All You Need to Know About Garage Door Cable Replacement

All You Need to Know About Garage Door Cable Replacement

With time, garage door cables can be damaged or worn out from daily usage. When ignored, this can result in dangerous situations. In this article, we will look at what a garage door cable is and why it is necessary to replace it when it shows signs of overuse.

What is a garage door cable?

Garage door cables are a vital part of the opening and closing system. These cables are a balance mechanism that helps ensure the door works safely and correctly. When the cable is not functioning properly, you can be at risk of accidents, especially if you are unaware that the garage door isn’t working.

This is why replacements should be done whenever you notice a malfunction.

How to know you need to replace the garage door cable

How to know you need to replace the garage door cable

Sometimes, the cable might be the issue when you have problems with the garage door. To know when a cable needs replacing, find abnormal movements when the door is opened and closed.

Search for frayed or scratched cable, loud noise from the pulley system, etc. The above can be a sign that the cable has an issue.

Advantages of replacing the garage door cable system

Advantages of replacing the garage door cable system

Aside from maintaining the safety and functionality of your system, replacing a garage door cable ensures it is appropriately balanced.

Worn-out cables can also break or snap. A new one offers security because opening and closing the door is safe for both items and people. Lastly, changing cables regularly helps increase the life of the whole garage door system.

Choosing the correct type of garage door cable

When choosing a garage door cable, consider the type of material required. It could be plastic, woven metal or cloth-wrapped. Also, pay attention to the quality. Aside from this, you should also ensure the garage door cable is the right size.

Take measurements of the garage before you buy a new cable. This allows you to determine the standard garage size. Usually, this includes the height and width of the door opening. Consider if you will use the replacement cable outdoors or indoors.

This is vital for choosing a resistant cable. Remember also to consider whether the replacement cables will be exposed to harsh weather or lots of traffic.

How to safely replace your garage door:

How to safely replace your garage door:

Replacing a garage door can be pretty complex and even dangerous. It’s best to consult a professional repairman since they have the knowledge, skill, or tools to perform the job correctly. However, if you are a DIY enthusiast, you can follow the following instructions:

  • Begin by disconnecting the power of the garage door. This prevents electrical-related injuries.
  • Before beginning any repairs or installation, ensure you have read the manufacturer’s instructions to know the particular directions on replacing the garage door cable for your model.
  • Ensure you use pliers to adjust cable slack when replacing the cable. Remember to always use gloves for safety during the entire process.
  • Don’t use wire or rope instead of the cable. This can result in improper functioning.
  • Lastly, after the repairs, inspect every component of the garage door opener, like fasteners, bolts, and nuts. Ensure they are properly tightened before you close them again.


Regularly inspecting and maintaining your garage door cable is very vital. When you notice the signs, take the proper steps to change destructive or broken cables. This saves you from potentially costly repairs ahead. Remember, replacing worn-out or wrong cables increases your safety and also helps with energy efficiency.

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