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Happy Friday everyone!!  So I have a little update on the house selling- we accepted what turned out to be a too good to be true offer 3 days after we listed the house and went into escrow.  At the very last minute the buyer backed out because of personal reasons, and we’re back at square one.  But because we have such a load of work/travel commitments these next couple of months, we took it off the market until January when we can actually put our energy into a move again.  Selling a house is insanely stressful, I had no idea!  The first (and only) days it was on the market were insane- we were grabbing the pups and running out of the house every couple of hours for showings, fielding calls from our realtor about potential buyers and generally just running around like chickens with paper bags over our heads.  It was a wild ride!  But now that we know what to hopefully expect, we can be a little more prepared when the new year rolls around.  So that’s that.  We’ll enjoy this insanely lovely house for a couple more months and see what happens in January!  And if you have any tips for surviving a house-sale and move, I’d love to hear ‘em!  Ok, I hope you all have a relaxing, yummy, fun-filled weekend!  Links after the jump….xx- Sarah  {image via}

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Friday Links


It’s Friday!  Horray!!!  I’m planning some serious zombie action for the weekend, preferably poolside, with a book, a cocktail and some oversized sunnies. And something really extra delicious for breakfast one morning. What’ve you got on the books?  Here’s an extra tasty list of yummy things to cook up if you have the time!  Have a great one my friends!   xx- Sarah image via

Oatmeal chocolate chip cookie pancakes, because sometimes mornings are hard.  And chocolate is easy.

Can you ever have enough springs rolls?!  The answer is no.

A comforting coconut quinoa recipe that looks incredible!

Cauliflower “couscous” stuffed zucchini boats!

Anything and everything with crispy sage, especially this!

A sweet potato soup recipe.  Because sweet potatoes are one of life’s greatest gifts.

Sesame almond nori crunchies that are perfectly snack-able and look highly addictive in the tastiest way!

A roasted fingerling potato and herby black quinoa recipe that would make an amazing appetizer at your next dinner party!

A few new additions to your morning smoothie repertoire!

Friday Links


Happy Friday everyone!  This has been a tough week for me, randomly.  How about you?  I’m looking forward to the weekend like no other!  And I’m really hoping I can sleep in at least one of the days!!  Without further ado, some delicious links to get you through the weekend.   Have a beautiful weekend of rest my friends!  xx- Sarah   image via

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Get Fit September and Friday Links


Happy Friday!  We’re nearing the end of #EatCleanAugust and I am seriously ready for a big bowl of noodles and a nibble of chocolate.  Once that’s out of the way I’m happy to keep eating how I’ve been eating though, which is the brilliant thing that happens when you start eating really clean- you don’t want to stop!  And I’m going to take #EatCleanAugust and up it one with #GetFitSeptember!  I’m promising myself (and you) that I’ll take control of one other area of my health with a commitment to at least 30 minutes of exercise every single day for all of September.  No excuses.  I want to feel even better than I do with all this clean eating and I know that dedicating some time every day to moving is the next step.  HERE WE GO!  I mean, so far it’s just me but I’m hoping maybe you’ll join me?!   C’mon, please?!  xx- Sarah {links for your weekend after the jump}

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Friday Links


Happy Friday everyone!  I’ve mixed in a healthy dose of food inspiration with my other loves- decor, style and travel for this week’s roundup.  I hope you enjoy!  Wishing you all a weekend of relaxation, happiness, and lots and lots of love.  And tons of cuddles with your lovers, pups, kiddos and kitties too, for good measure.   xx- Sarah   {links after the jump, images via}


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