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The Anatomy Of A Perfect Minimalist Wallet

Compact wallets come in many diverse forms and kinds. Speaking of the purpose of the wallet, These wallets are more statement style than they are wallets. And for the traditional wallet, there’s nothing stylish about a bulge in your back/front pocket or a wallet that mandates you to use a large purse.

Making that a major reason people particularly ignore most of the bulgy wallets for sale and prefer minimalist wallets.

Minimalist wallets occupy very little space in your pocket. They have no excess room yet they can contain all your daily essentials. Shuffle minimalist wallets are capable of holding ALL the items you need for the day, despite their tinier size and form.

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Minimalism is the concept that you keep as nominal as you need, with no extra stuff. It’s also a technique that looks smart, with immaculate lines and captivating architecture.

You have probably tried getting a wallet for yourself and ended up getting confused because you are not sure which one is best for your needs.

Read on to learn more about the features that make a good minimalist wallet.

Features of a Good Minimalist Wallet

Features of a Good Minimalist Wallet

Many wallet brands say that their wallets are minimalistic. Some are, but oftentimes it’s not enough. You need a specific one that fits your demands.

Here are the features that make a good minimalist wallet.

Size; Front Pocket Ready

Doctors firmly advise against putting your wallet in the back pocket of your pants. This is because, when you continuously sit in it, it can push your backbone out of the structure causing stress to your sciatic nerve. This condition is common for bulgy wallet users and it’s called Fat Wallet Syndrome.

Also keeping a big wallet in your front pocket makes an unappealing bulge in men and doesn’t even suit women’s pants. The first thing to check is if the wallet comfortably fits in your front pocket with very little bulge or not.

Shape and Mobility

Another important thing to look for after size is its shape and mobility. A good minimalist wallet must be able to go anywhere with you. Check if it’s not stiff, too big or small, and if it has the important functions of a good minimalist wallet. It has to be portable in your pocket so much that it feels gentle and relaxing all the time.

Room for Your Cards and Cash

Know that a card clip is minimalist, but it’s not a wallet. You can’t arrange your cash and cards with a clip. Slim wallets are carefully produced to hold as many as 4, 6, or more cards, as well as money or maybe a pen, without filling up the space in your pocket.

Safety Features

Shuffle minimalist wallets are made with a non-slip grip so that you don’t lose your cards or they don’t fall out of your wallet when you’re holding them.

It’s easy to lose things when you have very little stuff at your disposal. It’s one of the reasons that minimalist wallets come with these features for protection against theft or dropping off your pocket.

Safety Features

Any good minimalist wallet should still have all these same features:

  • RFID Blocking Technology – RFID blocking protects you against online theft, irrespective of the size of your wallet, so you must get a wallet that has the RFID blocking technology.
  • Durable Leather/Nylon – A wallet that gets spoiled within a few years is not a good minimalist wallet. A good wallet lasts for over a decade with an expectation to last you for decades.
  • Captivating Design – A Minimalist wallet also has to be fashionable and smart. It’s not okay to be embarrassed by your wallet because of an unappealing design. Minimalist wallets are meant to represent a style that places it at the top and elite position in the wallet world.
  • For travelers, a wallet with a tracker can also be a resource. This allows you to connect your phone to the tracker, for you to see the updates on the location of your wallet depending on your phone setting.


It’s no secret that almost everyone wants their items to be useful, particularly their wallets. No matter what you do, your daily routine; how your day will go, or your location, getting a quality wallet is a reasonable investment. Remember that it holds only your important items like cash, cards, receipts licenses, and keys.

Again, a wallet can hold loads of your valuables so pick wisely. Remember the features to consider; the quality, material, size, craftsmanship, and added features so that you can comfortably enjoy using it. Also, there’s no particularly flawless wallet. make sure that the one you’ll buy satisfies your needs and your budget.

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