5 Smart Home Features to Have in Your New House

5 Smart Home Features to Have in Your New House

Do you remember when people joked about whether your smart gadgets could make you tea or open a door for you? Ha! How the times have changed. Today, smart homes have become a rising trend, and it’s predicted that by 2025, hundreds of millions of homes will have at least one smart home system. People love these features because of the convenience and comfort they offer. From a homekit garage door opener to ease your parking experience to live security video surveillance, several smart home systems are must-haves. Here are five you cannot afford to miss when you move into your new house.

Central Control Hub

Imagine being able to control everything from the thermostat to who goes in and out of your house, all from the comfort and convenience of your phone. That’s what a central control hub gives you. The Internet of Things (IoT) allows you to link all your smart devices and systems to one central unit from where you can control and monitor them using an app on your phone. So the next time you lose your remote or need to increase the heat in your home, simply swipe your phone out and get back to that show you were watching or tune your AC.

Modern Security Systems

Home security systems have gone beyond tough bolts and grainy videos from low-resolution cameras. Nowadays, you can get a fully automated surveillance system that gives you complete control over who goes inside your house and lets you monitor them in real time.

These security systems can also be combined with smart lighting systems that create an impression that someone is home by turning them on at scheduled times. Alarm systems can also be triggered to deter intruders, especially when they include sirens and lights.

Smart Garage Doors

Have you ever been at the office or away from home and don’t remember if you shut your garage door properly when you left? Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore with a smart garage door. Your smartphone can serve as your garage door remote controller and security monitor. This improves your home’s security and offers convenience since you won’t have to get out of your car whenever you need to pull in and out of your garage.

Smart Home Entertainment

When we talk about smart entertainment systems, we mean more than a smart TV. We are talking about systems that enhance your viewing experience and give you a cinematic experience with a personalized touch. This means adding surround sound systems for rich audio and ambient lighting that dims to give you a truly immersive movie experience. Most smart home entertainment systems also have integrated features that allow you to connect and control them using your phone.

Automated Climate Control

We cannot end this list without talking about smart climate control. Waking up to tune the thermostat because it’s gotten hotter or cooler is not how you want to experience your nights or even days during the hot and cold months. Luckily, intelligent climate control systems have made this task easier by making it possible to control your AC or thermostat from your phone. Nowadays, these systems even learn your usage patterns and regulate the temperature inside your home automatically. This saves on energy bills and greatly improves the comfort of your home.


There are many other systems we haven’t mentioned here, but these five should give your home a futuristic feel and improve the comfort of your home. Smart home features add convenience by making it easier to monitor your home and control it even when you are far away. You can start with a simple system and add more features as you upgrade your home.

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