Myths and Facts about Pour-in-Place Rubber

Myths and Facts about Pour-in-Place Rubber

Thanks to the advantages of rubber surfaces, more and more owners of residential buildings and businesses use them. This coating is anti-slip, waterproof, perfectly absorbs shocks and vibrations, does not deform under the influence of the environment, and is safe, environmentally friendly, durable, and economical. Learn more about the possibilities of bulk rubber surfaces by visiting the link

With so many modern pour rubber surfacing options now available at Safe Step, pour rubber surfacing is quickly taking its place on the list of most popular surfacing options. More and more hotels, luxury villas, and residential complexes are using rubber as a surface to create fantastic designs.

However, the general public is not aware of some aspects of today’s bulk rubber surfaces, which leads to some misunderstandings among the public. It is important to uncover the whole truth about these myths because you must know the truth about the functionality of modern rubber pouring surfaces.

Myth 1. Pour in Place Rubber is Not Durable

We indeed live in a DIY age where people post articles and videos on various topics. There are also several guides for installing rubber flooring. But the truth is that the rubber pouring surface is as durable as possible, because it does not deform under the influence of the environment, and during its long-term operation, it does not lose its properties and its visually attractive appearance.

The rubber pouring surface mainly consists of EPDM, TPV granules, and/or recycled rubber particles. Safe surface treatment combines this composition with a polyurethane binder. Pour directly into existing cracks or uneven surfaces. All this cannot be done without the help of a professional. Installing a bulk rubber surface is a complex process that requires a team of trained and certified Safe Step professionals. Please note that installation requires special equipment, such as T-angles and knives.

Myth 2. It’s Only Suitable for Playgrounds

Another myth: rubber surfaces are used only as surfaces for children’s playgrounds and do not provide additional aesthetic value. Bulk rubber surfaces offer a rare balance between functionality, safety, high performance, comfort, and aesthetics. Modern rubber materials come in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures. Therefore, if you want to have a luxurious, durable, and easy-to-maintain surface for your living space, choose a bulk rubber coating. This not only adds functionality to the room but also gives it a unique character. Safe Step offers a variety of shades that can be mixed and matched to create a designer surface that complements the overall interior design. Specialists have completed luxury floor covering projects for homes and other premises.

Myth 3. Pour in Place Rubber is Expensive

Rubber flooring may seem more expensive compared to other flooring materials such as PVC. But focus on the long-term benefits. The bulk rubber surface will withstand wear and tear. In addition, these surfaces are durable, they have very high properties such as durability, efficiency, comfort, aesthetic value, safety, and versatility. A bulk rubber surface may seem expensive at first, but it pays off in the long run.

Myth 4. It’s Not Environmentally Friendly

Rubber pouring surfaces contain toxic chemicals. Part of this belief comes from several newspaper articles linking hazardous elements in rubber to deadly diseases. However, toxic elements such as arsenic, benzene, nickel, and cadmium can be fatal in large quantities.

Only traces of these elements do not make the bulk rubber surface toxic and harmful. There was also concern about the toxic release of mercury from the rubber. However, these coatings were made of rubber that contained mercury (this type of rubber was introduced in the 1980s).

At Safe Step, we always test the bulk rubber surface and use the latest synthetic rubber surface options available that do not emit mercury vapor. Myth: Rubber surfaces can make your room smell like a tire repair shop. No doubt newly installed bulk rubber surfaces give off a distinct rubber smell.

The intensity of the smell depends on the raw materials used, the size of the room, and factors such as ventilation. When renewing the surface, the smell becomes stronger. But if you let it dry for a few days, the smell will disappear. Do not forget to periodically clean the floor with a mild cleaning solution. Bulk rubber surfaces are best for the garage.

Now let’s find out! Whether you use your garage to store your car or store another vehicle, poured rubber flooring is durable, efficient, and economical. However, it is not recommended to use rubber coating in car workshops. Bulk rubber surfaces will support the weight of your vehicle or trailer, but can chemically react with car tires, motor oil, and fuel, shortening the life of the coating.

In the United States, rubber surfaces are usually made from recombined rubber and bonded with a polyurethane adhesive. Chemicals released from your car’s engine can permanently damage your bulk rubber surface over time. Most rubber surface materials are a mixture of recycled and pre-retreaded tire materials. Tires that end up in landfills are known to be a big problem.

This has a negative impact not only on the environment but also on the state of the landfill itself. By choosing bulk rubber flooring for your space, you will reduce the amount of waste tires that end up in landfills and reduce your negative impact on the environment.

Myth 5. All Pour in Place Rubber Surfaces are Alike

This is a myth because everything depends on the selected surface model and place of use. Many rubber surfaces have a textured pattern (such as a relief pattern) to increase slip resistance where needed (bathrooms, swimming pools, high-moisture floors). However, if textured surfaces aren’t your thing, you can choose from a range of attractive poured rubber floors to give your space a luxurious look.


Bulk rubber surfaces are becoming more and more popular as people become more aware of their key benefits. However, there are many misconceptions about rubber flooring. This article aims to dispel these myths and help you make informed decisions when they arise.


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