Adverts Pervasion: From TV to TikTok Offers

Adverts Pervasion: From TV to TikTok Offers

Ads have always been the most effective way to promote something. In the past, they were mainly broadcasted on TV, but at present, there are many alternative advertising options. TikTok, for example, has emerged as a popular choice for companies and individuals to offer their products and services.

One can use the app to promote anything from $50 free chip no deposit deals to handmade products or online courses. In the following lines, we’ll focus on the shift from TV to TikTok ads and highlight the main pros of advertising via social media platforms.

Evolution of Advertising Platforms

Evolution of Advertising Platforms

Undeniably, ads are the best way to influence people to purchase something. In the past, the traditional forms of advertising included TV and radio. These had a significant impact on consumer behaviour, and many companies have used such platforms for popularisation.

Nonetheless, with the evolution of technology and the dawn of the digital age, advertising opportunities expanded tremendously. Currently, one can promote their services in various ways, including:

  • Personal blogs
  • Official websites of products or services
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest


While websites are less widely preferred than social media platforms, they remain a valuable tool for product promotion. Many bloggers who started their sites to share their daily lives have also used their platforms to showcase digital products. If a person has a large following, he also has significant influence, meaning it’d be easy for them to drive purchases.

Website advertising is relatively easy. One can place special banners on the different pages to maximise visibility. Plus, with dedicated blog posts, one can deliver detailed information about the product.

Social Media Platforms

While websites can be quite beneficial in promoting a product, social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook are much more prevalent. There are numerous influencers who make thousands, if not millions, of dollars every month. Companies and individuals seeking product exposure often engage in paid collaborations with these individuals.

Currently, social media ads are everywhere. While some of them are sponsored, most are based on your personal interests and search history. In other words, when you browse through your social media feeds, you’ll also see ads that are relevant to your potential purchases.

Benefits of TikTok Advertising

Benefits of TikTok Advertising

Instagram is definitely a platform that all influencers and popular companies use. Nonetheless, this app has faced severe competition from TikTok in the last couple of years. The app has a user base of over 1.1 billion active users.

Influencers and brands can utilise the Business TikTok feature to promote their products/services. Apart from that, TikTok gives content creators scope for creativity when it comes to showcasing a particular product through a video ad. Below, we’ll point out some of the key perks of advertising on TikTok.

Short Videos

One of the best things about TikTok videos is that most of them are relatively short. A short-form video is a much better option for capturing attention. Moreover, it’s easier for users to create them, as they’re usually more cost-effective and less time-consuming. Many brands leverage TikTok videos as a marketing strategy to showcase products’ most essential features without any unnecessary fluff.

Creative Freedom

Creative Freedom

Creating a top-tier TikTok video is not an easy task. Content creators, however, have mastered that skill and can produce a spectacular TikTok ad in just an hour. There are various online apps, including CapCut, Movavi, InShot, etc., that can help users craft the most compelling online ad.

With such creative freedom, everyone can make unique videos that set them apart from the enormous competition. Plus, when brands collaborate with different creators, each of them can promote the service in a distinctive manner, which can broaden the reach of the ads.

Many TikTok Influencers

Many companies opt for TikTok to promote their products through paid collaborations with popular influencers. Without a doubt, at present, this is the most common method for brands to drive sales. Since almost every influencer uses TikTok, it’s easy to find a successful one with an account on the app. If an individual has a large following base, even a very short TikTok ad will grasp users’ attention effectively.

Custom Audiences Option

TikTok offers a special feature that allows content creators to choose which audience to target. This way, if someone is advertising an anti-ageing moisturiser, for example, they can select the proper demographic to reach. That’s a very beneficial feature, as it can contribute to more sales in a shorter period of time.

TikTok Algorithm

Thanks to the excellent TikTok algorithm, users see content they’re actually interested in. In fact, that’s one of the many reasons why brands choose this app to advertise their products. If content creators use the right keywords, their ads are likely to reach the right audience without even utilising the Custom Audience option.

The Best TikTok Ads

The Best TikTok Ads

Everyone can create a TikTok ad for free. Nonetheless, it’s worth mentioning that not every video promoting a product will be successful, as there are specific rules when it comes to making the perfect social media ad. In the following table, you’ll find examples showing the differences between an effective and a profitless ad:

Good TikTok Ad Bad TikTok Ad
Short and captivating video pointing out the main perks of the product/service Long video with unnecessary information that has nothing to do with the product
High-quality video with great visuals Low-quality video that’s plain and without any special effects
Good audio quality Poor sound quality
Honesty about the paid collaboration Telling the public this is not a paid ad when, in fact, it is
Utilising the latest trends in an attempt to capture viewers’ attention further Not following TikTok trends and relying on strategies that no longer work

Consumer Behaviour

Nowadays, influencing people to purchase something online is fairly easy. Many individuals seek inspiration from their favourite influences, and a short TikTok ad from them can skyrocket the sales of a certain product. Moreover, content creators provide viewers with a direct link to the advertised goods, simplifying the overall online shopping experience.

Continued Growth of TikTok Advertising and Potential Changes

TikTok is getting a lot of attention, and its vast user base is continually expanding. The app will become even more prevalent in the upcoming years, indicating that TikTok ads will reach larger audiences. Furthermore, with the emergence of AI, it’s much easier for creators to deliver more content for various niches in a short period of time.


Nowadays, people prefer using their smartphones and laptops rather than watching TV. For this reason, TikTok ads have surpassed television and radio ads in terms of popularity. Social media advertising is the new standard, as it provides content creators the creative freedom to deliver engaging and top-quality content.


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