Get Fit September and Friday Links


Happy Friday!  We’re nearing the end of #EatCleanAugust and I am seriously ready for a big bowl of noodles and a nibble of chocolate.  Once that’s out of the way I’m happy to keep eating how I’ve been eating though, which is the brilliant thing that happens when you start eating really clean- you don’t want to stop!  And I’m going to take #EatCleanAugust and up it one with #GetFitSeptember!  I’m promising myself (and you) that I’ll take control of one other area of my health with a commitment to at least 30 minutes of exercise every single day for all of September.  No excuses.  I want to feel even better than I do with all this clean eating and I know that dedicating some time every day to moving is the next step.  HERE WE GO!  I mean, so far it’s just me but I’m hoping maybe you’ll join me?!   C’mon, please?!  xx- Sarah {links for your weekend after the jump}

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Friday Links


Happy Friday everyone!  I’ve mixed in a healthy dose of food inspiration with my other loves- decor, style and travel for this week’s roundup.  I hope you enjoy!  Wishing you all a weekend of relaxation, happiness, and lots and lots of love.  And tons of cuddles with your lovers, pups, kiddos and kitties too, for good measure.   xx- Sarah   {links after the jump, images via}


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Friday Foodie Links


Happy Friday my friends!  How is your #EatCleanAugust going?!  I need updates please!  Are you still with me?  I fell off the wagon for my birthday.  Ok toppled off it and landed in a pile of birthday cinnamon rolls and chocolate chip cookies.  And pizza.  And burrata with grilled peaches.  Yes, it was a wildly delicious fall!  But I came crawling back to my clean eating the next day, happy and full and ready to get back to healthy, whole foods.  I’m trying to share my prettiest meals on my Instagram to keep you inspired!  But I need some help, there’s two weeks left and I need to know at least some of you are still with me!  It’s kept me motivated knowing that I’m accountable to all of you, so thank you for that.  So please, tell me if you will, how is it going on your end?!  Details por favor!!!  Have a great weekend everyone!!  xx- Sarah

This may be the perfect lunch for these hot dog days of Summer!

Easy tofu, ginger and sesame lettuce cups that sound so delicious!

peach and jalapeño salsa that looks divine.

I have my eye on these vegan peanut butter cupcakes.  Ok, both eyes.

So not vegan or healthy, but good lord this looks amazing.

This cashew-gurt breakfast recipe sounds absolutely amazing, especially topped with fruit!

Baked squash blossoms stuffed with beet humus.  You’re welcome.

Hearty and homemade crackers that might possibly change your life.

This peppery edamame sounds like a great snack or easy side dish!

An eggplant and cucumber salad that is spicy, beautiful and healthy!

Breakfast Banana Bread Ice Cream Sundaes. Yes, you read that correctly.

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Happy Friday my friends!  What’ve you got on the books?  Lou and I have been sick all week with a cold (UGH!) so I’m hoping we turn a corner and feel better in time to enjoy some weekend fun!  I’d love to hit the pool, spend some time in the kitchen cooking up some healthy, tasty meals, and in my dream weekend I’d love to get an early morning hike in with Lou and Bean on Sunday.  But we shall see what the universe has in store for us!  How are those of you who are joining me in Eat Clean August doing?  I’ve been loving it!  I feel like my skin is getting a little glowy and I’m falling in love with vegetables all over again.  Ok, I’m leaving you with a list of yummy links for your weekend.  Have fun!  xx- Sarah click to read yo

Friday Links


Happy Friday!  I’m doing something a little different with today’s links, inspired by How Sweet Eats amazing roundups.  They’re all food!  A nice way to mix it up, for those of you that are as hungry as I am.  And can we talk about the  maple bacon donut  (vegan!) above that is basically begging the question, what are you doing with your weekend if not making and eating these?!   Have a great one my friends!  xx- Sarah

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Happy Friday everyone!  I hope you all have lots of fun and relaxation on the books!  I’m in a mad scramble to get everything done before I leave for Bali on Tuesday. I don’t know about you but I find the two weeks before I leave for a trip and the two weeks after I come home to be some of the craziest.  I’m ridiculously excited but I’m also getting nervous about the jetlag.  Anyone have jetlag survival advice for me?  It can knock me down like a flu and make me feel like I’ve got saran wrap around my brain!  I don’t want to miss enjoying even a minute in Bali, I need your tricks!  Thanks everyone, for being so awesome and being you.   I’ve really loved being able to respond to all of your comments with this new comment format, it feels much  more like a proper conversation now!   Happy weekending, links after the jump!  xx- Sarah

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