Dress Your Bed Like a Pro: Tips for a Stylish and Comfy Sleeping Space

Dress Your Bed Like a Pro: Tips for a Stylish and Comfy Sleeping Space

It’s a fact that the average person spends about 3,000 hours in bed every year, whether that’s sleeping, reading, scrolling through their phone or simply trying to fall asleep. That said, it makes sense that our beds should be as comfortable and snug as possible.

Choosing the correct sheets, duvets, and pillows is vital for making a bed cosy and inviting. However, learning how to layer like a designer will also help you create a stunning bedscape and an unforgettable experience. The following tips will help you in outfitting your bed like a pro and achieve maximum style and comfort.

Get the Right Bed Linen

Choosing the right bed linen involves attending to every piece of the linen with an eye for detail.


Get the Right Bed Linen

Your choice of sheets is probably the most important one because it is the layer you’ll interact with the most. So make sure you invest in high-quality sheets.

From twin bed sheets to double bed sheets and king bed sheets, there is a sheet size to fit any bed size. Because they are affordable and comfortable, sheets made entirely of cotton are a great option. Extra-Long Staple (ELS) cotton, such as Egyptian or Pima, is even softer and more resilient if you’re looking for something opulent. Mixtures of cotton and polyester are still another choice. Despite seeming synthetic, the polyester content of the cloth increases its durability and affordability and reduces its tendency to wrinkle.

Although it’s not always the case, higher thread counts are frequently linked to higher-quality sheets. Companies can achieve high thread counts through manufacturing processes, but this may not always translate into improved quality. Studies have indicated that the ideal range for both strength and softness in sheets is between 300 and 500 thread counts. Though they might not be as comfortable, 200-thread-count linens are a fairly comfortable option, and anything above 500 isn’t necessarily better.

The quality of the sheet is also determined by its weaving. Your greatest possibilities are the sateen and percale. Percale is a light-weight, sharp-feeling weave that resembles a grid. Sheets with a satin weave feel incredibly smooth. People tend to choose sateen weave, yet it’s a personal taste.

Just remember, traditional sizes, like king and double bed sheets, do not account for the depth of the mattress when selecting your linens. Thus, measure before you buy, especially if you have a tall mattress or use a mattress topper. After washing, you should also expect some shrinking.


This is where you can start showcasing your own flair. Using a down duvet insert can help create a bed that is plump and cloudlike. The down substitute duvet insert is the best choice if you have allergies. You may change up your bedding design according to the season and prolong the life of your duvet with a duvet cover in the material and colour of your choosing.

Make sure both sides of the duvet are equal when you place it on top of the sheet. To get the most volume and fluff out of your duvet, give it a thorough shake before putting it on your bed.



Pillows are a key component of bed decor. In addition to comfort, they also add colour, volume, dimension, and flair. It depends on your desired appearance and comfort level as to how many pillows you’ll need. However, there are specific kinds of pillows that you should use while arranging your bedding.

For instance, you’ll need some euro pillows for support when you’re sitting up in bed to read. The size of your bed will dictate how many you’ll need. One pillow is enough for a twin bed, two for a double bed, and three for a king bed.

Depending on whether you sleep on your side or back, you have several options: soft, medium, or firm. To ensure optimum versatility, comfort, and style, include at least two pillows for each sleeper.

There are many options available when it comes to decorative pillows. Additionally, there are several appealing methods to arrange pillows on your bed. Placing Euro shams against the headboard, standard shams in front of them, and your bed pillows in between is a general arrangement guideline for pillows. Arranging decorative pillows from the front and towards the middle is recommended. They look well propped up for a clean, elegant look or piled haphazardly for a cosier, more laid-back atmosphere.

Quilts and Throws

Throws and quilts are not only useful, but they can also add an instant style uplift to your bedroom. The traditional style of decorating with these pieces involves folding the covers at the foot of the bed and draping them over your duvet to provide a bit more texture. An accent hue can be brought to light using a blanket or quilt with vibrant colours. Tuck the throw or quilt’s edges into your bed for a fitted appearance. You may hang them past your mattress for a cosier aesthetic.

Pick a Colour Scheme

Pick a Colour Scheme

Before you decide how you want to design your bed, you should first consider the mood or theme you want to create in your bedroom. The sort of pillows, throws, and accessories you choose will be influenced by your colour scheme. This is an important first stage in the bedroom decorating procedure.

For example, if you want to create a crisp and elegant room, white on white could be a great choice. Colours like turquoise or orange could work for a summer-inspired look. Want something more gentle and romantic? Blush pinks or light greys could be excellent choices. If you have bold artwork in your bedroom, this could be a terrific spot to get colour inspiration.

A tip from the experts to keep in mind: Even if you use a neutral colour scheme, designing a bed where everything seems flat and the same is a no-no. Layer textures, patterns, and other decorations to create a layered look.

Use Different Textures

When it comes to bed linen styling, mixing different textures will add an extra stylistic aspect to your bed. Adding an airy cotton blanket to the side of your bed in the summer or a velvet throw in the winter, for example, will instantly make your bed look more welcoming.

If experimenting with too many different fabrics makes you uncomfortable, stick to basic linen mixes and add texture by selecting pieces with embroidery or fringe. This will help elevate the look of your bed.

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