Several Main Reasons to Replace Windows

Several Main Reasons to Replace Windows

Over time, any windows will require replacement. Of course, high-quality windows can last for half a century, or even more, but sooner or later everything ends its service life. And, if this moment has come, it is better not to put off resolving the issue until later.

In this article, you’ll learn about the signs that indicate it’s time to replace your windows. You can also use the window replacement cost estimator on MyHomeQuote to get an estimate of your window replacement costs.

How to Understand That the Service Life of Windows Has Expired?f

It doesn’t take an expert to figure out that your home’s windows are worn out. Old structures indicate the need for replacement. It is important to notice such signals in time. But different types of products may have their own marks.

For Wood Windows

For Wood Windows

Wood products are good because they can be repaired. If chips or small cracks occur, the integrity of the structure can be easily restored. Moreover, prevention will prevent their occurrence. But if you carefully monitor the condition of your windows and still see such problems, then it’s worth replacing your windows.

1. Mold is not only in joints.

Improper installation or operation can lead to mold appearing on the sashes, frame, window sill, and slopes. If the fungus has formed in small quantities and disappeared after treatment, it is too early to worry. But if it is difficult to control the spread of mold, it is taking over an increasingly larger area, then it is time for change. Fungus not only spoils the appearance but is also dangerous to health. It also gradually destroys the wood.

2. The windows constantly fog up.

If the windows regularly fog up and nothing can be done about it, they have ceased to cope with their main functions. After all, wood usually breathes without outside help, so condensation does not occur. The appearance of condensation is a signal that you need to look for new glazing.

3. Serious drafts.

The seals are in order, and the trunnions are tightened for the season, but the draft remains? Perhaps the fact is that the frame is drying out and is no longer able to maintain tightness. It allows cold air, moisture, and dust from the street to pass through.

4. Aesthetics at zero.

It is often said about such products that they are easier to replace than to repair. The point is that frames dry out, crack, and individual elements become deformed and lose their original shape. If you encounter minor defects, repairs can help. However, serious deformations are expensive to eliminate, so it is easier to purchase a new frame.

5. The fittings work, but incorrectly

Espagnols, hinges, pins, and other fittings have the simplest possible structure. There’s practically nothing to break there. Therefore, if there is an overlay with fittings that cannot be corrected, this indicates serious problems with the sashes and frames. Usually, replacement does not give the desired result and the windows need to be replaced.

The average cost of replacing wood windows is around $647 – $1,620, but you can use the window replacement cost calculator on MyHomeQuote to estimate the potential costs of other actions.

For Plastic Windows

For Plastic Windows

When using plastic windows, most often the problem lies in two aspects: the manufacturer used low-quality material or the installation was not carried out according to standards.

Problems with plastic windows can be recognized by several signs:

  • cracks, chips on the body;
  • ruptures of assembly seams;
  • loss of tightness;
  • distortions at any point;
  • the profile has become yellowish or grayish;
  • chemical smell.

There are several common reasons why owners of plastic windows decide to install new windows.

1. Wear.

If the window structure is installed incorrectly or made from low-quality materials, it is subject to faster wear.

2. Poor quality windows in a new house.

Many owners of new apartments and houses begin moving in by reinstalling the windows. Often there is no reason for this. But sometimes there is still a reason. For example, windows of an inappropriate configuration may be installed in a house, with an inconvenient opening mechanism, which complicates ventilation and, in general, life in a new home. However, such windows can be used in guest houses or gazebos, which are used mainly in warm periods.

3. Incorrect installation.

The best window will quickly cease to cope with the assigned tasks if it is mounted crookedly or not all the space between the frame and the opening is foamed. Therefore, proper installation is the key to long service. If it is missing, anything can happen: the sashes become warped, double-glazed windows burst, and the seal may be broken.

4. The glass is not transparent enough.

Sometimes the reason for the need to replace windows is poor quality glass. It lets in less light than the owner would like. In this case, you can not change the entire structure, but choose a suitable glass unit. The latest technologies make it possible to increase the transparency of glass, while simultaneously increasing the degree of thermal insulation and sun protection. The reason is the coating, which is almost invisible to the eye but does a lot of useful things.

When is The Best Time to Replace Windows?

Today, manufacturers use high-quality materials and advanced installation technologies to make it possible to replace wood, aluminum, and plastic windows all year round. And yet, each season has its own characteristics.


Warm weather is usually associated with all kinds of repairs. Replacing window structures is no exception, since it’s warm outside, you can keep the sashes open as long as you like. At the same time, the demand for the service during this period is always high.


In winter, there is no particular increased demand for window installation. You can quickly replace windows at a comfortable price. The main thing is to choose the right performer. Professionals can install windows quickly and your home won’t even have time to cool down too much. However, it is not recommended to install windows at temperatures around -15°C or below.

Final Thoughts

Aluminum, wood, and plastic windows have a long service life. If the window manufacturer is reliable and the installation is carried out according to all the rules, you can forget about the need for replacement for the next 40–50 years. You can estimate the window replacement cost on the MyHomeQuote website to estimate the cost of replacing or installing windows.

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