Hi my friends!  We’re busy nesting and being cozy for the holidays but I wanted to pop in with a fun giveaway to celebrate the season!  St. Frank, a store I love for their epic collection of home goods, is offering up one of these amazing Juju hats to a lucky reader!  As you may remember from this post, I have a small collection of them in our living room.  Nearly every person who visits comments on them and I love sharing the background on their origin (*see below for a blurb about them from the St. Frank website)!  I also adore that St. Frank is supporting low and middle income communities and their artisans while simultaneously helping preserve their crafts.  I have an obsession with textiles from other lands, so this makes me extremely happy!

*”The Juju hat is a symbol of prosperity and divinity in Bamileke culture. The Bamileke is an ethnic group from Cameroon’s west and northeast provinces. Birds, whose feathers are used to create this elaborate headdress, are sacred to the Bamileke because their power of flight allows them to soar to the heavens. Traditionally, the Juju hat was worn by members of the high Kuosi class during Bamileke rituals and festivities. The Kuosi consisted of prominent tribal leaders, affluent landowners, and celebrated warriors. The Juju hat was worn to perform an annual dance celebrating the kingdom’s prosperity.”  HOW INCREDIBLE IS THAT?!

Ok, I’ll get to it!  Here are the details:  Comment below with where you’d hang your very own Juju hat- I’d love some fresh ideas on where to display them!  In a week from today a random winner will be chosen and receive their pick of any in-stock Juju hat from the St. Frank website.  One entry per person please. Good luck everyone!

Please note that by entering the contest you agree to receive promotional emails from St. Frank.    


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Reader Comments

  1. Kaitlin|

    I just set up a desk in my teensy apartment because I’m going back to school for my MBA at the age of 34 (!!). I have 1 semester down, and a desk with 2 monitors and nothing pretty to anchor it. I’d hang it above my desk to gaze at as I contemplate my path to becoming a leader and reaching back to bring other smart ladies along with me.

  2. Jessica|

    Love this! I would love to hang one in our guest room above the bed! so fun!

  3. Rose|

    Thank you so much for this post! At some point over the summer a pinned an inspiration photo with a juju hat, but I didn’t know what it was called. I spent hours researching it online, and now I know! I would love to hang one over the fireplace in our living room.

  4. Courtney Schauder|

    Love those!! In our guest bedroom – it would be the shining star!

  5. Alician B|

    Love these! I would love to hang one on the mirror over my fireplace! So pretty!

  6. Jessie Buckmaster|

    We just moved into our first house, I’d love to hang one in our dining area. I just love the texture of juju hats!

  7. Hannah|

    These would be so cute right above my bed! Literally exactly what I’ve been looking for!

  8. Stephanie Schoonover|

    Our home is neutral with a lot of texture and I think this would make a beautiful statement on a wall of our family room that is shared with our breakfast nook. Thanks for the opportunity! These are gorgeous!!!

  9. Rebecca|

    In my entrance foyer (okay … tiny space where the front door opens onto) for maximum effect!!!

  10. Kennedy Patricia|

    I have wished for a juju hat for years. I live in a 200 year old boys school that has been converted into seven units. There is an indoor transom window above my coach and this is where I have pictured one!

  11. Maureen Sutherland Weiser|

    Gah, these are sooooooo gorgeous! I know this isn’t original, but I have been looking for something to hang above my headboard and a Juju hat (or 3) would look so amazing!
    Thanks so much for sharing, Sarah!
    Happy holidays to you and your beautiful boys!

  12. Linda|

    wow, these are goooorrrgeous and totally new to me. I must have seen them in your post but not known what it/they were. I’d love to hang one on my french door, which leads in to an english-style conservatory. It would be a juju “wreath.” 🙂

  13. Darcie|

    I have been dying to get these since visiting St Frank when I lived in SF. I would hang them over my bed in my new bedroom in Austin and they’ll remind me of San Francisco every day!

  14. Elizabeth Linfield|

    I would love to hang this over the doorway into our house to promote good juju!

  15. Kim Moore|

    Ohhhhhhhh!!! I would hang them on the black wall behind our bed or over our couch to help draw the eye up to our 12 foot ceilings!

  16. Ashley|

    I have coveted one of these beauties for years! I’d hang it over our bar cart in the living room where I’d get to enjoy its beauty!

  17. Patty Fadhouli|

    After I’m done taking a million photos of it on my head 🙂 I would put it in a wall in between my bed and dresser. But I think hanging it in a half bath or above a vanity table would also be great!

  18. Karen|

    I’d hang mine in my laundry mud room as I spend too much time in there but it would make me a lot happier to have a ju ju hat to gaze upon : )

  19. Vanessa Lhotsky|

    Would love to hang in our house we just bought in San Diego to be closer to my family in preparation for the birth of our first baby in February!

  20. Danielle|

    These are gorgeous and I love that they support communities and place value on goodness and kindness. I would love to hang one in our guest bathroom as a way to show the same love and acceptance to all who enter our home.

  21. Naomi Oakes|

    Our condo is teensy (500sq.ft.) and my vanity area is my sacred place, a Juju hat would look so fab there.

  22. Bec Cairelli|

    Oh!! I have been dreaming about owning a juju hat for years. We are redoing h our bathroom next spring. I have a freestanding tub that I would love to hang a Juju hat on the wall behind it. Yes! It would dress the bathroom wall up beautifully!! Thanks for this opportunity!!

  23. Lindsay Rondo|

    Oh I LOVE THESE!! I would hang it by our bed! That cream one is beautiful!

  24. Jessica|

    I would hang these in our playroom. They add the right amount of whimsy to my boho room

  25. natalie catalina|

    Beautiful!!! I love the idea of hanging it above a bed or fireplace, such a gorgeous statement piece and love the story behind them! I’ve always wondered what they represent. Feel like it’d also be a great piece to display under a coffee table with a glass tabletop. if I had several of them, hanging them side by side as you have displayed above, but on the ceiling would be pretty cool! Esp in an office setting or above a dining room table, something to spruce up boring ceiling 🙂

  26. Katrina|

    I’ve been on the lookout for beautiful piece of art and a juju hat would be gorgeous as the focal point at the end of my hallway!

  27. Sarah|

    Oh my goodness, I am in love with these! I have a small apartment, so I would hang them in the dining nook above the dining room table. It would give a lot of presence, and it would be a conversation starter!

    x Sarah

  28. Laura B.|

    I never knew the backstory on these! It grabbed me in the gut. I’ve recently had to make a huge and unwanted life change in order to take care of myself. A gorgeous juju hat would be perfect for my entryway, as a reminder to me that everything is going to be ok. Love love LOVE this. Love it. Thank you for the giveaway!

  29. Kate|

    I love the backstory of the Juju hats and they are gorgeous to boot. I live in a studio, so I’d hang it above my bed. Not very original, but you can see that wall from everywhere in the apartment, which would make me very happy!!!

  30. Lisa|

    Love!!! I would put it either on the reading loft wall or above our bed. It would like cute in a nursery too!

  31. Karly M|

    I have a white modern canopy bed on my Christmas list and I know a juju hat would look great in the middle of it on the wall. I already have a moroccan wedding blanket that would look lovely with it. Both of these pieces together would add so much deminision and texture to my space. A juju hat is so versatile and you can put it so many different places. I would love to win one of these from St.Frank. I love their store and what they stand for. Fingers crossed!! Thank You. xx

  32. Kellye|

    Oh so many place to put this! In the entryway, above our bed, over the sofa…So many possibilities! Thanks!

  33. Caitlyn Jelley|

    My little family and I just recently downsided to a 900 sq ft bungalow in the town my husband and I went to high school, met and fell I love so I would put it right in my entry way.

  34. Sarah|

    So I’ve been dreaming of having one of these for a few years. I love the texture they bring to a space! I have a big blank space behind my tv and behind my dining table. Both spots are in high need of a show stopper, especially with my dark walls. What an amazing giveaway !!

  35. Erin Marie|

    Fingers crossed that this excellent giveaway is international!! I would love one of these works of art in my entry over the stairs to our lower level so all that enter can see. Thanks!! Happy holidays! ❤️

  36. Jennifer david|

    This would be the perfect just in my 12 year old niece”s bedroom. New house, new room with auntie helping decorate via FaceTime. And no one else in Milwaukee will have one!

  37. DeBorah Green|

    They are breathtaking. I just love the cloud like nature of the jujus. They are exquisite and whimsical and fantastical. I would love to mount them over our bed. I know they’re waiting to fly our dreams up into the clouds.

  38. Molly Drees|

    I would love to put one of these in my girls’ room. It has the most wall space of any room in the house and it is in desperate need of a statement piece.

  39. Gamini|

    I’ve been working on my little brother’s room and I think these would go perfectly above his desk!

  40. MTT|

    I’d include it in a frame collage with a few other whimsical objects for balance.

  41. Ellen|

    I would absolutely LOVE one of these for our downstairs room we are renovating. I want warmth and texture in the room and this would be perfect! Xx

  42. Diana Esordi|

    I would hang this in my Mom’s livingroom, which I am redecorating for her. She will be undergoing cancer treatments and something like this, symbolizing prosperity, would be a daily reminder that she WILL prosper and overcome what is ahead.

  43. Nuria|

    …I am dreaming about a juju in our Wintergarten. In the middle of all the green leaves and flowers ..❤️

  44. Elena|

    Been dreaming of owning one of these forever! They are definitely one of a kind. I would hang mine above my headboard or above our sectional in the living room 🙂

  45. Maria|

    In my bedroom above the bed. I have been wanting one of these for the longest time!

  46. megan|

    i’ve wanted a juju hat for SO long! i attempted to make my own once and failed miserably. if i won, i would hang my juju hat on my “weaving wall” where i currently have my own woven wall hangings and those i’ve collected from fellow weavers and thrift shops. it would fit right in 🙂

  47. Antoinette Coleman|

    I have wanted one of these forever, but they are quite pricey. I love all of the various color tones in the feathers. I have a small porch that is my reading nook. I would love to hang it out there especially now that I know the meaning, so that as I read or pray, I would remember to soar.

  48. Terri|

    These are stunning and thank you for providing background on their meaning. Personally I would love to hang above our bed in master bedroom (as that room is lacking in decor). However reading through the posts there are others who have more compelling stories and this gift could bring them an extra bit of joy and good energy. Thank you for the generous offer and I love reading your posts.

  49. Fernanda McCabe|

    I would LOVE to have one of them – I saw this and felt in love, i would put it above our headboard and would be perefct for our bedroom since we just moved to our very own house and we are slowly trying to get it done!!! That would be a perfect accent to our bedroom and would love for you guys to pick us!!!! Thank you for doing this as they are exptremly pretty but kinda pricy!! lol

  50. Caroline Meehan|

    I’d hang one in my daughters bedroom. These are amazing and the texture they bring to a space is gorgeous!

  51. liz|

    I would hang them on the ceiling of my 40 ft hallway. For some softness. They are beautiful and wonderfully fluffy.

  52. Erin|

    I’ve been wanting a Juju hat for so long! We have an empty spot on our living room wall that would be perfect for one or two. I’d put it there or maybe over our bed because that spot needs some love too 🙂 Thanks SO much for the giveaway!

  53. Gwendolyn Cantarera|

    I’ve coveted one of these for years, but I’m boring and would hang it in my living room.

  54. Mandy|

    I’ve wanted a juju hat for so long now! I’ve imagined one displayed over my bed, on an exposed brick wall. I think the softness of the feathers against the rough brick would make for a beautiful and interesting contrast.

  55. Ashley|

    I’ve always loved the look of Juju hats!!! I would love to hang one over our bed. Thank you!

  56. Liv|

    I’m not sure where I would hang it, I would have to spend some time moving it from room to room before deciding 🙂 What a great giveaway, thank you!

  57. Starla|

    Oh my goodness I love those! So pretty in the room as well! I would hang them in my entryway when you walk into my home!

  58. Rachel|

    I HAVE LUSTING FOR A JUJU HAT FOR ABOUT A DECADE NOW – and now that I am finally in a Spanish style Los Angeles bungalow that I am proud to call home, I would love to place a creamy white juju hat between 2 iron sconces near my black and white photos of Lucille Ball and Brando. Or – I’d love to have a hot pink or other richly colored juju hat in my dining room as a fun and festive color point! As an history teacher who teaches African history and culture, I would be honored to have any juju hat as a homage to the rich culture of Africa!

  59. dhannon|

    I would hang mine in the foyer of our Florida house, it would look beautiful there!

  60. Shashi Anand|

    Hi – this is so great! I would probably do the bedroom because it adds an element of softness that makes the space feel cozy but airy at the same time

  61. JenS|

    To be honest, I am not an interior decorator but I think maybe above the fireplace or my bedroom. I’m a single. Other to three boys so anything “for me” is rare ha ha

  62. Kelsey|

    What an awesome giveaway! I’ve been dreaming about a juju hat ever since I first learned of them! I live in a tiny apartment so I’d have to say I’d like to hang it in my bedroom. It would make such an elegant and interesting addition to my home! 🙂

  63. Elizabeth|

    These are so beautiful. I’d hang one over my bed. Currently there’s nothing over my bed and it’s very boring – this would be perfect.

  64. Crystal|

    I’m hoping that the home in which to hang this beautiful, funny talisman will come soon!

  65. Wendy F.|

    I would love to have one hanging in our daughter’s room above her dresser.They are so beautiful!

  66. carrie|

    I love, love the fun texture, style and symbolism of the Juju hat! I have the perfect spot to display this work of art in my entry area!

  67. Tracy herr|

    I would hang my juju hat in the front entry so that all that were entering would recognize the symbolism of the hat. It would be representative of us celebrating our kingdom’s prosperity…. a house full of love!

  68. Miranda|

    I have been pining after one of these for years! I would love to hang it above my desk in my parlor’s desk area. I think it would be the most beautiful piece of inspiration to look at while I work during the day!

  69. Qamar|

    The appreciate the collection of epics. The hat of juju is classic. The decoration of Guest bedroom is attractive. Everyone have the desire to pass a night in it like me. The addition of lamp in the room enhances worth. Nonetheless, pictures are impressive with peerless products.
    Regard: Qamar

  70. Kelly|

    Digging the two color ones – a solo one would be super cute above a dresser.

  71. Gigi Zimmerman|

    I would put one in my daughters bedroom so that it is the last thing she sees when she goes to sleep and the first thing she sees when she wakes up. She is starting med school with plans to work in underserved communities and countries, something she has been doing since she was 13! It would remind her that her prosperity means prosperity for others and those in need! Hitch will make the lack of sleep and the long hours studying are worth it!!

  72. Jess|

    In my daughter’s room! There’s one as bright as a dandelion, just like her!!

  73. Britt|

    These are so beautiful! I love knowing the tradition and mythology behind them. I would hang mine in a little area of our apartment that I’ve dedicated to my spiritual practice.

  74. kensie|

    Oh I love these! So hopeful for this giveaway!
    I would hang mine in our dining room.
    The texture is inspiring and just asks you to ran a hand over the feathers.
    So beautiful.

  75. Gina George|

    I would hang it in my daughter’s nursery! It would look so perfect and playful hanging over her crib, and I love what it represents for a new little human!

  76. Chance|

    I have been wanting a juju hat for years! It would be so cute in my girls’ shared room!

  77. Katherine Matthews|

    I would love to hang a Juju hat in the nursery that I’m designing for my little one who is due this February! They are so gorgeous, and I love the story behind them!

  78. April Onufrak|

    The Kitchen! The textures of the Juju hats, ceramic dishware, my wooden/marble cutting boards, and jute rug would be divine. The variety of textures would warm up the space!

  79. Maria|

    I LOVE these…I would definitely hang it above my contemporary fireplace…our house is all white and this would look super cool…Thank you for the chance to be able to win one of them…

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