Alternative Home Decoration Styles that May Appeal to a Modern Crowd

Alternative Home Decoration Styles that May Appeal to a Modern Crowd

Home decoration can be fun. If every member of the household is into it, mixing things up and changing up the style of your home is a wonderful thing. However, often, people go into home décor without a vision. The reason for that is because they are tired of the bland, monotonous “modernism.” People want something new.

That is why we are here. In this article, we are taking a look at alternative styles of home decoration, that may appeal to a younger, more modern crowd. While there is nothing wrong with the slick, grey of modern home décor, we are trying to look for alternatives for folks who are not interested in minimalism.

The Lucky Casino

The gambling industry is making a big comeback. Both land-based and online casinos are generating billions. In part, we have BTC casinos to thank for this. They’ve breathed new life into the industry, and attracted a whole host of people that previously might have had little-to-no interest in gambling.

With the gambling industry on the rise, it isn’t a surprise to find that casinos are now a pretty hot “theme.” That is right, plenty of people are decorating their homes to capture a “casino aesthetic.” That might trouble some people, as casinos have traditionally had a very macho, manly aesthetic.

However, in the 21st century, women are much more likely to visit a casino, whether alone or as a group. Indeed, plenty of land-based establishments to their best now to appeal to women. The red and green colors have been replaced with warm, calming shades of yellow or white. The scantily-clad waitresses are now dressed in proper suit attire. The whiskey bar has been replaced with a cocktail bar.

All of these sound like pretty great ideas for home décor. Warm yellows and white walls should really open up the space. A cocktail bar is a great addition for when guest come around, or for when you want to have a fun night with your significant other. A lot of crystals and glass will also really bring in that casino feeling together.

Decorations should involve things that we commonly associate with casinos. Cards, roulette tables, black and red decors to signify the card suits and roulette fields. Ultimately, the style is just open enough to let you inject a piece of your personality, while simultaneously maintaining a “casino vibe.”

The Modern Gothic

With the release of “Wednesday” and similar goth-style TV shows and films, the “gothic” aesthetic is really making a comeback. Black and white have always paired well over the years, but why not try to flip that concept on its head.

Whereas most people would have white walls with black furniture, why not try the opposite. Black walls, white furniture, with decorations that some might find a little too macabre. Skull-shaped lanterns, bizarre looking lamps, stone tables, and even an old-gothic fireplace would all do well to create a “haunted house” vibe.

The space would also greatly benefit from paintings and portraits done in that classic, baroque style. Get a portrait of you or your significant other, that makes it look like you’ve been around since the 1600s, like proper gothic vampires.

If the gothic style gets a little too dark, you can brighten it up with pets. A black Labrador Retriever or a Doberman would fit great, if you have a yard. For inside dogs, we recommend smaller breeds like a Pinscher or a Chihuahua.

If you aren’t a dog person, a black cat would be a perfect addition to the household. And if you want more exotic animals, a snake or a spider could complement the style well. However, remember that getting a pet is a big responsibility. Only do this if you are certain that you want one.


Recently, a lot of people have been speaking about “minimalism.” Indeed, Scandinavian minimalism is the hot new trend in home decoration. Everybody wants their homes to be as open and uncluttered as possible. To the point that a counter-movement has formed, fighting against the encroachment of minimalism in pop culture.

The so-called maximalists argue in favor of overdesigning and art for art’s sake. The movement is so popular, that it has reached the home decoration world. Rather than making sure that your room is as open and as empty as possible, maximalists argue that “organized chaos” would make it feel more like a home.

The keyword here is “organized chaos.” Nobody wants a cluttered, filthy apartment or house. The furniture, placed seemingly at random, always has a purpose. While decorations may seem to be “thrown in,” they are carefully planted to give the room a “chaotic” appearance.

Granted, achieving these tasks may be hard. In fact, you may need to consult a professional interior designer to get the best out of the maximalist style. However, if you manage to pull it off, then your house will truly feel like a home. Or at least a chaotic piece of modern art. Whichever, you prefer.

The Cinema-Lovers Paradise

Finally, we would like to discuss a style that may be unorthodox. Thanks to apps like Letterboxd and streaming sites like Netflix, younger generations are re-discovering and falling in love with older films. The trend has led to a lot more movie buffs coming out of the woodworks.

For our final style, we would like to recommend something that cinema enjoyers will love. A home made to resemble the movie theater. You will want a lot of red. Red furniture to capture the feel of the movie theater, with grey or white walls.

A big flat screen television would be amazing, especially if it is complemented by a surround-sound system. However, if you truly want the cinematic experience, a projector pointed at a white empty wall would be your best bet.

Round that off with a popcorn machine in one of the corners, so you always have a batch of freshly-made kernels. Finally, rows of shelves filled with your favorite films n Blu-Ray. Round it off with movie posters strewn across the walls, and you will truly have a house you can call a movie buff’s home.

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