Friday Links


Happy Friday my friends!  Has this week flown by or is it just me?  It feels like I blink and it’s Friday again.  No real complaints about that except that I’m kind of DESPERATE FOR TIME TO SLOW DOWN!!!!!  I haven’t even barely started prepping for this baby and if time keeps going like this I’m going to wake up one day soon with a baby in my arms and not even a single diaper to put on him.  AHHHHH!!!!!  And if time goes by this quickly before he arrives I can’t even imagine what it’ll be like once he’s here.  Anywhoooooo, that’s where I’m at!  Just blinking and missing entire weeks.  That’s all.    Hope you all have fun plans for the weekend!  Here are a few links to keep you entertained!  xx- Sarah

Let’s start with that hazelnut blackberry cake with mascarpone cream right there, shall we?!

Your cute fix for the day in the form of a baby Corgi!

This basil fig vodka smash sounds like a taste of heaven, doesn’t it?!

I’m loving this etsy shop’s organic baby clothes.  Cannot wait to dress our little guy!

I’m also really looking forward to the day when I can dress myself (non maternity style) again!  Loving this top and these jeans.

Would you ever travel to Antartica?  This makes it look mighty tempting!

Here’s an inspiring list of easy home updates for every budget!  I support these ideas.

I would like to have breakfast here, please.

What do you think of black and white interiors?  I’m not sure I could live it but I kind of love it!

Sneaking veggies into cookies?  I’m into it!!!  These, please.



Happy Friday my friends!  It’s a holiday weekend here in the States, which means lots of celebrating and fun!  We’ll be getting ready to go out on the road in the lady RV for a couple of weeks!  We’re hoping to wander all the way to the redwoods.  But we’ll see where the wind takes us!  I’ll be updating as we go, so I hope you’ll follow along on our adventures!  Until then, some links for the weekend after the jump!  xx- Sarah

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Friday Links


Happy Friday my friends!  For those of you celebrating a long weekend- horray!  I hope you’ve got some fun on the books!  We’re in the middle of house projects (we may never again NOT be in the middle of house projects, I’ve come to realize).  Good thing we like  good project!  HA!  But we’ve also got some time with friends and some other fun ahead.  Lastly, I just want to thank you.  Thank you for showing up here and reading.  Or just looking… I know that there are those of you who just look at the photos and bounce- I’m grateful for you too.  And below, some links I rounded up for your weekend entertainment.  I love them, I hope you will too!  xx- Sarah {image via}

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TGIF! And Some Links….


Happy Friday my friends!  I feel like a broken record when I say that life is crazy and we’re in the middle of a storm every week- but it’s true!  This week we’ve been dealing with Nugget who somehow injured her neck? hips? back?  We’re not entirely sure but she requires pain meds and muscle relaxers every 8 hours so we’ve been on this crazy schedule of waking up at 3 am to give her medication, and hand feeding her, and carrying her to and from every room we’re in so she doesn’t miss us and doesn’t move around too much, etc.  Those of you who have gone through dog- health issues know what I’m talking about- it’s pretty much torture when they’re in pain and you can’t fix it.  And really, there’s NOTHING I wouldn’t do for that little bundle of love.  So this weekend we’ll be cozying up with Nugget, nursing her back to health, cooking up a recipe for you for next week and daydreaming about Bali.  I’m also hoping to squeeze in a nap!  I hope you have equally delicious and relaxing plans on the books!  xx- Sarah

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Friday Links


Happy weekend my friends!  What’ve you got on the books?  We have a fun and a little bit random collection of plans- our house in being blessed by Shaman Louie Saturday morning (gift from our incredible realtor), I’m going on a girls roadtrip with a friend to attend Rachel Zoe’s coachella pool party later that day, we’re meeting up with friends to paddleboard (or possibly surf!) on Sunday and we’re bouncing around the idea of a potential staycation that night to get out of the house and have some couple time together (sometimes all I can think about when we’re home is what I want to do with the decorating- it can be overwhelming- my level of excitement).  When I read that back I can only laugh because I sound like I’m living in a southern California version of Portlandia.  Almost like I’m a caricature of myself and it would be ridiculously easy to make a spoof out of it!  But sometimes life is just like that- funny and random.  I’m just along for the ride!   Hope you all have a beautiful weekend with great friends, yummy food and lots of good old fashioned belly laughs.  Links below for your lovin….  xx- Sarah {image via}

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Weekend Links

Hawaii in a jar: Coconut Chia Pudding with Passion Fruit & Maple Sauce

Happy Friday my pals!  I’ve got a really stellar roundup of links for you today (in my blatantly less than humble opinion).  What’ve you got on the books for the weekend?  We’ll be painting, unpacking, nesting like crazy people and drinking wine.  Lots of wine.  And then- Sunday supper, a tradition we started with friends where Sunday nights we prepare a delicious meal and drink and talk and stay up late.  The last two have had me up past 1 am, left me with sore abs from so much laughing (which speaks both to how funny my friends are and how badly I need to get back on my yoga mat!) and involved many delicious eats/drinks.   It’s something I look forward to all week long!  Ok, wishing you so much fun, love, happiness, and yummy goodness for your weekend!  xx – Sarah {image via}

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