How to Maintain and Clean a Farmhouse Leather Sectional?

How to Maintain and Clean a Farmhouse Leather Sectional?

The durability of leather sectionals is commendable, but that doesn’t mean they require no maintenance at all. To keep your leather sectional in its best condition, a bit of cleaning and maintenance is a must, like any other furniture piece.

The maintenance of leather may appear to be a tedious task, but in reality, it is as easy as watering your plants. To help maintain the elegance rendered by your farmhouse leather sectional, it is crucial that you care for it and maintain it in its best condition.

If you have no clue about how to do so, we’ll back you up!

1. Cleaning & Maintaining a Farmhouse Leather Sectional

Cleaning & Maintaining a Farmhouse Leather Sectional

The maintenance for most types of leather couches is different from each other. To begin with the maintenance and cleaning of leather sectionals, first, you must know what type of leather furniture you own. There are two types of leather, which we will briefly discuss. If you are not sure what leather type is used for your sectional, check for labels, or the website can be useful as well for providing the information.

Aniline Leather, a.k.a (Unprotected Leather) and Its Maintenance

Aniline Leather, a.k.a (Unprotected Leather) and Its Maintenance

You will find Aniline leather by different names like pure Aniline, full Aniline, or unfinished leather. Aniline dye is used to give a color to leather, with no addition of surface pigment.

This type of leather has no coating that protects the surface of the leather, making it susceptible to staining. A few variations of Aniline leather include pull-up leather (oils and waxes are injected) and nubuck leather (a velvety feel is created by distressing or buffing).

The best way to find the right directions for cleaning is by following the manufacturer’s cleaning directions. The simplest way to clean this sensitive leather is to clean up the dust using a dry & clean cloth. Vacuuming is also efficient, but make sure to attach a soft brush with it.

A dampened cloth with distilled water and gently wiping the surface will also do wonders for this sensitive leather type. Before you try out any new cleaning product for your leather sectional, either consult a professional or try it out on a surface that’s not visible.

Protected Leather & Its Maintenance

Protected Leather & Its Maintenance

If you read the labels of semi-aniline, pigmented, or aniline plus pigment leather, know that protected leather is what the tag is talking about. Protected leather is used more than Aniline leather for manufacturing leather furniture. This is because the protective pigment coating renders durability and stain resistance to the leather.

To clean protected leather, begin an inconspicuous part of the sectional that is not easily visible. Cleaning products with ammonia should be avoided at any cost because of damage caused by them. Use cleaning products from reputed and reliable brands.

To start with cleaning your protected leather sectional, vacuum the sectional using a soft brush attachment. Make a solution by mixing a non-detergent soap with distilled water and use it to clean the surface from top to bottom (use a microfiber cloth). Once you are done, repeat the same cleaning procedure with only distilled water, and lastly, dry it off using a clean towel.

2. Condition Your Farmhouse Leather Sectionals

Condition Your Farmhouse Leather Sectionals 

A commercial leather conditioner from a reliable brand is a great maintenance tactic to keep your sectional soft and supple. But again, check the labels or browse the company’s (for leather) before you choose to condition your leather sectional. The use of conditioner helps the leather maintain its texture by restoring its natural oils.

3. Cleaning Spills, Stains, & Spots

Cleaning Spills, Stains, & Spots

The sensitivity of leather to spills is high. For liquid spills, it gets tougher. The best advice for spillage on leather sectionals is to remove the spills as soon as possible. If not, the material soaks in the stain.

Water-based spills can be easily removed by wiping off, followed by cleaning with a dampened cloth. Use mild, non-detergent cleaning solutions with lukewarm water for stubborn stains, followed by wiping and blotting with a clean & dry cloth. For stains caused by oils and grease, it is best to use degreasers from reputed brands.

Tips for Caring & Maintenance of Farmhouse Leather Sectional

Tips for Caring & Maintenance of Farmhouse Leather Sectional

  • Home remedies for cleaning leather furniture are to be avoided. All the materials used for home potions are best to be used for what purpose they serve, not on your expensive farmhouse leather sectional. Not only are you arbitrarily harming your furniture, but you are also voiding the warranty by using any random home remedy you find on the internet.
  • If you are looking for the best cleaning materials for your leather sectional, jump to care instructions. Apart from distilled water, a vacuum cleaner (with brush attachment), soft microfiber cloth, drop cloth, and mild non-detergent liquid cleaners or soaps are sufficient. Conditioner for leather is an optional material for maintenance that a lot of experts suggest.

Wrapping Up

With the right methods of cleaning, maintaining, and caring for farmhouse leather sectional, your furniture can last for very long. The basic cleaning for your leather furniture includes regularly wiping the surfaces to remove dirt and loose debris.

Use cleaning solutions especially meant for a leather sectional, and avoid using any home tricks & tips you read online. For stain removal, the cleaning will depend on the type of stain. With this, we hope you now know the basics of maintaining and cleaning your farmhouse leather sectional!

Comment below if you have any doubts about cleaning and maintenance of your leather furniture!

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