in 2023 can be a fantastic decision if you’re seeking affordable living, ample job opportunities, and a culturally rich lifestyle. But it’s vital to weigh the pros and cons before making the final call. Tennessee is much more than just a place to live—it’s a way of life.

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