3 Architecturally Stylish European Cities to Visit on Your Next Getaway

3 Architecturally Stylish European Cities to Visit on Your Next Getaway

Close your eyes and imagine strolling through winding cobbled streets surrounded by centuries-old architecture that whispers stories of history and culture. Europe is filled with cities that allow you to have this kind of experience, but some are better choices than others. Each of the cities you’ll soon read about has its own unique style, but they all have architectural significance, historical depth, and cultural richness that make them among the most stylish cities in Europe.

1. Venice, Italy

With waterways replacing roads and gondolas replacing cars, Venice is a truly unique city.  More than that, it’s one of Europe’s most stylish cities, with its unique blend of history, artistry, and innovation all adding to the charm.

The best way to immerse yourself in the city’s style is to start by exploring Venetian Gothic marvels like the Doge’s Palace or Ca’ d’Oro. This distinctive architectural style features colorfully patterned exteriors that play with light and shadow, while also being adorned with intricate decorations.

These buildings not only showcase Venice’s artistic heritage from the Renaissance period but also reflect the immense amount of wealth that was accumulated during this period.

For something a little bit different, consider heading to Murano Island, just a short boat ride away. This part of Venice is renowned all over the world for its glassmaking tradition that dates at least 700 years. The centuries-old craft is an important part of Venetian decor and style, and they even have a museum on the island where you can learn all about the industry’s history.

Venice, Italy

2. Prague, Czech Republic

In addition to having a lot of architectural diversity and style, Prague is easy to travel to, making it ideal for those wanting to city-hop across Europe to experience all its different architecture. While flights are relatively cheap all year round, using a booking engine is ideal for people planning to take this kind of trip.

For instance, those who choose to fly to Prague with eDreams are easily able to check flight prices across off-peak and peak times while comparing options from various airlines. As well as that, the airport is only eight miles from the city center, meaning that you’ll be exploring Baroque sculptures and Gothic spires in no time.

Once you’re in Prague, start your journey at St. George’s Basilica, one of Prague’s oldest churches. With Romanesque roots, the church was first built over 1100 years ago and has since undergone rebuilds and renovations to create what it is today.

From there, venture over to St.Vitus Cathedral, where the Gothic architecture influence can be felt alongside Renaissance and Baroque styles. There’s something magical about Gothic spires soaring in the sky, and that is certainly true at St.Vitus

To take in some Baroque brilliance, your next stop should be the St. Nicholas Church. This is widely considered one of the most beautiful Baroque churches anywhere in Europe, thanks to its extravagance and detailed craftsmanship.

Next, find your way to the Municipal House, the best example in Prague of Art Nouveau architecture. Since its completion over 100 years ago, the Municipal House has become a very important building and regularly hosts concerts, exhibitions, and events. By visiting all of these buildings, you’ll get a full taste of the diversity of architecture that has shaped modern Prague.

Prague, Czech Republic

3. Athens, Greece

It should come as no surprise that a city like Athens makes its way onto this kind of list. The history of this city is truly incredible, and its architecture and style tell a story of its journey. You can expect to find an intriguing blend of Byzantine, Ottoman, and ancient Greek structures, as well as post-independence neoclassical buildings and contemporary designs that reflect modern Greece.

Starting with ancient history, your first stop should be the Parthenon. Incredibly, the building of this structure first began almost 2500 years ago, and its hallmark Doric columns and symmetry are still on display today. These are the kinds of architectural elements that have shaped Western architecture that you see around the world today.

Turning to a different part of history, the neoclassical Academy of Athens offers a glimpse into post-independence Greece. This was built during an era when the Greeks sought to reconnect with their heritage following centuries under Ottoman rule.

Fast forward closer to the current day, and the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center is the perfect example of contemporary architecture. The building was completed in 2016 and is home to both the National Library of Greece and the Greek National Opera.

Although we’ve focused on three cities today, a list of this kind could have easily been extended to double figures. Europe is a continent with an extremely rich history and culture, with different countries showcasing that in different ways.

As you plan your architecturally stylish getaway, remember to explore each of these European cities not just as tourists but as explorers of architectural beauty and cultural depth. Seek out the famous landmarks that we’ve highlighted and fully immerse yourself in the authentic experiences they offer.

Athens, Greece

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