When should I get an air conditioning tune-up? Your questions answered

When should I get an air conditioning tune-up? Your questions answered

Believe it or not, that brand new air conditioning unit you’ve just set up in your Los Angeles home will eventually need a tune up at some point. If you neglect timely maintenance and don’t do an AC tune up every now and then, it’ll stop working effectively after a while.

Now, you might be asking yourself, “when should I get an air conditioning tune up?” Don’t worry, you’re not the first to ask this, and definitely won’t be the last. The answer depends. Getting an expert Air Conditioning Tune-Up in Los Angeles to tell you is one way to get answers. You can also learn how to figure out when, and why, your AC unit might need some TLC by reading this handy guide.

Why Do an Ac Tune Up?

Why Do an Ac Tune Up?Almost nothing can run forever without some maintenance. Even our own bodies benefit from annual doctor checkups. Leaving the unit on all day and all night will eventually make it run slower and less effectively. A well-timed AC tune up will keep the unit working efficiently, all summer long.

If you take good care of your unit and get it looked at regularly, you’ll also be able to catch small issues before they become big ones. Big problems can be expensive to fix, so catching them early can save you money down the line. At certain times of the year, when you really don’t want the unit to fail on you, you’ll be glad you found that minor issue.

Another great reason to do an air conditioning tune up involves air quality. If you or your family suffers from allergies, having a clean and well-maintained ac unit will save you from unwanted sniffles and sneezes. Plus, there’s an added benefit here: a clean unit will also much improve airflow because it’ll be able to push air around the rooms of your home more effectively and with less effort. That hopefully answers one question, but how often should you get an ac tune up?

When Should I Get an Air Conditioning Tune Up?

Before you’re asking yourself, “How often should you get an AC tune up?” First consider which time of the year is best for the inspection to happen. If you consult with HVAC services in Los Angeles, you’ll most likely be told that the best time to call in an AC doctor will generally be in the springtime, right before the unit will be needed most.

How Often Should You Get an Ac Tune-Up?

How Often Should You Get an Ac Tune-Up?Every AC is different. Some models can run for longer without maintenance and some need checkups every few months to run at their best.

There’s a lot of different specifics at play here. How old your unit is might affect the frequency. How often you turn the machine on and off will also affect how often to tune up AC units in your home. For the most part, it’s probably wise to schedule an inspection from a professional at least once a year.

Good AC owners will take a look at the box or instruction manual the unit came with to see if the manufacturer has some pointers concerning how often to tune up AC units. Your unit might have to undergo maintenance every 12 months or you’ll risk voiding your all-important warranty.

What Are the Professionals Doing During a Tune-Up?

There’s a few things an air conditioning tune up technician might do during an AC tune up. They could be checking refrigerant levels, clearing dust from filters and coils and taking a good look at all kinds of different small but essential components.

They’re mostly just assessing. They’ll be making sure the overall condition of your unit is up-to-scratch and perhaps writing down notes if any part of the unit looks like it might need some repair work.

Is It Really Worth the Hassle?

Running your AC unit into the ground and never taking a look at it will eventually cause it to slow down and break. Now, during some months of the year this might be fine. But during hot Los Angeles summers, this could be an uncomfortable situation to find yourself in. So, yes. It’s worth the effort to keep your AC unit maintained.

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