Architectural Sunglasses to Add Structure Into Your Wardrobe

Architectural Sunglasses to Add Structure Into Your Wardrobe

Glass has long been a versatile material, both for the home and in fashion. In interior design, glass bending helps enhance spatial dynamics or create visual impact, marrying function and flair. The same applies to sunglasses; these accessories do more than just offer UV protection; they elevate the fashion experience through versatile design.

Though it’s easy to find a pair of simple shades with round or square shapes, architectural sunglasses can be a fun way to amp up your style. These structured sunnies utilize detailed craftsmanship and unique shapes to offer a bold and refined look.

And with 2010s fashion slowly making a comeback, these statement pieces are perfect for a trendy look. Here are some architectural sunglasses that can inspire your eyewear game and elevate your wardrobe:

Ray-Ban Bill

Ray-Ban Bill

Credit: @thisisneonwave on Instagram]

Ray-Ban has been an eyewear powerhouse for decades, offering classic and timeless styles that transcend the trend cycle. Most know the brand for the Wayfarer and Aviator models, but it also offers unique and geometric women’s sunglasses with architectural details that can add a fun touch to your wardrobe.

The Bill frames offer a bold take on the Aviator style, featuring a double bridge and a thicker frame that creates a dynamic shape. Initially launched in 1985, it captures the fun and funky sensibilities of the era, which still translates incredibly well to today’s trends.

Ray-Ban is also known for its pursuit of innovation and craftsmanship, and the Bill model is no exception to the brand’s visionary design. Other Ray-Ban models like the State Street and the Square 1971 Classic can also add structure and sophistication to your look.

DITA Kamin

DITA Kamin

Credit: @studiooptikaoculto on Instagram]

DITA was established in 1995 and has become a bold and disruptive brand in the eyewear industry with its revolutionary and luxurious designs. Many of their sunglasses feature sharp shapes and dramatic angles that can instantly elevate the simplest of looks. The Kamin frames from the brand’s spring/summer 2023 collection showcase the line’s pursuit of geometric simplicity. The oversized shape and cat-eye-like design give it an intense and structured look with a touch of glam. The frames also utilize negative lens space to create a powerful visual impact that catches the eye and turns heads. The other shades in the collection—the Grand-Emperik and Subdrop—are equally as daring and edgy.

Kaleos Piaf

Kaleos Piaf

Credit: on Instagram

Kaleos is the epitome of over-the-top luxury with its extensive range of striking sunglasses.

The Spanish eyewear brand offers a new spin on Mediterranean aesthetics, touching on the dazzling city life rather than the typical dreamy concept of sun and sea. The brand also works with architecture and design as a base, which allows it to expand into the eclectic.

The Piaf model is one of the many examples that exhibit the brand’s unique take on sunglasses. The hexagonal shape, chunky frame, and round lenses give it a unique vibe that looks both structured and soft.

The oversized look lends well to the boldness of the frame’s angles, leaning into the drama. Models like the McGill and the Ridgeway are also examples of the brand’s unapologetic designs and flair for the avant-garde.

These sunglasses may seem tricky to style, but the best thing about architectural shades is that they can speak for themselves! You can keep your outfit simple with basic pieces, subtle prints, and muted or neutral colors to let the frame’s structure stand out.

On the other end of the spectrum, you can go full-on dramatic and embrace bold hues and fun outfits to match the dramatic shades.

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