How to Store Handbags/Purses in Your Home/Closet

How to Store Handbags/Purses in Your Home/Closet

Your purse is best worn around your arm. But you can only use one at a time, and the others need a place for safe-keeping while they wait. And as your handbag collection grows, you’re probably finding it harder to store them in your closet and keep them from stacking up on top of one another.

We’re going to explore four easy & unique ways to store your purses and handbags, effectively utilizing every inch of your home. From creatively reimagining closet spaces to fun purse racks, practical wall hooks, and under-the-bed hideaways, we’ve got you covered. Let’s free up some space in your closet (and your mind) – embark on this journey towards a more organized, stylish, and clutter-free lifestyle, where each purse gets the place it deserves.

4 Creative Ways to Store Your Purses & Handbags in Your Home


Every fashionista knows that a clean closet is a beautiful sight to see, even if it’s not always the case. But your purses shouldn’t be the reason for the clutter; there are plenty of places to organize your handbags in your closet. And once you free up some floor space for more pairs of shoes, you’ll have easy access to your purses and keep them from dust & damage.

The most common way to store purses is with purse hangers, which are just like clothes hangers for your handbags. If there’s any space left on the rod, you can hang several of your bags directly alongside your clothes. And as a side benefit, you’ll be able to quickly put together a color-coordinated outfit & accessory combination without having to search your entire closet space.

You may not have much vertical space left in your closet, so if you plan to hang bags, only hang your largest, sturdiest ones. Their durable construction will prevent them from tearing or ripping as they hang – though you should empty them to limit the amount of weight that needs supported.

If you have several smaller handbags, you should be able to stack them on the shelves. Most closets have top shelves that sit within 1-2 feet of the ceiling. This area is perfect for storing smaller purses because they’re lightweight (easy to grab) and out of the way. You can even stack them on top of each other if you need.

Other closets may have shelving a few feet below the rod, which rests just a few inches below your hanging clothes. Though many people leave this space unused to avoid wrinkling their clothes, there’s more than enough room for wallets, clutches, and fanny packs.

Even in the closet, you’ll need to protect them from dust, regularly cleaning them to ensure they last for several more seasons. Some handbag brands, like Latico Leathers, even send anti-dust bags along with your purse to protect it from extreme dust, heat, humidity, and direct sunlight.

Fun Purse Rack

Your purse collection is a work of art; it should be shown off accordingly. So if you want to show them off, or simply don’t have any other storage room, you need a purse rack. Not only will you add a touch of modern art to your bedroom or living space, but it will keep your handbags off the ground and away from dust & pets.

Purse racks come in a variety of shapes & sizes, and the one you’ll need will depend on the style & size of your collection. You could use something as simple as a standing coat rack, which provides multiple hooks and levels at a relatively low cost. But if you want something that truly stands out and complements your bags, there are plenty of purse racks available with fun, abstract designs.

If you’re as much of a perfectionist as we are, you’ll likely want to sort your bags. Whether it be by size, color, or season, it’ll save you time and elevate the room’s aesthetic. Should you sort by size, you’ll have a cascading flow of purses. Or if you wanted to arrange them by color, you could create a rainbow of handbags (we’ve all had that dream before).

A purse rack is a sensible storage solution, especially if your closet is overflowing with bags. The good news is, your purses will be safe & accessible on it, as long as you regularly dust & clean them.

Wall Hooks

No room for a purse rack? Surely, you have a bare wall that could use a touch of color. Enter wall hooks, a simplistic storage solution. They enable you to keep all of your bags without sacrificing any floor or closet space. Whether you opt for something as simple as 3M adhesive hooks, or hand-select a few hooks from your local home goods store, the opportunities are endless.

Within an hour, you can create a textured accent wall with your favorite handbags, without making a mess with paint. You can arrange them as simply or as complex as you want – from straight horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines to abstract grid shapes. And just like the purse rack, you can sort them by size, color, season, or even style. Imagine one row of each: chic clutches, casual totes, and functional crossbodies – what a dream. You’re the artist of this curated display; design it however you wish.

Generally, wall hooks are reserved for smaller, thinner bags, as they don’t take up much wall space or protrude out into the room. As such, you won’t need industrial-strength hooks just to hang a four to five-pound purse. But if you want to hang your heavier shoulder bags or backpack purses, you’ll need to use sturdier hooks that are anchored to the wall.

Make sure not to overcrowd the bags, especially since each of them will have varying strap lengths. Leave enough space between each bag to avoid scratches or color transfer. Also, rotate your bags regularly to ensure they retain their shape and stay in good condition.

Under the Bed

There aren’t any monsters under your bed, but there should be a handful of purses. By storing them under the bed, you’ll save plenty of closet & unused floor space. Though you may not want to throw your everyday bag underneath the bed, you can store your out-of-season and less worn purses without any hassle. When the seasons change, simply rotate them from under your bed to your closet, rack, or hooks, and vice versa.

But let’s be honest, the floor underneath your bed isn’t clean. So if you want your purses to last for years, you’ll need to also pick up a storage bin for them. There are plenty of under bed containers made for every size bed & bedroom style. You can choose from various lengths & materials (plastic, wood, fabric, etc.), and some of them even have organizational compartments within. Almost all of them come with a lid or top cover of some kind, so you won’t have to worry about dust or debris ruining their condition.

For out-of-season bags, organization isn’t as important. You can put away your beach bags for the winter and bring them back out when it warms up outside. But if you’re in a rush and need to quickly find a handbag for a special occasion, you don’t want to spend time rifling through 10+ purses.

Even though they’ll be packed in a dust-free container, there’s still some light maintenance required. You should regularly clean & dust them to maintain their appearance & preserve their longevity. It’s also important that you don’t overcrowd the bags – leave some space in between each to avoid wrinkling or damaging the other purses.

Ultimately, you’ll find the storage solution that works for you, your purses, and your space. Just keep in mind that the goal is to preserve & display the accessories that we couldn’t live without. From closet solutions to purse racks and wall hooks to underbed containers – keep your accessories organized and pristine, while also simplifying your daily routine.

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