Can I install an evaporative cooler myself?

Can I Install an Evaporative Cooler Myself?

Hey there! As the days get hotter, you might be asking yourself if you can instal an evaporative cooler on your own. Just because that YouTube tutorial makes it look easy, don’t be fooled.

Here’s everything you need to know about evaporative coolers and why it needs professional installation:

What are Evaporative Coolers?

Installing evaporative cooler offers more than just a cost-effective alternative to traditional air conditioners. They deliver fresh, filtered air to your spaces while being friendly to the environment and your wallet. These systems are ideal, particularly in hot and dry Australian locales, as they cool through the natural process of evaporation. Before you start pondering over installing an evaporative cooler yourself, there’s plenty to consider.

A Long-term Investment

Your typical evaporative cooler might be less pricey than your ducted air conditioning counterpart. However, the true cost comes in more than just dollars. Alongside the initial price tag, you’ve got to factor in ongoing expenses such as maintenance and repairs, not forgetting the running costs.

Going the DIY Route?

Now, regarding the actual nitty-gritty of getting the cooler operational, is it possible to do it yourself?

The Skill Set

If you’re thinking about putting on the work gloves, toolbox in hand and YouTube tutorial ready, stop right there! While it might seem like a bit of fun to try and give it a crack yourself, installing an evaporative cooler requires a cross-set of specialised skills ranging from plumbing to electrical wiring.

The Safety Factor

Heads Up! Working with power tools, electrical cables, and heights can be fraught with risks, particularly if your background ain’t in handiwork. Add to this the potential of damaging your new cooler or worse, creating a fault that might lead to a fire hazard or water damage in your home.

The Professionals: Your Best Bet

Given the risks and technical skills involved, we reckon getting the professionals to do the job is a more dinkum idea. Engaging a professional service like Aircon Repair Near Me guarantees that your cooler will be installed properly, safely, and by regulatory codes.

Why Go Pro?

Here are even more reasons to hire a professional for your evaporative cooler installation:

Expert Guidance

Getting a professional to instal your cooler means you can benefit from expert advice right from choosing the best evaporative cooling system to fit your home and budget, to understanding how to operate and maintain the unit for maximum efficiency.

Peace on the Warranty Front

Let’s not forget the warranty aspect. By having your unit professionally installed, you’re making sure that your warranty stays intact. Remember, most manufacturers require proof of professional installation for a warranty claim.

Tips for Maintaining Your Evaporative Cooler

Once your evaporative cooler is professionally installed, proper upkeep protects its efficient operation and longevity. Although it’s handy to have professional services for periodic maintenance checks, following the tips below can help save time, money, and most importantly, keep your home comfortably cool.

Change the Cooling Pads

The cooling pads in your evaporative cooler should typically be changed once a season due to potential mineral blockages from evaporated water. However, if you have hard water, changing them more often may be required. Wear gloves during this process due to mineral deposits that may have built up.

Clean the Water Tank and Filter

Regular water tank cleaning prevents mineral build-up, while clean filters guarantee that you enjoy fresh, filtered air. Periodically drain, clean, and refill the water tank for peak cooler performance.

Lubricating Moving Parts

Lubricating the cooler’s motor and bearing parts prevents overheating and jamming, providing smooth operation. Use the lubricant recommended by the manufacturer.

Use Fresh Water

The performance and output air quality of your cooler can be enhanced by regularly draining old water and replacing it with fresh water. Avoid water with high mineral content to prevent deposits that could affect efficiency.

Maintain Proper Water Level

Providing the correct water level helps efficient cooling – there should be enough to moisten the cooling pads but not so much that it overflows. Check your cooler’s automatic fill mechanism is working correctly, as this will help maintain the appropriate water levels.

Winterize Your Cooler

During colder months, protect your cooler by draining the water tank, letting it dry, and using a cover to protect it from dust and harsh weather.

Schedule Professional Maintenance

Even with diligent DIY maintenance, professional check-ups at least once or twice a year are beneficial. A professional can spot potential issues that may have been missed and make sure that your evaporative cooler is running at peak efficiency.

Summing it Up: The True Blue Route to Cooling

While installing an evaporative cooler might seem like an alluring DIY project, the risks and effort far outweigh the potential savings. Having your unit installed by a professional not only safeguards your home and your peace of mind but also optimises your cooler’s performance, making sure you can chill with a cold one without breaking a sweat.

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