Aether Cone


Happy Tuesday my friends!  After we moved into the new house one of the first things I did was unpack my new Aether Cone– music makes unpacking so much easier doesn’t it?!  This powerful little speaker has great sound, connects via bluetooth, connects to other cones in other rooms, charges/ becomes completely portable, AND is voice operated.  In my opinion it’s a beautiful example of form meeting function.  I love it styled on top of books, it fits on my bedside table- and even on the kitchen counter it somehow manages to look perfect.

Ok, so you can see from the photos it’s quite obvious that it’s a lovely design addition to the home.  But my favorite thing about it- it learns what you like and bases music selections off of it.  So I can press the button in the middle, say PLAY BEYONCE and it will curate a  playlist for me.  Over time as I skip songs that I don’t like and allow it to play songs that Ido, it learns what my tastes are (YAY BEYONCE, NAY KESHA).  Horray!  It also plays radio stations (yes I will undoubtedly be listening to the next season of Serial on it), connects to your computer to stream music, and if you’re wanting to control it without having to move- there’s an app for that of course!  I just love when a company thinks of every.last.thing.  Well done Aether Cone, well done indeed!  xx- Sarah

Aether_Cone_A_House_in_the_Hills-7 Aether_Cone_A_House_in_the_Hills-5 Aether_Cone_A_House_in_the_Hills-4

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