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Happy Friday!  I’m doing something a little different with today’s links, inspired by How Sweet Eats amazing roundups.  They’re all food!  A nice way to mix it up, for those of you that are as hungry as I am.  And can we talk about the  maple bacon donut  (vegan!) above that is basically begging the question, what are you doing with your weekend if not making and eating these?!   Have a great one my friends!  xx- Sarah

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Happy Friday everyone!  I hope you all have lots of fun and relaxation on the books!  I’m in a mad scramble to get everything done before I leave for Bali on Tuesday. I don’t know about you but I find the two weeks before I leave for a trip and the two weeks after I come home to be some of the craziest.  I’m ridiculously excited but I’m also getting nervous about the jetlag.  Anyone have jetlag survival advice for me?  It can knock me down like a flu and make me feel like I’ve got saran wrap around my brain!  I don’t want to miss enjoying even a minute in Bali, I need your tricks!  Thanks everyone, for being so awesome and being you.   I’ve really loved being able to respond to all of your comments with this new comment format, it feels much  more like a proper conversation now!   Happy weekending, links after the jump!  xx- Sarah

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Happy Friday everyone!  WHAT A WEEK!!!  Phew, I’m SO ready for the weekend.  Does everyone else feel that way? I’d like one of those blood orange and thyme Palomas please!  I could probably write a novel today but I’ll try to keep it short.  First, I’m so happy you all liked yesterday’s post as much as I did!  Next up….homemade beauty products, which I’m hopeful will be equally fun. And then I have a long list of ideas for the future to tackle, I’m feeling so inspired right now.  Isn’t that the best?!

I have a question for you- so many of you have left comments here,  on Instagram and Facebook asking me to write a cookbook, which is hugely flattering.  My question is, if I were to tackle that project, is there anything specific that you would love to see?  No promises, I’m just trying to guage interest and see if maybe there’s something that I could include in a cookbook that’s not on this site and would love to hear what might be inspiring for you!  Thanks so much in advance!  A list of links for your weekend after the jump.  And I’ll be back tomorrow with a weekend style post so pop on back if you get the chance!  Wishing you all a most relaxing and refreshing weekend! xx- Sarah  (image via Jen/Birds of a Feather for The Life Styled)

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Happy Friday everyone!  It’s a good week to have a weekend, isn’t it?  I’m ready for some R&R, some good food, some friend-time.  Now, let’s talk about the images above… yesterday I stumbled across artist Kristi Kohut (via Ashley Kane) and just about fell out of my chair.  Her colorful paintings are a dream, her patterns are amazing, I’m pretty much just good ol’ fashioned obsessed.  I would hang all of the above in our house, quite happily! Pretty amazing, right?  Major inspiration.  And some more in a quick roundup of links after the jump. Happy weekending! xx – Sarah

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Happy Valentines Day, you lovers you!  Do you have romantic plans on the books?  Lou ordered me vegan, sugar free, gluten free ice cream and the likelihood is high that I’m going to plant myself somewhere and eat it all. Those are my romantic plans.  Because you guys, I haven’t had any sugar since December.  And it’s Valentine’s Day.  So the combination of those two things really calls for an ice cream binge, doesn’t it?  IT ABSOLUTELY DOES!  Links for your weekend below.  I hope it’s a good one!  xx- Sarah 

This dish looks healthy and delicious and this unexpected combo is calling my name, loudly!

I’m dreaming of long, hot summer days and wearing this.  

I’ve got something fun in the works, here’s a sneak peek and I cannot wait to share more!  

Our dear friends in San Diego just opened THE MOST DELICIOUS PLACE TO EAT EVER.  With healthy options too. I die.

Make sure your volume is up to hear the best sounds in the entire world, ever. 

These are probably going to fly off the shelves- badass and affordable!

We just added this chair to our living room.  Update coming soon, I cannot wait to share!!! 

I think this is the best Valentine’s Day dessert idea I’ve seen so far! And an even healthier idea here. And ok, there’s also these

If you’ve been watching the Olympics and you love Girls, this is for you.

This was a fun peek into the daily life of one of my faves, Clare Vivier. 

The most genius use of an almost empty peanut butter jar, here! 

If you’re not following along with this house renovation, you are totally missing out.

We saw this movie last week- crazy intense and not an easy watch but some of the best acting I’ve seen in ages.

SO good and on sale: this, this and this.  Well done West Elm! 

I’ve been fantasizing about this for the past 20 minutes.  (I’d wear this there)



Happy Friday everyone!  I hope you’ve got something fun on the books.  We’re headed into San Diego for a night to celebrate a friend’s birthday and then have friends staying with us until Tuesday.  So there will be lots of cooking, lots of laughing and lots of rest.  My idea of a perfect weekend!  A list of links to keep you entertained after the jump.  See you next week!  xx- Sarah

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