How to Decorate a Boho Nightstand

How to Decorate a Boho Nightstand?

Home decor that speaks of our personality is what we all dream of. Every detail of the house makes the home look perfect. A nightstand is one such detail of the homes we often miss. Is a nightstand just a place where you dump your eyeglasses or a glass of water? A nightstand should shine, like every other furniture piece from your home.

If you fail to get the right way to embellish your nightstand, you are missing a chance to let your home achieve that perfect elegance. If bohemian aesthetics is your style, add the richness of textures and colors to your home with the best bohemian elements.

If you are still skeptical about choosing boho nightstands for your bedroom, read our unique ideas to integrate boho-inspired details!

Decorating the Boho Nightstands the Perfect Way

A nightstand gives a little space to place your favorites from the boho theme. But it is an art to create a dreamy setup for your bedroom with that little space. Here are the best ways to create a flawless bedroom by accentuating the charm of your boho nightstands.

1. Choosing the Right Color Palette

Choosing the Right Color Palette

Known for its myriad colors and rich textures, the best way to flaunt the aesthetics of boho nightstands is to include a color palette that resonates well. The common colors included in the Bohemian style are white, brown (terracotta), yellow, green, rusty red, and gray. With the right type of materials, bring the overwhelming charm of the boho nightstands.

2. Bring Aesthetics with Plants

Bring Aesthetics with Plants

A boho decor without plants feels incomplete, so adding a few plants to boho nightstands is a great idea. You may opt for potted or hanging plants to complete the boho look. If your room has less space, use hanging plants to plan space utilization efficiently. For nightstands with shelves, stack a few small potted plants there. Monstera, Pothos, Calatheas, Cacti, Ferns, Philodendrons, etc., are among the top choices for pairing with boho nightstands.

3. Details of The Nightstand

Details of The Nightstand

If you are picking a nightstand for decorating in a bohemian style, the details of the furniture are crucial. Choose a nightstand of natural material. Among different materials, woods make a classic choice for a bohemian theme. Boho nightstands with intricate details like carvings make the best pieces of the design independently.

4. Lights & Lamps

Lights & Lamps

The earthly neutrals and natural textures in bohemian decoration do wonders. But to enhance the little bohemian details, the right type of lights you use becomes crucial. A few of the creative ways to add lights that go well with boho nightstands is to use natural features in the light fixtures carefully.

5. Decorate the Wall with a Macrame Wall Hanging

Decorate the Wall with a Macrame Wall Hanging

Macrame, a quintessential bohemian decor, is perfect for adding a hint of texture. Macrames come in multiple designs, and their simplicity will add elegance to your walls. Designing the walls with macrame gives a perfect overall finish to your boho nightstands.

6. Mirrors & Artwork

Mirrors & Artwork

By reflecting the light of your room, mirrors will help radiate bohemian elegance. If you plan to place mirrors for a boho-inspired decoration, be mindful when choosing the frame of mirrors. Choose frames with distressed or ornate designs that complement the boho-inspired decoration in your room.

7. Layered Bedding

Layered Bedding

If your room has a boho nightstand beside a bed, coordinate it with layered bedding. Layered bedding is a key feature of bohemian decoration, adding extra texture and visual interest to the space. This bohemian decorating style is perfect to complete the look of a white floor with the patterns of layered bedding. Integrate the patterned rugs for the seating arrangement near the nightstands as well.

8. Introduce Texture with Baskets

 Introduce Texture with Baskets

A seagrass or wicker basket is the perfect decorative element to accentuate boho nightstands. Not only will a basket add texture to your room when paired with a nightstand, but it will help in keeping the space tidy. Clear the clutter on your nightstand by organizing things using the basket.

9. Wall Decor With Baskets

Wall Decor With Baskets

Simply keeping a basket on a nightstand is repetitious. A more innovative decor idea that will go perfectly with your boho nightstands is woven baskets on walls. Woven baskets, adding an eclectic charm, give your bedroom a texture and dimension.

10. Botanical & Floral Motifs

Botanical & Floral Motifs

Bohemian decoration derives its inspiration from natural elements like plants and animals. For decorating boho nightstands, the use of botanical motifs on the furniture is an excellent decor idea.

11. Wall Murals for The Bedroom

 Wall Murals for The Bedroom

Featuring natural items and styles, do minimal with nightstand decoration while you focus on the walls of your bedroom. Choose a mural that combines the earthly and natural elements and gives your room a boho feel. Choose colorful and bold patterns of art that integrate textures, colors, and patterns for your space.

12. Boho Decor With Candles

Boho Decor With Candles

The inviting and warm atmosphere provided by candles is perfect to brighten up your bedroom with bohemian vibes. To integrate the boho theme into the illuminance of candles, add patterns along with details of wood or metal pieces.

13. Share Your Love for Books

Share Your Love for Books

If you are an avid book lover, boho-inspired decoration with your collection of favorite books is an idea you will definitely love! Stacked-up books give the appearance of layered bedding, a key element of boho design. Create a captivating style with books with minimal effort with this decor idea.

Summing Up

Decorating with boho-inspired elements is more like art. To create a soothing and appealing ambiance using everything minimal deserves appreciation.

To add details, layering different textiles in the bedroom, decorative items (like lamps, candles, plants, crystals, etc.), or layered bedding are some of the ways you can achieve the perfect look. Macrame hangings and being innovative with mirrors are other details that go perfectly with boho decoration.

While you decorate the bedroom with these ideas, let us know in the comments if you have more fun ideas!

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