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shampoo free update

hi everyone!  i've gotten some requests for an update on my shampoo-free experiment (which has easily transitioned into a way of life) so wanted to take some time to fill you in!  first things first: i'm loving it!  and since i have naturally curly/wavy hair it's been great on cutting down the frizz.  i finally found that diluting the apple cider vinegar rinse a TON helped tremendously on taking away the intensity of the smell.  i still get little whiffs of it when i'm working out, but it's tolerable.  and worth it because the apple cider vinegar really does goes a long way in the detangling department!

i can't lie, i've had some greasy days.  mostly due to my love of coconut oil and josie maran's argan oil and the copious amounts i put all over my body and into the ends of my hair.  but a good wash with the baking soda rinse takes it all out!  i have to say, i'm happier with the texture of my new shampoo-free hair, although it's less soft than when i was putting a million and one products in it.  but somehow less soft also looks better.  and i think it seems healthier and stronger.  i've been using my mason pearson brush religiously, and i love it!  and i find that i can go a couple of days without a rinse, and still have hair i'm happy with.  which is ideal because i'm a lazy girl when it comes to beauty!  

so there you have it, i'm loving it and not looking back.  i think shampoo/conditioner and hair products in general are a thing of the past for me.  chime in below if you've tried it and have something to share, i'd love to hear! (and if you're interested, you can read my last progress update here) xx- sarah

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i'm a little over a week into this product-free experiment so i thought i'd check in with some updates.  so far, so great!  i'm loving it. i've done three baking soda washes in the past eight days or so, and one apple cider vinegar rinse.  my hair seems to be improving by the day- it's less frizzy (but also not greasy), it's not tangling up the way it usually does and i can't lie- i absolutely love how low maintenance it is.  most days i just rinse it in the shower, towel dry, blow dry my bangs and i'm set for the day!  a far cry from the shampoo-condition-leave in conditioning spray-blow dry-moroccan oil rigamarole i'm used to!  {more after the jump}

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would you ever go shampoo free?

i'm doing something i never thought i'd do, all in the name of mermaid hair!   this article on refinery 29 inspired me, and as of a few days ago i'm going without shampoo and conditioner.  instead i'll be using a baking soda/water combo and occasionally an apple cider vinegar rinse.  i'm also going to try to stay away from my blow dryer as much as possible.  i love that if this works for me i'll be simultaneously saving money on expensive hair products (i do tend to splurge in that department), improving the condition of my hair, and making this one area of my life more GREEN!  do you think i'm crazy?  would you ever do it?  specifics about what i'm doing to keep my hair clean after the jump!

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