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Cold Fall mornings call for steaming bowls of breakfast goodness, don't you think?  I shared this recipe for a superfood breakfast bowl yesterday on Camille Styles and wrote about just a FEW of the health benefits packed into this bowl.  Head over here to read more!  And I'll be back later today with some links for your weekend.  xx- Sarah  {Recipe after the jump}

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apricot pecan breakfast bars

sometimes i think cooking is a bore and it feels more like a big fat chore than anything.  but there are recipes, like this one, that are mysteriously fun.  i don't know what the secret is, why sometimes it's a joy and sometimes it's a pain in the arse.  one of life's mysteries i guess.  but this recipe is a good ol time in the kitchen- maybe because it's just so simple and quick. and are the perfect thing to grab for breakfast when you're in a rush or snack on in between meals. sweet & healthy goodness, these bars. 

recipe and a bit more after the jump

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sweet potato, kale and black bean hash

happy monday all, hope you had a great weekend!  lately i've been thinking a lot about healthy food, and how to make it easier for people to incorporate it into their already busy and full lives.  i think "healthy" food almost always requires just a little more time since it's not pre-made, pre-packaged, etc

i imagine that after working 8-10 hours in an office the last thing anyone really wants to do is come home and prepare a meal.  i'm fortunate enough to make my own hours and work from home, and i still struggle with this. so i'm trying to think of ways to make life just a little bit easier.  one of my ideas for this is prepping large batches of food to be used in multiple meals throughout the week.  for instance, on sunday i made a huge batch of roasted sweet potatoes (cooked while we were roasting brussel sprouts for our sunday night dinner).  and this morning i turned some of them into a breakfast hash, tomorrow i'll make these with them and by wednesday just when i think i can't eat another sweet potato, i'll throw them into my lunch salad giving them a whole new life.  

do you have any tips or tricks for squeezing cooking/healthy eating into a busy life?  do you find yourself coming home from work exhausted and just reaching for the quickest, easiest meal?  let's chat about this and share our solutions in the comments!  xx- sarah   {recipe after the jump}

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i like big {oat}balls and i cannot lie!

yeah, i wrote that.  no shame.  these oat balls have me all riled up, they're so good!  and i'm not going to advise you to dip them in melted chocolate (DO IT!) because that would transform them from a healthy breakfast / snack to dessert.  but if you did, you probably wouldn't be disappointed. recipe after the jump.

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choose your own adventure muesli

one of my favorite breakfasts lately is muesli, piled high with blueberries (and the occasional sliced banana), sprinkled with cinnamon and drenched in soy or almond milk. rather than shell out $7 for a box of organic muesli at whole foods i make my own at home, for {what i know in my heart but have no actual evidence of} DRAMATIC SAVINGS. two fantastic things about muesli: 1. you can mix and match what you have in your pantry like a mad scientist 2. it's almost impossible to fuck up. ok, one more great thing: if you start your day off with something this healthy, it's pretty much ok if only a half hour passes before you're popping one of these suckers into your mouth. 

the what and how:

i store our muesli in a giant glass jar in our cupboard, and i make a batch to last a week or two.  start with a 3-4 cups of whole rolled oats and then add in whatever sounds most tasty to you from the list below. or leave other suggestions in my comments, i'd love to hear what you're putting in your breakfast cereal!

-dried cranberries

-roasted sunflower seeds

-chopped almonds

-shredded coconut





-chia seeds (warning: the consistency of these when wet is questionable, but C'MON, they're some kind of superfood and the Aztecs swore by them)


- rye or bran flakes

- i think sometimes vegan chocolate chips sneak into muesli. not saying i recommend, but if it happens... 

* i convinced lou to partake in this healthy breakfast by mixing in some of his grapenuts.  now he's getting some serious nutrition in his breakfast and still eating what he loves- making for a happy family.