How to Find Someone's Current Address

How to Find Someone’s Current Address

What if we told you that these days it doesn’t take much effort and time to discover where someone lives? It is in fact true, all thanks to the digitalization of data and the emergence of new sources that give access to this data, sometimes even for free.

Let’s say you want to reach out to a long-lost relative or school friend or you simply want to visit someone but don’t know where they live. You may also need to send someone a letter or a party invitation but there’s a small setback: you don’t know their address.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the actionable methods to locate anyone’s address information.

7 Ways to Find Out Where Someone Lives

Turn to a People Search Engine

One of the easiest and most effective ways to learn where someone lives is to use a specialized people search platform. These platforms concentrate on collecting data from public sources and placing it in one place. This information usually includes a person’s professional and personal details such as age, profession, phone numbers, email addresses, criminal records, judgments, and regular addresses.

To find the necessary information, you just need a person’s full name. In some cases, finding someone’s address is possible with a phone number or an email address.

Type in the information you have on Nuwber and hit enter. After this, you’ll find the person in question’s address or other details you may find useful for your search.

Search on Google

Another simple method that doesn’t require much effort and time is to search on Google or any other search engine. Google in particular crawls billions of pages each day, including social media platforms, news platforms, blogs, personal pages, websites of companies and businesses, discussion forums, and other resources.

So, if the person whose address you’re looking for has shared their address on social media and if their social media page has been indexed by Google, you’ll be able to find the necessary information with a simple Google search.

It could also be that your friend’s address has been mentioned on a discussion forum or a news portal and now it’s out there on the web.

We could make a lot of assumptions, but you’ll only find what’s right when you search yourself.

Go Through Your Old Correspondence

If you’ve ever exchanged letters or received any packages or documents from the person in question, it would be worthwhile to find them and check the source address. Not one hundred percent effective, yet an actionable way to give a try if you’re really desperate for someone’s address.

Check your cupboards or attic for any packages or dusty letters to find the address you’re looking for.

Go to the Person’s Business Website or Social Media Page

Depending on the reason why you need someone’s address, it’s worth visiting their business website or social media account. If the reason is professional, then going through professional directories might give you the results you need.

For personal reasons, find the person’s account on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter (now X), or Facebook and carefully examine it for an address reveal. Even small hints like a background or a street sign could give away the information you require.

Not a really accurate method, as the information on a business site or social media may be outdated in some cases, but definitely worth a try.

Contact Their Friends or Relatives

Do you know that person’s friends, mom, dad, sister, brother, or stepmother? If so, reach out to them to ask for the address information.

They may or may not reveal it to you, and you’ll only know once you try. Explain the situation and why you need the person’s address and be as polite as possible.

However, make sure not to invade people’s privacy, even if you need an address immediately. Take things slowly by calling or messaging and starting a conversation with a nice tone to prove that you are serious in your search.

Send a Forwarding Address Request

If you have a person’s old address, you can try sending a letter to that address with “Address Service Requested” on the envelope. The postal service may forward your request to the new address if possible or even send you this address if the person has filed a change of address.

This method isn’t fast and doesn’t guarantee any results, yet it’s worth a try, especially if all the other methods haven’t brought anything.

Check Their Library Membership

Did your friend or relative love books and was visiting the library back in the day when you were in touch? It could mean that there’s somewhere their library membership that has their address on it. If you’re lucky, the address is current.

Libraries often require address verification and might have updated information, so if the person whose address you’re searching for has a thing for books or used to before, go to the local library and try to find out what’s possible.

Let’s Sum Up

We live in an age where information isn’t hidden under many layers of papers and files anymore. Almost all data is now digitalized or originally mentioned in online sources such as social media or websites.

Sometimes a few clicks are enough to learn where your relative or friend lives, and even if sometimes it takes more time than expected, some situations are worth the hustle.

So, how to locate someone’s current address? People search websites, search engines, old correspondence, business websites, and social media accounts are some effective resources worth checking for that information.

Sending a forwarding address request, asking the person’s relatives or friends, or even going to the local library could also pay off.

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