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So, Friday links are going up on Sunday.  No big deal, right?!  I posted about an Instagram giveaway I'm doing last week here.  Thanks so much for those of you that jumped on board, it's so fun to see your culinary adventures.  Thought I'd share some of what's up for grabs (I'm still shopping, hoping to pick up a few one of a kind vintage items to add to the mix).  But for now, the winner will receive my favorite julienne peeler, Gwyneth Paltow's "It's All Good", the world's BEST garlic press (you have no idea what kind of awesome to expect if you haven't used on of these!), some of my favorite superfoods (1,2,3), and some chopsticks to make all of your noodle adventures that much more fun!  Ok, head over here for a refresher on how to win, and click through to see what I've rounded up for you on this fine weekend.  xx- Sarah

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I'm so happy to see the amazing response to the Pressed Juicery giveaway.  Every time I email a giveaway winner to let them know they've won I feel like Santa Claus, it's the BEST!  So I've decided to do my own giveaway- I think this is going to be so fun!  This giveaway will run entirely on Instagram, from today until November 8th.  To win: post a photo on Instagram of a recipe from or inspired by A House in the Hills and tag me (@sarahyates ).  Lastly, hashtag it #ahouseinthehills . It's that simple, easy peasy!  

The winner will be announced on November 11th and will receive a selection of my MOST FAVORITE KITCHEN GOODIES.  I'll show the final package before it goes out, but in the meantime just know it will probably include this and this and this, among a carefully curated selection of other things I think are bomb.  I'll spend the next month hunting down the perfect things to go in the winner's care package.  FUN! This giveaway is open to all of my readers- if you have a mailing address I can ship a package to, you're in.  Worldwide.  YES!! I'm so excited for this!  I love seeing your culinary adventures on Instagram, I love giveaways, I love gift giving, I love love love the idea of having an Instagram community of healthy eaters!  I AM BIG TIME INTO THIS!!!!!  I hope you are too.  Have a great weekend friends!  xx- Sarah {links for your weekend entertainment after the jump}

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