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17 Inspiring Ideas for Creating the Perfect Window Seat Nook

A good window seat is what we all need when we want to curl up, snuggle, and reconnect with ourselves. Often accompanied by books, a cup of hot chocolate, and our loved one. Are you looking for window seat ideas?

Built-in window seats have become a necessity for modern houses. Locate these window seats in different nooks of your homes, from bedroom windows to kitchen niches to living rooms, and anywhere possible to turn it into everyone’s favorite spot!

Even if we do not have the built-in window, we can upcycle the existing window by using a wood or upholstered bench or a loveseat.

What Are the Places To Be Considered for Seating

Let’s talk about the various places in your home where you can install a window seat. To begin, you’ll need an astonishing window with a view of your place.

1. Breakfast Niche Seating Ideas

Place a window seat at a suitable window recess which can act as your breakfast niche near the kitchen. Adding a window seat in the breakfast niche could provide a great seating area while allowing the light and fresh air from the big kitchen window to set in. A window seat in a breakfast nook is a more proper place to have breakfast before stepping into a long day.

breakfast niche seating

2. Kitchen Window Seats

We often find ourselves bewildered by the unaccustomed area in our kitchens. Hence, installing a window seat would be a perfect solution to use that unutilized kitchen area! Also, adding plants and curtains to that kitchen window seat will surely turn it into an”oh-so” comforting place to take small breaks while cooking.

Spacious modern kitchen in white with comfy window seating

3. Entry Window Seats

Sometimes we might need a separate space near our entryway where we can wear or take off our shoes struggle-free. Having a separate place where we can wear our shoes trouble-free without juggling in the air to quickly fit our feet in the shoes, now how cool is that! So this window seat is a must to be present in the entryway of our homes to save us from the hustle-bustle errand of wearing and removing shoes.

window seat

4. Living Room Window Seats

Who doesn’t love a good seating place in the living room of our home? Undoubtedly, we all do! A cozy bohemian vibe with rugs, a dreamcatcher at a window, and lots of light and fresh air to breathe in from the window. Allow this window seat to blend along with the rest of the living room furniture. It will surely turn out to be a vibe you would not be able to help but admire all day long.

built in window seat

5. Bedroom Window Seats

Alright, one can never go wrong with installing a window seat in the bedroom to relax before going to bed. Also, it provides a perfect place to sit and drown in our deep thoughts when we cannot sleep without actually struggling to find a place to lounge so that the other members do not get disturbed. Not all of us are able to enjoy our sound sleep. Hence, installing a window seat in your bedroom is the favorable solution to this new modern-day Insomnia problem.

Bedroom Window Seats

6. Home Office Window Seats

Are you also a homebody or someone who enjoys doing work from home? But sitting at your desk 24/7 in front of your screen can be exhausting. Make a sacred seating nook in your home office to take short breaks from your exhausting work and thank me later. Nonetheless, most of us who work from home need a place where we can sit, think and come up with innovative ideas for our work. Hence, this constructive seating idea in your home office is a must.

window traditional

7. Window Seats Between Two Bookshelves

This window seat idea is the need of an hour for all the book lovers who don’t want to compromise their privacy. You need a different place to escape from reality while reading your book and daydreaming about all those fictional characters, and that is when these seating places between two bookshelves come to the rescue. This will be the favorite spot for all the bookworms who are a little less pragmatic than usual humans.

Window Seats Between Two Bookshelves

8. A Lower Storage Cabinet Window Seat

How delightful is it to have a window seat with in-built storage cabinets? Let’s be honest. We can never have enough space to hold our items. Hence, having cabinets below your window seat can solve a dual purpose that is to provide a cozy corner along with some extra space where you can keep your books, magazines, or other items.

window seat

9. Hallway Window Seats

Ever thought of using the space of your hallways or stairway landings? Well, now you can think of renovating in a way so that the hallway could also come in use. This innovative idea of making a window seat in your hallway or stairway landings will leave your guests awestruck for sure.

hallway window seat

10. Bathroom Window Seats

It could be weird to have a window seat in your bathroom but trust me installing a window seat in any traditional bathroom will make it come alive. These seats not only look aesthetically pleasing but provides a unique touch to your bathroom.

bathroom window seats

11. Window Seat alongside the Fireplace

If you have a fireplace in your home then you should definitely consider having a window seat next to it. In addition, one could also make storage space beneath that window seat and enjoy the warmth created by the fireplace while sipping your hot drink.

social living room casement-window-seat

12. Window Seat With Open Shelves

Does your seating place seem dull and boring? You can have a window seat with open shelves you can decorate, display your antiques or simply place your favorite collection of books.

nursery freestanding window seat bench

13. Corner Window Seat

You can always think of installing a window seat in an ideal corner of your living room. A perfect way to use a corner where you can sit at any time of the day and enjoy the view.

corner window seat

14. Extended Window Seat

Looking for a way to make your existing window seat more cozy and warm? Then try extending and filling the space with more cushions and a complimentary blanket. The perfect space to snuggle and enjoy your weekend with a glass of wine!

window seat bench

15. Window Seat At A Height

Suppose you like to sit and watch stars, then a window seat at a height is what you need. You can enjoy a stunning view of the sunset.

Window Seat to watch Sunset

16. Window Seat With Floating Shelves

Already existing window seats can also be redesigned by adding a few floating shelves. You can simply put various items on these floating shelves, like plants or photo frames, to give it a fresh vibe.

window seat with floating shelves

17. Window Chair

Craving for a boho vibe? Try hanging a chair near your window and make it cozy by adding a few colorful cushions and throwers to create a boho vibe. Also, place a few plants here and there to enjoy the fresh aura of your new favorite spot.

hammock window seat


Whether we agree or not, all these seating ideas mentioned above can help you find your perfect seating place for a cozy nook, and one can never go wrong with decorating window spaces. So, use our window spaces more effectively and innovatively.

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