The Lake House Decor Guide

22 Lake House Decorating Ideas You Will Love

Don’t you think the lake house brings back beautiful memories? It is always the usual setting for your family get-togethers, weekend getaways with your friends and loved ones, etc. There’s so much happening (waves of laughter, cries, games, etc.) at the lake house. You are always drawn back to spending more time there!

Whether you want a fresh and sophisticated update, need to brighten up old ceilings, or aim to create a rustic oasis, we have shortlisted a few tips and ideas for your modern lake house decor. These modern lake house decor ideas will help you create the perfect setup to suit your style and ensure you have the most comfortable stay.

1. Use Paddles

perfect modern lake house decor

If you are adventurous and love a good kayaking session every time you are at your lake house, then this might be the perfect modern lake house decor. Decorate with elements like kayak paddles or snowshoes to blend a sense of adventure with your house interiors. It can ensure a very natural, peaceful, and rustic vibe.

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2. Take Advantage of the View

lake house

Lakehouses indeed have the best view (the waterfront and the huge surrounding garden), so take advantage of it and flaunt it as much as possible. One way to do it is by adding seating wherever possible, like near the windows or the balcony. Imagine just lazying around on the seating and staring out of your window. How peaceful it would be!

P.S.: It is not hard to create a window bench by yourself.

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3. Focus on Indoor-Outdoor Living

focus on sunrooms ,Patios

If you often visit your lake house, then you should make it look like a four-season room. Focus on sunrooms, patios, and porches and create extra living spaces in a way that embraces nature and greenery. Then, convert them to an all-season room. It is a great way to maintain a sense of outdoor living even during the cold season.

4. Build an Outdoor Bar

build an outdoor bar

Does your lake house have enough space for a small shed outside? Then take advantage of the space outside and make a fantastic outdoor bar. Isn’t it lovely to sip on a cocktail while immersed in nature and its calmness?

5. Decorate Around Your View

beautiful lake view from your living room

If you have a beautiful lake view from your living room, then show more interest in decorating your living room. Consider all that excites and interests you (the different styles, colors, textures, etc.) and set up the living room to suit your style and interest. After all, you will spend the most time together in the living room.

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6. Create a Contrast

Create a Contrast

Even simple, neutral and understated decor can stand out as a modern lake house decor. Look at this lake house design; shades of blue and natural materials are used to decorate the house, twinning with the natural beauty that sits outside the home. Introduce different textures, colors, and finishes if you want a more exotic and luxurious feel.

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7. Avoid Lake House Clichés

lake house cliches

You would naturally opt for a soothing decor design for your lake house with a vibrant color palette. But, for a change, you can draw references from the home’s exterior materials. For instance, this lake house draws influence from the clusters of farm buildings that are prevalent outside throughout the local area. The living room, with an industrial influence, has a slab floor, steel built-ins, and a pallet coffee table. It gives a very classic and rustic look.

8. Work on your Sunroom


Spend more time understanding what would go well for your Sunroom. This design, with its mix of garden-style furniture, soft furnishings, and fireplace, feels like it could be an outdoor space and a three-season room. Hanging lights to it can set such a beautiful vibe in the evenings once the sun has gone down.

9. Mix Rustic and Modern

rustic and modern

You don’t have to settle for a rustic style for your lake house. You can instead try mixing styles to come up with some exciting designs. Like the one above. It is a perfect blend of old with new. Many of the original details are preserved. With a blend of both modern look and considering the lake houses surrounding, the living room with contemporary interiors and modern sofas and coffee table create the perfect mix.

10. Opt for Lighter Wood

lake house

Opt for lighter wood furniture to stand out and brighten your lake house. It will ensure your space looks light and airy. Furthermore, you can use a light color palette to decorate your lake house completely.

While choosing furniture, look for a distressed table or one with a rustic look. Finally, add seating near the windows (it could even be a bench). Since the lake is the highlight of your lake house, you’d love to enjoy a morning coffee or late-night talks with a friend or family member sitting on the bench while looking out at the view.

11. Go with Bold Stripes

strips are a perfect blend of a lakeside house

Stripes are a perfect blend of a lakeside house. They are the easiest way to add more details to the lake house without bombarding it with various decor items. Shades of blue are perfect for the house to match the picturesque lake view and the greenery. If you are looking for something really different, then place dark and navy blue striped dining chairs in a completely white color-themed room. This will surely draw all the attention and act as the highlight of your room.

12. Try a Subtle Stripe Look

subtle stripe look

If you are not excited about the bold stripes, then look for stripes in a lighter shade or color to add to the lake house without making it the highlight of the room. For instance, you can add light blue striped wallpaper to your room. It gives out a subtle waterside feel. Opt for striped peel-and-stick wallpaper for your convenience.

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13. Incorporate Rope Details

incorporate rope details

The rope is the most common material associated with lake life. It is used in most things like securing items on board, tying a boat up to a dock, etc. Add rope details to your room to incorporate the lake feeling into your interior design without falling back at the usual anchors or shades of the blue theme. In addition, the rope can add a fun texture to your overall space. For example, add a wall mirror with braided rope and a lamp that uses rope as the base to create a cohesive rope look. And ensure more texture to your wall. The guests will love your attention to detail.

14. Consider Textures

look for various texture item soft pillow ,cozy blankets and pillow cover

If you are looking to keep your color palette neutral, then textures can be your best choice. Look for various textured items – soft pillows, cozy blankets, and pillow covers. They will add some texture to your sofa and also make it comfortable. Place jute mats and tables on the floor. This adds a rough texture to the floor. Go with smooth textiles because it will help balance out the more irregular textures.

15. A Play on Patterns

play on patterns

Looking for a more rustic design? Add different patterns throughout your lake house. Look for a color palette that isn’t too bright. Pair patterned throw pillows on a dark leather sofa to offer some color while the dark leather acts as a cozy rustic backdrop to your lake house decor. Place a patterned rug in light colors to ensure that the darker shades on the sofa are softened a little and brighten the space. Opt for a distressed coffee table, side table, and chairs. It adds to the rustic feel, and the wood’s details add their uniqueness to the room.

16. Bring Light In

bring light in

Keeping the base color palette white, opt for stone cladding in the room. And then install skylights to flood the space with more light. Open up space in the ceiling, and paint it pale gray. Add sofas, pillows, covers, and a side table that is either white or light gray.

17. Embrace Cabin Style

embrace cabin style

A cabin-inspired theme is worth considering if your lake house is set in the woods. Use heavy wooden furniture to make the room look cozy. Add canoe paddles as wall art to give it that woodsy feel.

18. Mix Motifs

mix motifs

To add more texture to the room, you can opt for multiple motifs in the room. Use complementary colors so that they can brighten the room. Like the red and blue shades opted for above. Go with dark wooden tables so that they can add more detail and rustiness to the space. Place small plants around the room to add a more natural and cozy vibe to the room.

19. Create a Calm Retreat

create a calm retreat

Keep the main bedroom very simple and serene with a simple color theme. Like this simple grey-and-white scheme. Keep limited items in the room for decor so that it doesn’t burden the space.

20. Balancing Act

lake house bedroom

Combine natural and beautiful elements to make your lake house bedroom the retreat space. Add an irony canopy bed and plush curtains to the room to ensure privacy and air to the room. Place braided jute rug on the bed for warmth. To add a dose of pattern to the room, opt for a slip-covered headboard and matching bed skirt. Complete the look with blue vintage nightstands to ensure more storage and extra color in the room.

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21. Comfort Is Key

lake house. First, place a soft color sofa with wooden chairs and a side table in the room

If your lake house has a wall of windows through which sunlight falls into your living room, then this is the perfect design inspiration for your lake house. First, place a soft color sofa with wooden chairs and a side table in the room. Then, add vibrancy to the room by opting for a colorful painting, mixed-color carpet, and pillows. This is undoubtedly bound to be the most comfortable space in your lake house.

22. Bunk Bed Room

bunk bedroom

Want to add some fun to your lake house? Then add a bunk bed to your room. Both kids and adults would enjoy a neutral-style bunk bedroom. Consider customizing your own bunk bed to ensure the kids have an enclosed place to play or any other facility through which the adults have fun too. Always ensure that when you’re adding a bunk bed to your space, it should abide by the theme of your room and the space. Don’t just randomly place something; it will look odd in the room.

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Final Words

Redesigning your lake house can be so much fun. But, especially for the festive season when you have a long break to lie back and relax in your lake house. These are our best 22 modern lake house decor ideas for you to get started with redesigning your lake house. I hope this helps you!

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