Best Things To Do On A Rainy Day In The UK

Best Things To Do On A Rainy Day In The UK

I recently went on a trip to lovely England and believe it or not, it rained, because why wouldn’t it? The UK is notorious for rain and I did the smart thing and waited to book my trip for when it was summertime over there in hopes I would miss the rain and catch the humid sun. Although this did work for a few days, most of my trip was a cold and wet affair but I still had the absolute best time there and can’t wait to do it again.

I visited a city called Manchester and stayed there for 2 weeks while seeing different things and mingling with the people of this wonderful city. Some of the things I learnt quickly before we get into the main topic are: English people love drinking and can do it shockingly well and Manchester is built for fun times with rain.

Visiting The “Pub”

Visiting The "Pub"

As I slightly mentioned, the pub is a big thing in the UK and on the first night of the heavy rain that surrounded us for the first time, we decided to go to the pub near us and try to make some friends who can teach us about the Manchester lifestyle. After asking a few University students where is good to drink, we finally found a group who were our age and willing to help.

After asking the basic questions we started to become friends and we had some drinks and quickly we were having the best time together. After a few drinks one of the guys got his phone out and started showing us some independent UK online casinos which became a heavy theme over the next few days as when we were stuck inside we would play casino games that we don’t get over here and I had a blast every time.

The Museums

The Museums

One of the things my very drunk friend suggested to me was visiting the museums that Manchester has. My first trip to see what Manchester had to offer was a stunning art gallery that has apparently been around for two hundred years, which makes it an art piece in itself. It holds just over forty thousand pieces of art and has really changed how I view art. One of the more surprising and best things about this is that it is completely free, which means if you go out afterwards it is a cheaper day overall.

As well as this we went to the National Football (Soccer) museum and this was the most English I felt while I was there because they really show you a load of iconic things that have happened during football’s rise to the top of sport. In a slight negative for this museum, you do have to pay, with the max being £13. If you do want a free day out to a museum, you could always go to the Science and Industry Museum or the Manchester Museum, both of which are free and very enjoyable. They also both keep you warm which is a massive positive.

Blues Kitchen

This is the best thing I did while I was over there and it does involve a bar but no drinking! Blues Kitchen is a relatively new pub that serves great food, specifically their chicken wings, as well as live music, which is why I went. We went to Blues Kitchen and got some fantastic Chicken wings that I devoured and listened to an orchestra play Radiohead songs – it changed my life. The bar in general was just lovely and very aesthetic but most importantly, it kept me warm and dry while playing lovely music that made the whole trip worth it

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