Designing Personalised Rewards for GamStop Members

Designing Personalised Rewards for GamStop Members

Personalising the casino rewards became a new forecast on the gambling market.

Now almost universal everywhere, reward programs tend to consider the personal preferences of the player. See how it works for GamStop members and what are ways to craft such rewards.

Whether a player is a GamStop member or a user allowed to use casinos, reward systems can make changes in their experiences.

There already are some no deposit bonuses not on GamStop for gamblers who officially cannot enjoy casino games because of self-exclusion.

However, the current goal of the online casino industry is to personalise promotions for each player. It includes personal preferences, tastes in games and community activities.

And for self-excluded gamblers, it is a way to craft a healthy environment for online gambling. What can help in such an initiative is modern technologies and social listening.

Designing Rewards to Enhance User Experience

Designing Rewards to Enhance User Experience

Personalised rewards are obviously more satisfying. They cater to a player’s preference and allow them to choose which bonus to receive. It will also help GamStop members to play with awareness without using bonuses and their money unconsciously.

Understanding GamStop Member Profiles

The first thing a casino should do is to analyse GamStop player’s behaviour. There are several factors to consider:

  1. Spending habits: The amount of money a user spends is a significant signal. Also, it includes time or the day and portions in which money is spent.
  2. Preferred games: Usually, each gambler has a preferred game genre or even titles. The idea is to give slot fans free spins, and reward table game amateurs with cashback and loyalty programs.
  3. Game frequency: Some bonuses expire in several days. Giving them to a player who enters the casino once a week or month is senseless.

Each player should receive a bonus that they will actually use. It is not only a way to enhance experience. For a casino, it is a strategy to cut off expenses.

Implementing Personalisation Algorithms

Modern tools allow us to gather way more info than before. Currently, the available technologies are:

  1. Big data analysis: These tools were developed to receive statistical information. They gather all the players’ data to see the overall tendencies.
  2. Data analysis platforms: Casinos often use BizAcuri and other analytical tools to craft the statistics and a picture of separate users’ habits.
  3. AI: Modern AI can not only gather info, but create new ideas based on it.

Finally, cookie gathering is still a thing. The only difference is that a player should allow a site to use them. To convince a player, the casino should clearly explain how and why a platform gathers it.

Crafting Incentives for Responsible Gambling

Crafting Incentives for Responsible Gambling

Another feature to consider is responsible gaming, especially for GamStop players. Casinos that are not blocked by GamStop scheme provide internal self-exclusion tools, but vulnerable players need more responsible gambling measures.

It implies the ethical aspect of designing rewards. The casino must follow the norms of responsibility to craft interesting yet not abusive offerings.

Gamification Elements in Personalised Rewards

The main idea is to engage the user in gaining rewards. It includes several ideas:

  1. Feedback: The casinos should implement personal feedback in users’ actions.
  2. Leaderboards: The lists of the best players motivate customers.
  3. Points: One of the ways to implement gamification is points. The best practice is to implement visual tokens that can be exchanged for rewards by a user.
  4. Challenges: The idea is to offer tasks for players, completing which they receive bonuses.

The key point is to engage a user in the process of receiving rewards.

Case Studies: Successful Implementation of Personalised Rewards

The most obvious practice, already used in online casinos, is Bonus Shops. There, the users can exchange the game points for certain rewards. The idea is that bonuses are not universal. By entering the shop, a player can choose what to buy individually.

The points can be received for active play, deposits, tournament participating, and so on. In such a manner, the player feels the real value of the bonus and makes a conscious decision on whether to use it.

Overcoming Challenges in Personalised Reward Design

Overcoming Challenges in Personalised Reward Design

The possible challenge for personalised rewards is data gathering. More and more users cater to platforms that provide anonymous usage. Also, no-KYC policies in casinos are a new trend.

As for automatic data gathering, both iOS and Android systems now allow users to set them. Each application and website must ask users about collecting their information.

With such a thing, automatic data gathering will be impossible. A possible solution is a fair approach – surveys and personal offerings for a player to set the reward program.

Another challenge is to combine responsible gaming and rewards. For this, the system must be limited and promote rewards for responsible behaviours as well.

The Future of Personalised Rewards in Online Gambling

The Future of Personalised Rewards in Online Gambling

What will happen next? The general idea is that personalised rewards programs will develop with the help of technology. Here is how it works:

  • Modern analytical tools will help to analyse each user’s habits individually.
  • AI will help in crafting ideas and programs based on the given information.
  • The newsletter campaigns and social media messaging will help to introduce bonuses to each user individually.

The general trend here is enhanced communication with a user. AI chatbots, social media tools, and a modern approach to data gathering will help to understand each GamStop player better.


Personalised rewards are a clear way to enhance user experiences in online casinos.

With such a technology, each player can choose bonuses suitable to their taste and avoid promotions that won’t be used. It is also a way to enhance the game’s quality and responsibility.

Gamblers will be able to focus on their favourite games and not spread over various offers. Finally, GamStop members can access casinos with fewer risks of gambling addiction.

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