How to Maintain a Spanish-Style Home

How to Maintain a Spanish-Style Home?

Spanish architecture is popular and is mainly good for hot and dry weather. They were quite popular in the United States from 1915 to 1945; they are still made in the southeastern and coastal areas of the United States. A house inspired by Spanish architecture mainly consists of elements like stucco exterior walls, terracotta roof tiles, and arched openings.

They also include detailed landscape and outdoor entertaining areas or, we can say, feature courtyards. But every kind of house requires maintenance and care, so below are some ways to maintain Spanish-style homes.

1. Maintaining the Exterior

Maintaining the Exterior

The exterior of the house plays an important role in Spanish architecture. The exterior consists of various things like stucco walls, terracotta roof tiles, and courtyards. Regularly inspect them and make sure that they look fresh. The stucco walls, which are a plaster-like material that covers the walls of the house, require special attention cause of their white color. If you see any kind of dirt on it, make sure to clean it, and if you see any kind of crack, then repair it.

2. Color Palette

Color Palette

The color palette plates an important role in Spanish architecture cause it encourages the feeling of warmth and serenity. This process includes repainting the walls, trims, and accents to prevent fading and wear on them. The colors of the palette lose their vibrancy and fade away because of the long time of exposure to sunlight. So, by repainting, you will most get the charm, vibrancy, warm and earthy tones back. Just make sure that the color matches with the current one.

3. Tile Work

Tile Work

Spanish homes often feature decorative tiles, commonly known as “Talavera” tiles. Vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and handmade designs are some of its characteristics, which also play an important role in capturing the essence of Mediterranean aesthetics. You can maintain them by cleaning (by regularly inspecting them and cleaning them if you see any kind of dirt), sealing (they must be sealed properly), and preventing damage. Talavera tiles are not just normal tiles but also hold a cultural and aesthetic preference in the house.

4. Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

In regular cleaning and maintenance, we include all types of cleaning. This includes routine cleaning, pest control, exterior repainting, cleaning surfaces, heating and cooling systems, window care, garden and landscape maintenance, inspecting for damage, and seasonal maintenance. These steps are important from time to time, as the buildup of debris can diminish the visual appeal of your home based on Spanish architecture. Addressing these issues can prevent them from being more severe and costly to repair.

5. Feature Courtyards

 Feature Courtyards

Courtyard is another one of the most important and beautiful features of a Spanish architecture-inspired home. Some tips for maintaining the courtyard are sweeping the courtyard or patio regularly, trimming and pruning the plants to prevent their overgrowth in your courtyard, cleaning the fountain or water if you have one in your home, making sure to tighten up any loose tile if you see any, also ensure that they are sealed properly, if you have any kind of metal furniture diminishing their color then make sure to repaint them.

6. Furniture


Just like your body, the furniture in your house also needs a lot of care and maintenance. Regularly dusting and cleaning may help a lot. If you see any kind of scratches on your furniture, then repair it as soon as possible. If you are a person who has a pet in your house, then you can use furniture covers that will protect your furniture from the scratches of your pet.

7. Wrought Iron Details

Wrought Iron Details

Wrought iron is said to be the hallmark of Spanish architecture-inspired homes. You can include them in the textures like light fixtures railings, gates, and many more. To maintain these wrought iron designs, you must take care of certain things, like cleaning the iron regularly to prevent the buildup of rust.

8. Colonial-Inspired Elements

Colonial-Inspired Elements

You can include some of the colonial-inspired elements in your house. These elements are mainly heavy and oversize pieces of dark hardwood. These elements will last for generations to come. Heavy accent tables, elongated dining tables, high-backed chairs, and high bedding headboards are some of the best things to include.

9. Architectural Features

Architectural Features

The architectural features consist of 3 things, i.e., arches, niches, and alcoves. Arches are graceful and curved openings that are often present in doorways, windows, and interior spaces. Niches are the areas that often use to display artwork, sculpture, and other decorative items. Lastly, alcoves are small spaces found within walls or larger rooms.

10. Interior Maintenance

 Interior Maintenance

No matter what you do, the interior of the house plays an important role in the aesthetic of the house. Proper interior maintenance not only makes your house beautiful but also gives a positive vibe to you. Also, make sure that the furniture you are choosing goes well with your Spanish architectural-inspired home.


These were some tips to maintain your Spanish architecture house. By paying attention to these details in their Spanish-style homes, one can easily maintain the inviting and timeless touch to your home. Blending traditional Spanish architecture with an urban environment will create a unique atmosphere that is well-suited for the city.

Do you have a home inspired by Spanish architecture? If yes, then were these tips helpful to you? Let us know in the below comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Influenced Spanish Architecture Homes?

Spanish architecture is mostly famous in some parts of the United States. These parts include Florida and California, which were ruled by Spain in the colonial period. They were in trend mostly during the era of 1915-1945. But now also, you may see these houses in the U.S.A commonly.

What Makes a Home Spanish Architecture?

A home is said to be Spanish architecture if it includes scuttling walls and red terracotta tiles. These houses can be identified by their uniformity, minimal embellishments, scuttle walls, and at last, stone exteriors. They seem to be beautiful.

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