Is It Illegal to Have Black Bottom Pools?

Is It Illegal to Have Black Bottom Pools?

Is it illegal to have a black bottom swimming pool? Yes, it is for strange reasons. Although constructing a black bottom swimming pool can look aesthetic and give fabulous vibes, local state laws prevent builders or Private estate owners from building one.

There are several controversies surrounding a black bottom pool. This is because it masks the growth of algae. Secondly, the pool construction increases the safety risk as people cannot penetrate or see what lies beneath it.

However, a black bottom pool lends a visually pleasing appearance. Firstly, youngsters get a feel of floating inside the water beyond deep hours and have a look at the stars above them. Secondly, a black swimming pool absorbs natural sunlight, keeping waters warmer for longer.

In this online guide, let us look at certain facts behind the same.

Why is It Illegal for You to Have a Black-Bottom Swimming Pool?

Why is It Illegal for You to Have a Black-Bottom Swimming Pool?

You have strict municipal state laws and policies covering mainstream areas of the US. These include Dallas, New York, California, Alaska, and other regions purely citing safety concerns.

As you already know, increasingly staggering proportions of the US and UK population comprise Senior citizens who are 60 plus. Therefore, elders suffer from other medical comorbidities like Alzheimer’s, Color Blindness, and even chronic level Diabetes.

Therefore, their vision is incompatible with seeing beneath the waters, especially when the bottom areas of the pool are either painted gray or black.

Reasons Why Black Pools Are Banned

Black Pools

Here are some common reasons why black-bottomed swimming pools are banned in most parts of the US.

1. Safety Reasons

Safety is the biggest concern as to why most counties or regions across the US say no to black swimming pools. Although the appearance of these pools looks glamorous, elders or middle-aged people may find it difficult to see what lies beneath the waters.

If water levels exceed their depth, the chances of hitting their heads against the walls of the swimming pools or even drowning inside the waters are more on the cards.

2. Eco-Systems Getting Adversely Impacted

Black waters can impact the growth of algae. This is because lighter hue pools give algae and sea animals greater visibility to thrive inside the waters. Certain varieties of fishes, dolphins, or aquatic species find it difficult to hunt their predators in search of food or water.

Therefore, black bottom pools leave less scope for sea or aquatic ecosystems to thrive. These animals provide water with oxygen-rich nutrients even for humans to swim.

3. Fading of Materials

Specifically, black-bottom swimming pools are made from concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl. These materials are subject to constant wear and tear. The black material retains its pomp only when these materials do not disintegrate. When you have a layer or coat of fiberglass or vinyl lining giving way, the black coating comes off.

The waters remain without the bottom, and accidents and injuries increase for humans wishing to swim inside the waters. Overall, black swimming pools are harder to maintain as the visibility factor of the pool is poorer than that of lighter-shade pools.

4. Drowning of Kids Poses Another Challenging Issue

Adults with younger kids find it challenging to use dark-shaded swimming pools. Kids who are too young may fall into the waters and may drown as they do not know the depth variance of waters treading beneath the swimming pools.

Even for prompt or vigilant adult supervision, things become difficult as black bottom pools are hard to fathom and even to notice if their children are trapped inside waters.

Above all, you do not know where the beginning liners and the end markings concerning darker-hued pools are. Therefore, swimming in black pools is highly risky for adults and children.

5. More Uneven Surfaces or Ridges

As such, even experienced swimmers find it difficult to fathom the water depth as they do not know where uneven surfaces or ridges inside the pools are.

Similarly, when vinyl or fiberglass gives way due to constant degradation, a deeper perception of where uneven spots are becomes more difficult for any swimmer.

As a swimmer, you may bang your head against a wall or even experience numbness in your feet while you are swimming under deeper waters. At night, if your feet turn numb, you do not know where you could go for a resting spot.

6. Unable to Maintain a Good Pool of Chemistry

A swimming pool gets nutrition from algae, species, or underwater aquatic species. This is because the nitrates and oxygen-rich elements are present when you preserve marine species inside waters.

Inside black water pools, the marine species find it difficult to breathe, locate predators, or even hunt for food. Therefore, the chemistry of a good pool loses itself to nature’s momentum. Therefore, dark-shaded pools can become uninhabitable and be cited as dead pools shortly.

7. Black is a Symbol of Mourning Among Christians

Potential home-buyers and real estate owners find it difficult to buy or sell properties that have black swimming pools. This is because most Christians find black as a symbol of negativity and mourning and detest buying properties that have black pools.

Therefore, these properties are treated as haunted places that people do not prefer to buy or sell. Moreover, black energies create negative and occult vibes, which can further affect the liveability factors properties must be endowed with.


Although black bottom pools absorb sunlight and warm waters to make swimming a pleasurable experience, the cons outweigh the pros of maintaining them. However, most of the owners think twice when constructing black swimming pools.

However, in plush hotels and properties, builders build darker pools to create pleasing vibes for members or guests. Proper permissions must be sought from concerned authorities, or the hotels can be banned from further use.

Above all, warnings and markings must be present near darker swimming pools for people who would wanna trend inside deep waters.

What are your concluding thoughts on this? Do let us know your comments!

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