Des: Luxury apartments in Miami-Dade. Real estate in Florida. Property in Bay Harbor Islands.

Des: Luxury apartments in Miami-Dade. Real estate in Florida. Property in Bay Harbor Islands.

Luxury apartments in Miami-Dade

Luxury apartments in Miami-Dade are not just foreign real estate, but a whole way of life. The ocean, sunny beaches, palm trees, trendy designer shops, gourmet restaurants, fashionable nightclubs, exhibitions, and fashion shows. The resort of south Florida has a special atmosphere; to feel it, it is enough to buy new apartments in Miami-Dade. The sale of real estate in America is carried out without any restrictions, so everyone can buy it (regardless of their country of residence).

Real estate in Florida

Apartments in Miami are an excellent investment object with the prospect of a stable income. Judge for yourself.

First, the “magic city” is one of the most glamorous places in the world. People who want to relax and have a good time with their friends constantly come here. After all, there is everything you need for a vibrant, active life all year round. Accordingly, you can rent an apartment in Miami and make a profit. There will never be a release from tourists here, and you can be sure of this.

Second, since 2001, another round of the construction boom began in Miami. During this short period of time, more than 100 skyscrapers were built, and each of them was 120 meters high and above. In a word, there are plenty of real estate objects here. However, there are even more people who want to buy them. And this can be used.

Of course, this city’s housing cost can hardly be called low. But in the future, the price will rise even more. Therefore, having bought luxury apartments in Miami, in a few years, you will be able to sell them for much more.

Finally, how good it is to buy a home just for yourself. If you often come to the US for business or family vacations, an apartment in Miami will not hurt you.

Real Estate in Bay Harbor Islands

Bay Harbor Islands is a fairly small area of the cozy city of Miami. The municipality of Bay Harbor Islands is the nearest resort suburban area of Miami Beach, located to the north on two man-made islands in Biscayne Bay. The East and West Islands of Bay Harbor were built during the dredging of sea navigation channels in the northern part of the Bay Harbor. Initially, these islands were mangrove sandbars, almost completely flooded during sea tides.

The ocean surrounds the area, the waves gently caressing three shores, and land adjoins from the fourth. We recommend hurrying to buy a house in Bay Harbor Islands. You will be relatively close to the ocean’s waters wherever you choose to live. This provides a fresh breeze, which makes you feel comfortable even in the hottest period.

The advantage of buying real estate and comfortable living on the Bay Harbor Islands, surrounded by picturesque seascapes, is the convenient transport accessibility of its residents to international airports, two of the world’s largest cruise ports, land transport complexes, as well as social, shopping and entertainment centers of Greater Miami.

It is also necessary to mention the territorial isolation and special comfort of the island living environment, separated by sea channels from the most crowded and noisy areas of Greater Miami. It is no coincidence that South Florida’s regional luxury real estate developers consider these islands to be the most promising location in Miami Beach to develop new luxury resort residential complexes.

A rich infrastructure will brighten up leisure. These include fashion boutiques, upscale restaurants, and entertainment complexes. The price of objects varies in a wide range. However, it is worth noting that only a wealthy person can buy a house in Bay Harbor Islands. Therefore, it is not surprising that real estate in this area of Miami attracts famous and wealthy people.

What attracts living in Florida? Only here you can feel like you are in paradise. And it’s not just the amazing nature. Bay Harbor Islands has everything for a comfortable stay:

  • comfortable housing;
  • ideal roads;
  • a pleasant climate;
  • developed infrastructure.

And in the neighborhood, there may be very famous people. And they don’t need to be homeowners. Many simply rent property to escape obsessive fans. The most popular gathering place is Bay Harbor Shops

Do you want a house in Bay Harbor Islands?

Real estate service Florida.Realestate is considered a reliable company that helps the foreigners find a common language with homeowners in Miami. Specialists will provide support in the preparation of documents, as well as answer all questions. They will select the best options that will fully satisfy your needs. The peculiarity of the American real estate database is that it is the same throughout the country. Therefore, there is no need to look for “delicious” objects hidden from prying eyes – the key lies in the right choice of an experienced broker. They will help you buy your dream home in Miami.

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