How Durable Are Light Gray Couches

How Durable Are Light Gray Couches?

Gray has negative connotations. We all agree that a gray day, gray hair, the gray sky, and a gray person are not quite pleasant. Surprisingly, though, when it comes to a couch color, many interior designers advise the gray color, especially the lighter shade of gray. And why so? What makes light gray couches such a popular choice amongst experts and homeowners? And the most important question is – are these really made to last?

Most people love light gray couches because of their versatility. On the durability aspect, premium quality and well-made couches are definitely made to last. It is the materials that go into making these couches that count the most. However, for the color, light gray, to persist and pass as durable, you need to invest some time in the maintenance and upkeep of the light gray couches.

The first tip is, of course, to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to take care of the sofa material. And then, follow a few of these below.

1. Use Sofa Covers

Use Sofa Covers

Sofa covers are pretty common, and proud owners use the covers to safeguard the natural color of their sofa sets. With elastic bottoms, these covers help protect the lighter shades with fabulous results. Covers help avoid dust and debris accumulation directly on the couches. These can be washed and cleaned at home, making it an inexpensive maintenance option. And the best part is that you can buy a couple of these covers and keep changing whenever you get tired of the look.

2. Avoid Stains

Avoid Stains

One of the best ways to make your light gray couch strong and sturdy is to avoid having any eatables or beverages on the couch. This will prevent the possibility of staining the couch. Remember, any kind of spillage stain is not easy to clean. You will have to call a professional cleaner to remove the stains. Some people use fabric protector sprays to safeguard the light color.

3. Use Baking Soda

Use Baking Soda

In spite of your best efforts, if there are stains and spills on the couch, you can use the tried-and-tested method of using baking soda powder solution DIY to remove stains. This wet method works only when the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions permit using liquids. If not, this method will not work for your light gray couch. We suggest reading the instruction manual from the manufacturer thoroughly after buying and installing the couches in your living room.

You can also spray dry baking soda powder on the couch to remove any bad odor arising from pets or other beverage spills.

4. A Lint Roller

A Lint Roller

A lint remover is an ideal mate when you aim to keep your light gray couches clean and lint-free. The roller will help you remove human hair, pet hair, dust, fuzzies, dandruff, and more from the surface. A lint roller has adhesive paper stuck on plastic or cardboard on a spindle. The adhesive paper does the trick as you roll it down on any surface, gathering the unwanted grime.

5. Sun Exposure

Sun Exposure

Your light gray couches look stunning near large glass windows. But if the couches are kept at a place where there is too much sun, there are chances of the color fading further. Sunrays can do this, and after consistent exposure, you will realize that the light gray has lightened even further. To retain the color, you should keep the couches away from direct sunlight. You can also change the position of the couches during morning and evening to achieve the best look possible for the room.

Like in the picture, the spot with the sunlight is bound to fade with regular exposure.

6. Act on The Spot

Act on The Spot

Even with all care, if somewhere, a stain does appear on your light gray couch, you need to act fast. Get a damp white cloth, hot water, and a soap solution. If the stain seems to stick obstinately, you might need to use a vinegar and baking soda solution. This can be only a temporary solution, not in the long term. It is also not advisable for all types of sofas and fabrics. It is better to consult a professional stain-cleaning company because, often, DIY tricks can spoil the material beyond repair.


The neutral shade complements well with almost all kinds of color combos and undertones. With the warmer shades, it infuses a unique warmth into the place, and with cooler tones, light gray looks stunningly cool. It is easy to accessorize, and most of all, it is an absolute showstopper with the right color scheme.

All the tips for maintaining the light gray couches here help preserve the subtleness of the light gray neutral color with amazing results. All you need is a bit of time and a few dollars here and there to get the work done. Don’t forget to share more such easy-to-do DIY maintenance ideas for your light-colored couches in the comments below with our readers.

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