Happy Monday everyone, hope you had a great weekend!  With Spring upon us all I can think about is the fun that lays ahead these next months.  I’m daydreaming about lazy beach days, picnics in the park, long summer nights.  I’m also really looking forward to saying hello to a whole new bunch of produce!  I love winter vegetables so much but the change will be refreshing, right?  Today I’ve put together my picnic essentials, all the little things that make a picnic feel extra fun.  And in a couple of weeks I’ll show you this picnic brought to life, with recipes for the yummy food that goes with it.  I may even have a go at a vegan cheese recipe!  Hope you love!  xx- Sarah

Sources:  1. picnic basket // 2. compostable plates // 3.  chambray napkins // 4. striped blanket  // 5.  gold flatware // 6. serving boards (smalllarge)  7.  San Pellegrino sparkling water

This post is sponsored by San Pellegrino. Practice the Art of Fine Food, every time you can.

birds of a feather get together sneak peek

our birds of a feather get together was so much fun!  here’s a sneak peek of the table…cozy, colorful, girly fun.  i loved every minute of it!  and below are some things from around the interweb i loved this week as well.  have a great weekend my friends!  xx-sarah

a fantastic round up of amazing spaces on one of my favorite blogs

the perfect listen for your lazy sunday morning 

lots of heart swelling cuteness and an opportunity to give back to our four legged friends 

a recipe that’s on my must-make list for these chilly winter days

possibly the best way to start a party.  or your morning.

a girl who shares my dream of living in an all white home, and some pretty examples

my most favorite beauty product- and 10 ways to use it

a beautiful and creative way to dress up your tablescape

the most inspiring year in pictures ever

a sweet little video that makes mothergood look pretty amazing

one of the world’s cutest girls teaches you how to do vintage style curls

birthday fun- washi tape drink stirrers

one of my favorite friends just had a special birthday celebration this past weekend and i got a little crafty to make it festive.  one of my favories were these cute little drink stirrers, they made every drink feel like a party! they were simple to put together and only required a few things- a 1/8″ dowel cut into 7-8″ sticks, washi tape, and gold foil. *heads up- washi tape will work on it’s own for the flags but for the confetti sticks i had to bust out the glue gun to keep them together. 

here’s the birthday girl, margaux, and her sweet dog henry (who it turns out LOVES party hats!).  they’re cute as can be, right?!  happy happy margs! 

holiday party finale!

i did it! i hosted my first adult party (non-roommate-hosted). which might not seem like a big deal to you, but to this obsessive compulsive over the top control freak, it was HUGE. and so fantastic! the most important thing i learned about hosting: ask for help, or accept when it’s offered! my friends saved my party-life.

heirloom la gifted their lasagna cupcakes (omg, SO delicious!!!), margaux came over early to help cook and brought the tastiest home-made peanut butter cups, annie made these yummy almond joys, and paige & kelly brought over dishes, cookies, and a golden unicorn to mix in with my crafty tree forest.

without all of their help i would have been too stressed out all day to enjoy a second of it! i wish i had taken more photos, but i was having too much fun drinking wine and chatting with all my girlfriends. oh well, next time!  here’s to the holidays! i hope you all are having so much fun!