Subtle Use of Color Can Be Inspired by Sports

How to Use Sports Themes to Stylishly Decorate Your Home

When it comes to decorating a home, it is fair to say that there will always be differences of opinion. Even families with remarkably similar interests will have different – and sometimes opposing – ideas of how a place should look. Style is a highly personal choice and we all think that we have the best ideas about how the building we spend most of our time in should be decorated and designed.

We have talked before about how it is important to consider everyone’s opinions, including the sports lovers in your life. If you are not as crazy about sports as some members of your family you may find it difficult to agree to allowing sports-themed interior design ideas to be considered. But there is a way to tastefully decorate a home and be inspired by sports.

Basketball hoops fixed to garages and even sports dens are all very well – and usually annexed from the rest of the house. But we are talking about designing rooms with sports in mind. There will be places to throw a football or check out the latest xbet betting markets. But with the following interior design and decoration ideas, we are thinking sports-inspired rather than sports room.


Some non-sports fans among you will probably not like this, but incorporating sports memorabilia into your interior design and decoration projects can really work well. We are not talking about hanging team flags and pennants around the place here but actual memorabilia that boasts its own very successful business sector.

Sports is a major part of many people’s identity and wanting to express that in the way a home is decorated has to be appreciated. These days there are numerous websites and auction houses that deal specifically with sports memorabilia – and this is a great way to incorporate sports into a home while still retaining a sense of style.

Framed jerseys are an obvious example of sports memorabilia that can really work well on walls, with signed baseballs and footballs also perfect for bookshelves and tables. The trick with this kind of sports memorabilia is to display it in a way that doesn’t scream team’s biggest fan but suggests that there are aesthetic reasons (as well as sporting affiliations) for their placement.

Sports Rooms

This is the other way of using sports as part of your interior design. Although this does make us guilty of relegating sports to its own sections of the house, rather than in more general design, there is a way that it can still be understated. In fact, we will go into this point in greater detail in a moment.Sports Room - Photos & Ideas | Houzz

If you are unhappy with the idea of allowing sports to be played in the house, you should be aware that every stately home in the UK would have had a billiards room for its guests to relax in, so having the same kind of thing where you live is not a way of downgrading your style.

You may want to think of parlor games instead of sports when it comes to what we mean here. A card table – for use or just for its stylish look – is the type of furniture we are thinking about here. Darts boards and pool tables can also work well in the right space. Just make sure that you are thinking about the look of the equipment as well as its function.

Team Colors

This sports interior design idea can be, admittedly, a little more problematic. A good way of introducing sports-inspired design into your home projects without going too full on is to use team colors. But the colors of some teams have to be extremely well thought out when it comes to style.

The Los Angeles Lakers are one of the most successful franchises in the history of sports and have millions of fans around the world. But a color combination of vivid yellow and purple is going to be difficult to subtly introduce into your home. Look to use aspects of the colors of your favorite teams in the details rather than block painting walls in your house.

You can also use team nicknames as an inspiration. So, instead of stenciling the Baltimore Ravens bird logo around the place, you can use raven and bird motifs to show your love for the team without being too over the top about it.

Sports-Inspired Design

It is relatively rare to see sports used in what is considered sophisticated design. But there are ways of incorporating sports-inspired designs into your home. There have been a number of examples of reputable interior design companies working to these parameters and the results have been very interesting.

Using athletics lanes as a design is one way that tables and walls can be transformed, while the block numbering that is found in sports arenas and stadiums can also be used on walls, resulting in a brutalist effect that some of you might like. Wooden floors can use basketball court designs, such as the world-famous parquet floor of the Boston Celtics, to nod to their sports inspiration without plastering logos and crests all over the place.

Incorporating numbers can help with a sports aesthetic


Hopefully, we have shown you that using sports as an inspiration for your interior design and decoration does not mean that you have given in to the fans in your home. You can still decorate in a stylish and fashionable way and still please everyone who lives with you.

Being understated is definitely the key here. The problem a lot of people have with sports is that it is too brash – especially for the design of your home. But some thinking outside the box and artistic flair can work for everyone.



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