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Four Pro Tips for Packing & Protecting Glass or Other Fragile Items During

Moving somewhere new is a fun and exciting experience – you can adventure, decorate a new place, and discover new people, places, and things. Preparing for that relocation process is another story, and we often hear our friends and family members stressed out when they are getting ready to move. There are many things to get done, and there is not always an ample timeline for your household to complete everything. A significant and vital aspect of every move is packing.

Packing is not usually the most exhilarating part of relocating, but that is why searching for local movers in San Jose, CA, will give you peace of mind and comfort throughout the process. Everyone owns some items that are sentimental, fragile, and irreplaceable. With more delicate items, you must understand the general packing procedures that will give these items the best protection and continue that line of defense throughout transit, even if you are just headed across the street or a few miles away!

Make Sure You Have Reliable Packing Materials

The first thing you will need to sort out is the packing gear; once you have rummaged through your belongings and can separate what needs additional support, choosing the right boxes and materials will make a difference when protecting fragile and sentimental items. There are boxes with extra packing materials in the lining, like dish packs meant for glassware, dishes, and other items deemed easily breakable. You can also complete custom packing and crating when dealing with large, fragile artwork, light fixtures, etc. The boxes you choose as packing supplies should always be secure. You don’t want to pick something left with a ton of empty space, but you do not want to fill things to the brim. Just go with a box that you can secure quickly and is fully sealed to avoid anything falling out during transport.

Wrap It Up

Adding additional protection, padding, and wrapping on the internal side of your moving boxes will provide extra support during the relocation process. When dealing with things like glass or dishes, wrapping them up properly will help you avoid locating damage on the other side of your move. You can use things like tissue paper, professional packing paper, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and even utilize things you already have lying around your house. Many clients choose to use clothing items and blankets as an extra layer and lining up for their fragile belongings; getting creative and reusing things you already have will save you time and money!

Don’t Place Heavy Items on Top

This may go without saying, but even when relocating locally, a box filled with breakable objects cannot bear too much weight; if possible, it should always be placed at the top of the stack. Putting any heavy item towards the top of the box and then sealing it could be a total wrecking ball situation within the box. Also, if you instead stack heavier boxes on top of the fragile box, it could end up caving in on the fragile items and causing unnecessary damage that otherwise could have easily been avoided. When you are transporting any kind of breakable dishware, glass items, etc., you will always want to ensure that that is the last box placed on the stack when loading into the moving truck. Luckily, when you have moving experts assisting throughout the move, they will know precisely how to handle more fragile items and how to transport them safely to your delivery location!

Ask Moving Professionals for Help

When you prepare to move locally, there are still many precautions you will need to take and much preparation to be completed before the big day arrives. Instead of allowing the details of your move to stress you out, just commit to a bit of research in locating reliable movers to assist you on your move date. Having a local moving company in the Bay Area allows you peace of mind and makes packing and moving convenient! Relocating fragile items from house to house can be difficult when you don’t know exactly how to manage the process, and while these tips can help guide you, there is nothing like having a crew of professionals to rely on.

Pink Elephants on the Move in San Jose, CA, is committed to providing clients with safe, secure, and easily accessible moving services. Pink Elephant moving experts will provide a free moving quote for your local moving needs, and they can quickly review your packing circumstances to be adequately prepared with professional supplies on your moving day. When you are getting ready to head somewhere new, chances are you have plenty of other things to worry about besides your dishes and glassware. Having a local moving company on your side gives you the flexibility to figure out the details of your life, get excited about your new place, and everything in store for you and your family soon!

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