Yesterday was my birthday and last night we headed to one of our favorite spots in Palm Springs for dinner! And of course, like good photographers are wont to do, we took photos to help us remember the night. I’m striking my pure-birthday-sass pose, and Lou looks just as cute as they come, if you ask my opinion.  We’ll be doing a second round of birthday celebrations later this week when we head to Big Bear Lake for a night! Follow along on my instragram and Lou’s instragram if you’d like!  xx- Sarah  

* edit * just found this skirt which is similar to the one i’m wearing, in case you’re interested!  

i carry your heart

our family is spending valentine’s day what feels like a million miles apart.  he’s in tokyo, i’m in mexico, the pups are home.  it really is true that absence makes the heart grow fonder because let me tell you, my heart is feeling REALLY REALLY FOND.  i miss them all so much.  lou mora if you’re reading this in tokyo: happy valentine’s day! i know it’s a silly hallmark driven holiday but i can’t help but miss you even more because of it! i love you to the moon and back and then back again to infinity.  xx-sarah

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happy sunday my friends!

i hope you’re all having a great weekend!  according to twitter you’re all watching the superbowl and crying over the budweiser commercial as i type this?  i sure don’t get it but i’m happy it’s keeping you entertained! me? i prefer the puppy bowl.

this weekend we had a friend come into town for a visit and ditched our computers in favor of bike rides, polar plunges in the pool, dog walks, lots of yummy meals & good conversations.  having guests is my favorite thing! i hope you’re having a most relaxing sunday!  xx -sarah

photo from lou’s most recent shoot (mind blowing, if you ask MY opinion).  see more here

girls brunch- birds of a feather get together

hi everyone!  i’m so excited to share something that i think is super fun today. the week before last i had the girls over for a birds of a feather meeting, and i thought it was the perfect opportunity to have a great meal, catch up with each other and have some fun in the kitchen! i LOVE putting together something like this- from decorating the table to planning my perfect menu for the occasion. so today i’m sharing all the details. it’s a great time of year to gather your girls around you and celebrate with a tasty brunch! more after the jump..

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