How Do You Determine the Perfect Time for House Renovation?

How Do You Determine the Perfect Time for House Renovation?


House renovation is an essential part of home maintenance as a home owner. Whether you want to redo your bathroom floors, your bedroom walls, or liven up your living room with timeless furniture pieces, finding the perfect time for home renovation requires ample planning and seamless execution.

So, here’s a quick guide for you to help you figure out if your house is in need of renovation just yet.

Is It Time For You To Renovate Your House?

House renovation is all about redesigning, rebuilding, and improving your house according to your personal needs and preferences. While it’s natural for your choices and tastes to change with time, house renovation is an expensive and time consuming process.

Hence, answering a few simple questions before you decide to go on a renovation spree will help you determine the perfect time for house renovation.

Which Areas Of The House Are In Need Of Immediate Renovation?

Which Areas Of The House Are In Need Of Immediate Renovation?

There’s a difference between classy interior designing for your bedroom when you’re inspired by a look that you saw in a magazine vs a bathroom that needs to be renovated because the tiles keep chipping away and you see dampness in the walls surrounding the bathroom.

Differentiating between whether the expense on house renovation is a splurging activity or the need of the hour is the first step towards determining whether it’s the perfect time for house renovation or not. You can’t keep renovating your house every other year because you saw a celebrity’s house in a video interview and were inspired by their aesthetic living space.

Instead of spending money on house renovation frequently, invest in furniture that is timeless and will stay with the varied interior designs and floor plans that may come its way throughout the years.

Do You Have The Budget For A House Renovation?

Do You Have The Budget For A House Renovation?

Planning the right time for house renovation is completely dependent on whether or not you have the money for it at the time. According to HomeAdvisor, a full house renovation or remodeling project can cost you $50,000 or more, depending on your needs and preferences.

While the standard cost seems to differ from house to house, a general rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t be spending over 20% of your house value on renovation of a single space, like a kitchen or bathroom. That kind of cost can simply not be justified, even if you’re planning to sell your house.

While most people can get a little overboard with their bedroom, especially if they’re redoing a master bedroom, creating a good budget with some extra bucks to spare in the initial planning stage, and sticking to it will protect your hard earned money, and you from going into debt.

Are The Season And Weather Conditions On Your Side?

Are The Season And Weather Conditions On Your Side?

So you have a need, and you have the money, but what about external factors? You can’t control weather conditions but what you can do is plan the house renovations in advance, and smartly.

Many experts believe that the best season to get your house renovated is fall. The months between May and July are ideal for getting things done, and letting the entire thing dry up without worrying about rain, peak summers, hail, or snow. Especially if you live in the Syracuse City of New York, which is known for its snowy winters, it’s a smart idea to get the house renovation done after the risk dissipates, and the weather becomes more pleasant .

Not only that, due to the renovation business slowing down during this time, you have a chance to haggle a better deal, and get a choice amongst the best contractors for the perfect house renovation.

Are The Holidays Just Around The Corner?

Are The Holidays Just Around The Corner?

It may be hard to find the perfect time for house renovations, but just before the holidays is certainly not the best time. It’s natural for you as a homeowner, who’s ready to entertain your family and friends on holiday, for your house to look its best. While small projects like painting the front door, or changing a few things around the house may be feasible, if you’re planning to remodel the house a month before christmas, it can backfire quickly.

First, the winter time can make it really hard for the house to dry off the new paint. If you’ve painted your house and it gets met with dry air, or worse, snow, it can quickly make a mess of all your efforts.

Second, if you’re installing new hardwood floors and remodeling your kitchen, it can leave your house inhospitable to hosting anyone, and you may have to cancel your plans completely. Instead, for the most perfect holiday look, try renovating your house a few months before the holidays for the best results.

Final Thoughts

House renovations can be exciting, fun, and a way for you to express yourself through the designs, colors, and furniture. However, they also require attention, planning, money, and most importantly, the right timing. Go too soon and you may miss out on a better deal, decide too late and the weather may turn on you.

By keeping your needs, budget, weather, and holidays in mind, you can not only ensure a hassle free house renovation experience, but also make it enjoyable, where your biggest worry will be picking the best hue for your bedroom, and not whether these renovations will fit into your budget or be finished in time.

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