9 Features to Look for In Antivirus Software for Chromebook

9 Features to Look for In Antivirus Software for Chromebook

Your Chromebook device has been designed to naturally withstand malware and viruses. But it’s still vulnerable to these threats–especially if you use it often. Chromebook runs on ChromeOS, a Linux derivative that experiences fewer instances of hacking. However, navigating to certain sites or downloading files can still infiltrate your device and compromise your data.

It’s recommended that you get a good antivirus for Chromebook that covers all areas of risk management. These include quick detection of viruses, rapid removal of said viruses, and overall protection that activates when you need it most. Here are nine features to look out for when choosing an antivirus for your Chromebook.

Cost-to-Value Ratio

Chromebook conveniently works via apps that run all of your software programs in a way that you can manage them easily. When searching for a Chromebook antivirus, look for an app that offers you plenty of features for a good price. You could opt for an app that offers dedicated antivirus functions, but in most cases these are limited.

A better option would be to select a VPN which provides comprehensive protection as well as solid prevention of malware to begin with. Prevention is better than cure, and this is where VPNs thrive! By default, they route your browsing in such a way that it steers clear of potential threats, while offering full protection every time you download a file from unknown sources.

Compatibility with Chromebook

Find yourself an antivirus that’s compatible with your Chromebook device. When it comes to value, we suggest that you stay away from cheap antivirus versions. Your Chromebook is a valuable device that deserves the best protection.

Some VPNs are designed for devices like yours, and give you a range of convenient benefits while protecting your device, making them of superior value than free or cheap imitations. Antivirus software that works with ChromeOS will sync well with the inner workings of your device and be better equipped to protect from malware, hacking, and potential viruses.

Rapid Detection of Malware

You want an antivirus that protects your device second-by-second while you’re using it (and even when you’re not). The best antivirus software for your Chromebook will ensure real-time protection at all times, not just when you’re browsing or downloading something. VPNs have the ability to quickly detect threats and alert you to them.

Many inferior antivirus programs will simply scan your device periodically, which can often happen after the threat has already taken root. Again, prevention is better than cure, so real-time protection is a must!

Rapid Removal of Malware

But alerting you to a threat isn’t enough. You also want software that instantly removes those threats when they are detected. A good antivirus will do this rapidly, all the while alerting you to the potential threat of the file you’re downloading or the site you’re about to visit. Constantly working in the background, a VPN is a never-sleeping guard dog that not only barks, but bites too.

User Friendly Customizable App

Learning to use your antivirus software is important, because there are plenty of customizable features that can be adapted to your habits and preferences. This is especially true in cases where you want to navigate to sites that may be blocked in the area you’re in. VPNs allow you to choose servers that not only mask your IP, but also let you access sites you otherwise could not.

It’s advisable that you read some reviews about the various antivirus apps available for Chromebook, as well as some of the good Chromebook compatible VPNs out there. See what users have to say about their user-friendliness and how easy they are to customize while using them. Get the VPN that offers you everything you need to protect your Chromebook thoroughly, and make sure it’s easy to use.

Great Customer Service

If something isn’t working as it should, you want to be sure you’ll receive the most responsive customer service from the company you bought the software from. Opt for a VPN or antivirus company that offers 24 hour assistance so that you’re always able to adjust settings, troubleshoot issues, and browse on your device safely.

This is an area you can explore by once again checking out the reviews of users. It’s a well established fact that the best VPN companies out there attempt to provide the best customer service around the clock. Not only do they have chat access on their sites, but they also respond quickly to email queries and phone calls when necessary. Not every antivirus company operates 24/7, so choose your device protection app wisely.

Trial Version Available

Some of us like to try out new software before we dedicate ourselves to purchasing or subscribing to it. A good antivirus company will have no problem proving themselves beforehand, allowing you to test out their free version to ascertain compatibility with your device and user-friendliness. Don’t buy before you try.

URL Pre-Warning System

The great thing about getting a VPN over a regular antivirus for your Chromebook is that VPNs detect potential risks whenever you visit an unprotected URL. Some sites don’t secure their domains, making them prone to malware, viruses, and even hacking. Every time you click on a link via your email or investigate a post on social media, you’re potentially navigating to a risky part of the web. Be sure your device isn’t compromised while doing so.

Web Track Blocking

Identity theft is a real thing, and it happens to millions of people every year. Stopping scammers and hackers from accessing your device is an important step to preventing it from happening to you. Not every antivirus is capable of fully protecting you from these types of threats, because phishing scams are adapting on a regular basis.

VPNs stop all monitoring of your browsing. This comes in handy because hackers and scammers have the ability to track your activity remotely–especially when you’re in public hotspots like cafes or restaurants. A VPN will stop this before it can even begin. With this form of prevention in place, you’ve already curbed more than half of the threats posed to your Chromebook device.

Final Thoughts

Yes, you could get yourself a run-of-the-mill antivirus for your Chromebook, but VPNs really are the better and safer way to go. Browsing and downloading with an activated VPN is like being invisible to people and viruses trying to access your expensive device. But don’t get just any old VPN (there are plenty of them out there). Choose one that’s comprehensive in its features like the ones we’ve mentioned here.

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