A Style Guide: What to Wear If You're Invited to a Summer Wedding

A Style Guide: What to Wear If You’re Invited to a Summer Wedding

Summer weddings are a fun and exciting occasion to look forward to. But this begs the question, with all the fashion options, what should you wear?

There are many factors that you can consider when choosing what to wear. Read on to find out how these various factors can affect your decision and how to adapt to the different settings.

Narrowing Down the Options

If there is no designated dress code for the wedding, so you can decide to play it by ear. Weddings in general take on a more formal or smart casual approach to attire. So this can be the main basis to start your outfit.

There are plenty of summer dress options, skirts, and blouses that you can choose from. You will know your body type best and what colors and silhouettes will suit you. Splurge on a new outfit, or find something that can mark the occasion in your wardrobe.

If you are planning to wear a dress, a spaghetti strap dress is always welcomed, a mid- length sundress will also be a great option. Column dresses with floral print will also be great.

Wearing pants or even shorts to a wedding is completely acceptable, but as long as it is along the lines of formal wear.

What Not to Wear

Unless given the explicit go-ahead as part of the wedding dress code, do not wear white – this is a one-way ticket to having your dress splashed with red wine. While this is a time for you to dress up, do not attend the event with an intention to upstage the bride or anyone in the bridal party. Keep it stunning, but casual.

If there is a Dress code

If the wedding you are attending has a dress code in place, then half the battle is won. Dress codes that you can expect when attending a wedding are formal, smart casual, or black tie. Some dress codes may even verge on quirky – such as sparkly, denim and diamonds, and even whimsical.

If there is a Dress code

If the Wedding is Themed

Some brides opt for a themed wedding and would like their guests to follow suit by dressing in line with the theme. Some themes can be fandom-related, an aesthetic, or even a time period. In this case, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to hire out an outfit from a rental service that caters to themed events. Themed weddings can include cottage core, royalty, 70s fashion, or even the Great Gatsby.

Considering the Weather

Summer weddings are pretty straightforward, you need to keep cool and prevent the sun from beating down on you or risking a sunburn. To protect yourself, you can carry a sunhat or a shawl to cover up. If the climate of the venue is uncertain, make sure to carry along an umbrella in case the weather makes a surprising change.

Think About the Venue

Think About the Venue

If you are attending a destination wedding, you need to make sure that your attire is suitable for the setting. For example, if you are attending a wedding that is at a waterfront location or on the beach, then you would need to wear an outfit that won’t see you get sand caught in your dress. You also can’t wear materials that are too heavy for you. If the wedding is taking place at a ranch or vineyard, then you can wear longer dresses, and take on a more casual approach to your attire.

Parting Words

A summer wedding is a great opportunity to dress up and go out. However, sometimes weddings, like other events may have a dress code for guests based on the theme of the wedding. However, if there is no dress code, there are general guidelines that can help you make a decision on what to wear, such as the location of the wedding or the general weather conditions of the area.

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