Creative Uses for Old Car Parts in Home Decor

Creative Uses for Old Car Parts in Home Decor

When we think of old car parts, the immediate association is often recycling or junkyards. However, with a little creativity and vision, these discarded items can be transformed into stunning pieces of home decor.

This journey from auto part to artistic home element not only gives objects a second life but also adds a unique, industrial flair to your living space. Let’s explore some inventive ways to repurpose old car parts into decor elements that will have your guests admiring your creativity.

Steering Wheel: A Nautical Twist

Old steering wheels can be an excellent starting point for a DIY decor project. With its circular shape and intricate designs, a steering wheel can become a captivating wall clock or an interesting piece of wall art. For those who love a nautical theme, steering wheels mirror the look of a ship’s helm, adding a sea-faring vibe to any room.

Exhaust Pipes: Industrial Lamp Fixtures

Exhaust Pipes: Industrial Lamp Fixtures

Exhaust pipes can be creatively upcycled into lamp fixtures, adding an industrial yet refined look to interiors. Whether it’s a floor lamp or a hanging pendant, the metallic texture and curves of the exhaust deliver a striking aesthetic. This type of decor not only illuminates spaces but also serves as a standout feature in a room’s design.

Those looking to part with old car parts might consider contacting services that offer cash for junk cars in Los Angeles. This not only helps you clear out unwanted items but also supports eco-friendly practices by recycling materials that can be used for artistic and practical home decor projects.

Tailgate Benches and Bars

The tailgate of a truck can be repurposed into the back of a bench or the front of a bar, offering both functionality and nostalgic charm. The sturdy nature of a tailgate makes it ideal for these projects, and its original paint and decals can add a retro or rustic feel to your outdoor or indoor spaces.

Car Seats: From Road to Reading Nook

Car Seats: From Road to Reading Nook

Car seats, particularly those from vintage or classic cars, carry a certain charm and comfort. Transforming these into furniture pieces for your home can add a surprising but welcoming twist. A cleaned and refurbished car seat can become a unique chair for your study or the cornerstone of a cozy reading nook.

Gear Shift Knobs: Eccentric Drawer Pulls

For those who appreciate the attention to detail, using gear shift knobs as drawer pulls can add an eccentric touch to furniture. This small adjustment brings a level of craftsmanship and automotive spirit to cabinets, desks, and wardrobes. Each knob’s unique design can also serve as a conversation piece, showcasing the individual’s creativity and love for cars.

Engine Block Coffee Table

An engine block is undoubtedly a heavier piece of equipment, but it is perfect for those looking to inject a rugged, industrial aesthetic into their home.

With a glass top added, an engine block can be repurposed into an eye-catching, conversation-starting coffee table. Its complex design and metallic texture provide a stark, interesting contrast to traditional living room furniture.

Hubcaps: Reflective Artwork

Hubcaps: Reflective Artwork

Hubcaps may not seem like the most artistic of items, but with a bit of imagination, they can be transformed into decorative wall art. Polished and hung on a wall, they reflect light in intriguing ways, creating dynamic patterns and brightening up the room. This is a simple, eco-friendly way to add some shine and interest to your walls.

License Plates: A Rustic Americana Collage

Old license plates, with their varied colors and text, are perfect for creating a vibrant, Americana-inspired wall collage. They can also be cut and bent into shapes, turning them into unique nameplates for your home, decorative borders for mirrors, or even quirky, colorful coasters.

Dashboard Gauges: Innovative Clocks

The useful life of dashboard gauges doesn’t end with the car. Transformed into clocks, they offer an innovative way to tell time.

Mounting these gauges onto walls or designing them into standalone table clocks brings a modern, mechanical feel to any space. This idea not only repurposes what would be scrap but also integrates the precision of automotive design into daily life.


Repurposing old car parts into home decor is not only a statement of creativity but also an act of sustainability. These projects remind us of the potential in objects that are often overlooked or discarded.

Whether it’s the rugged appeal of an engine block coffee table or the nostalgic charm of a tailgate bench, incorporating automotive parts into your decor can provide your home with a unique story and aesthetic.

So, the next time you come across an old car part, think twice before passing it by—it might just be your next favorite piece of home decor.


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