5 Ideas for Enhancing Home Security

5 Ideas for Enhancing Home Security

Home burglaries have been decreasing year on year for more than a decade. This is good news for homeowners wishing to feel safe in their own properties. Still, that doesn’t change the fact that there are over 250 burglaries for every 100,000 people in the United States. Homeowners have a genuine reason to feel unsafe when thousands of people’s homes are violated annually.

With this in mind, you might be eager to make your property as secure as possible for peace of mind. While there are no guarantees that your home won’t be targeted, it might be less likely when you take the following measures:

Install Outdoor Lighting

Many burglars rely on complete darkness to avoid detection. Make that challenging on your property by installing lights. Sensor lights, security lights, and even outdoor spotlights can all be straightforward and cost-effective options for eliminating dark areas at the front of your property. Would-be burglars may then have a more challenging time accessing your property when there’s a chance passers-by will spot them.

Buy Security Cameras

Whether you invest in affordable doorbell cameras or go all out with security cameras, they can be an excellent deterrent for burglars. If there’s a chance they’ll be caught in the act, they might be less likely to target your home. When convicted burglars were surveyed in a questionnaire, many said that a visible camera was one of the most effective deterrents.

Eliminate Hiding Places

You might have taken care of dark spots on your property with exceptional lighting, but you can also go one step further by eliminating hiding places. Keep large bushes, shrubs, and trees well-trimmed and remove barriers and items that opportunist thieves might hide behind to avoid detection. The more open and illuminated the front of your property is, the less desirable it might be to people wanting to commit burglaries.

Fence Your Property

Fencing is likely one of the first things you’ll invest in when moving to a new home if you have pets and children. However, it’s an investment you might like to make even if you don’t. Fencing with a secure gate can be an excellent deterrent. If your property is challenging to access or has a robust lock to stop unwanted guests at night or when no one is home, it might be less desirable to burglars. Fencing can also enhance the aesthetic appeal of properties while potentially making them more desirable to future buyers.

Strengthen Your Windows and Doors

Standard doors and windows aren’t always designed to withstand burglars. They can be easy to pry open with the right tools. You might be able to change that by investing in additional accessories.

For example, pin locks can be an ideal strengthening option for double-hung windows. You might also swap out the conventional hinges on a shed door and replace them with security hinges featuring tamper-proof pins. Even reinforcing hardware on entry doors can be worthwhile when they prevent burglars from entering a property using force.

Enhancing home security doesn’t have to be an expensive or major undertaking. It can be as simple as installing outdoor lighting, trimming your bushes, and buying new security cameras. You might then enjoy much-needed peace of mind that your property is as safe as it possibly can be.

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