Bali Part II


Thank you all for the sweetest comments on my last two posts- they made me laugh, some of them made me cry, and overall they just made my heart warm.  I love you guys!!!!  We’re all settled in with the friends that we’re staying with until we close on the new house (!!!!!!!) and I’m thinking that by next week I’ll be back to regular recipe posts, style posts and my usual song and dance.  But before that happens I want to share the second half of our Bali trip with you!  This post is dedicated to all of you in the northeast still shoveling your way out of the heaping present that Juno left!  I grew up in Maine so I remember those stormy days oh so well!  Let today’s post be a little escape to a place where snow doesn’t fall, windshields don’t need scraping, and mittens are non-existent!

As you saw here, we spent the first of our two weeks in  Ubud,Bali at the amazing Castello Jasper with friends!  And then we snuck away for a romantic week at The Bale´hotel in Nusa Dua- in search of white sand beaches and a whole lot of nothing to do.  We found exactly what we were looking for!  I don’t have a ton of recommendations because we barely left the beach/hotel/spa- but it was one of the most amazing places we’ve ever stayed and too gorgeous to not share!  It’s not a budget friendly hotel but we were there during the off season and they were running a special so we snuck into a hotel that we normally couldn’t afford.  As for travel to Bali during the “off season”- it rains a bit more (which I found romantic and lovely), there a more mosquitos than during the non-rainy season and it’s quieter.  From what I gathered that’s about the only major difference. Well worth the savings to visit then in my opinion!

nusa_dua_bale_hotel_A_House_in_the_hills_2 nusa_dua_bale_hotel_A_House_in_the_hills_3

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Health Update


Ok, so after yesterday’s post where I laid out all of my angst about food, the judgmental and laughable ways we talk about it, and summarized some of the amazing mass of contradictory information floating around the interwebs- I want tell you what I REALLY think about food, what’s changed for me over the past year, what’s working for me now and what I’ve learned.  Yesterday was my way of poking fun of something that is totally overwhelming for so many of us- that leaves us feeling like we’re falling short of an ideal or messing up our health in one way or another.  It was a much needed laugh about something that has consumed so much of my thought and time these past few years.

So now I want to tell you what’s been going on with my health and diet, because sharing my challenges with Crohn’s disease and helping to raise awareness remains one of the things I’m most proud of with this site.  As you may know, I’ve remained in remission from Crohn’s since my diagnosis in February 2011 (which does not mean I’ve been in perfect health- but does mean that I’ve not had a full blown “flare up” requiring hospitalization or medications, which anyone with Crohn’s can attest to as being a gigantic WIN!)

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The Definitive Guide to Healthy Eating


As you may know, or remember from this, I have Crohn’s disease which I have been managing with diet and lifestyle since my diagnosis in February 2011.  This past year I started dealing with some other health issues (more on this tomorrow).  So for the past year I dived deep down the internet rabbit hole to find answers, I researched the vast variety of diets and health recommendations relentlessly to figure out what is TRULY the best way to eat.  I read and researched and read some more.  Here’s what I’ve learned:  {so much more after the jump!}

Sugar is the devil’s spawn and is more addictive than heroin and you probably don’t even know that it’s COMPLETELY CONTROLLING YOUR LIFE AND RUINING YOUR CHANCES OF EVER BEING HEALTHY OR HAPPY OR BEING LOVED BY ANYONE.  EVER.  If you eat sugar you may end up in a mental institution.

The stress of NOT eating sugar is worse for you than actually eating sugar, and you will forever be a pariah at social gatherings if you are so rigid in your diet that you can’t enjoy an occasional piece of cake.  Your friends will turn on you and replace you with a friend who bakes or at the very least eats sugar 20% of the time.

Your gut is the most important part of your body and a delicate flora that is IMPOSSIBLE to keep in balance but it is your entire life’s work to do so.  If you fail you will die.

Gluten is the devil.  The actual devil.  Unless you test negative for gluten sensitivity in which case it’s perfectly healthy and should be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet and eaten on the reg.


Grains are the true devil and should be avoided at all costs, they will cause your gut to leak, destroy your relationships and they will make you fat and quite probably cause diabetes.  Unless you soak them overnight before cooking in which case they are slightly less toxic.

Grains are the best and only way to receive enough carbohydrates for your body to function properly, one should make whole grains a regular part of one’s diet without fail.  Without them you will become a shadow of yourself and die.

Fruit is a product of Satan, it causes your blood sugar to spike and is basically like eating a bag of refined sugar. It’s also as addictive as crack.  If you eat fruit you are a crackhead.

Fruit is filled with fiber, antioxidants and is a critical part of a healthy, balanced diet.  Without the proper amounts of fruits and vegetables one will face a lifetime of illness, pain and suffering and eventually die alone without even a cat for company.

Vegetables are the perfect food.  Unless they’re not organic + non-GMO, or are nightshades, or are eaten at the same time as a protein or fruit or grains.  Or are heavy in carbohydrates or sugar.  In any of the aforementioned cases they will cause your gut to leak and subsequently ruin your life and kill you dead.

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Friday Links


Happy Friday!  We survived the move- it was the most intense of my life to date but we are on the other side of it!  Or at least one other side.  We’re staying with friends who are like family- there are four of us, 3 dogs, one 7 month old baby and a bunny all living in 600 sq feet.  I know I’m a little crazy but I LOVE it!!!  And yesterday an offer we put on a darling Spanish house was accepted!  I don’t want to count chickens before they hatch, but it looks like we may have found our next home!  One of the things I was excited about with the house hunt here in San Diego was the possibility of landing in something Spanish- it’s so different from our home in Palm Springs and would offer the opportunity to go in an entirely new direction with the design.  OH ME OH MY!  Whether it’s this house or another, I really really look forward to decorating and sharing the process with you all here!  I think I’ve already asked you about a dozen times, but please keep your fingers crossed for us!  And now, a list of links for your weekend- and this time I mixed a little home inspiration, fashion, and entertainment in with the food!  Have a  great weekend everyone!  Much love.  xx- Sarah  {image via}

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The day has come, we’re leaving our Palm Springs dream home today!  Bean and Nugget’s faces say it all- we’re apprehensive of what’s to come.  We’ll miss this place and we’ll be a little displaced for the next couple of weeks while we sort out our living situation.  BUT, what Bean and Nugget’s faces do not say is that we’re SO excited to join our friends in San Diego, to keep house hunting until we find our gem, to see what the future brings!!  Wish us luck!  I’ll be  back on Friday with links for your weekend!  xx- Sarah

BeautyKind Favorites :: Hair Dept


Happy Tuesday my friends!  Remember in December when I introduced BeautyKind and my charity of choice, The Edible Schoolyard Project?  Well  I’ve had a chance to start trying out some of the products they stock and have found a few that I’m head over heels for!  In 2013 I played around with cutting shampoo and conditioner out of my life- and while I loved some of the perks that came with it, I eventually tired of smelling like apple cider vinegar and felt like my hair was drying out.  So I happily went back to shampoo and conditioner and haven’t looked back!  Below are the three that I’m loving the most as of late, and a little bit about each!  I think buying beauty products online can be intimidating, and it’s hard to know what to expect.  I usually rely on reviews or the recommendations of friends- so I hope this helps!    xx- Sarah


Sans Ceuticals nourishing hair wash: Free of artificial fragrances, sulfates, silicones, petrochemicals, parabens, artificial dyes, artificial colors and animal testing (YAY!)  This shampoo has a light scent that smells so fresh and clean- I love that it’s not overwhelming when you’re using it but it still smells amazing.  I found the littlest amount goes a long way (I also only wash my bangs and the hair at my scalp to keep from drying out my ends).  This shampoo feels like its moisturizing while cleaning- which is great because I find shampoos to be a little drying at times.  (sign up for BeautyKind here, purchase this product here)

Teadora nourishing conditioner:  This antioxidant and vitamin rich conditioner promises stronger, shinier, moisture infused hair- and I found it to be great at helping with detangling (which is a major issue for me) and it also helped my locks feel smooth!  It smells delicious – woodsy with a hint of floral- a bit stronger than I generally prefer but because it’s a more masculine scent I love it.  (sign up for BeautyKind here, purchase this product here)

Gloss Modern high-gloss masque:  Free of sulfates, parabens and sodium chloride.  This is my favorite hair mask that I’ve ever tried- it turned my hair to silk instantly!  I use it on days when I’ve neglected brushing and have a giant rats nest  (sorry Grandma!) and it works wonders!  It leaves my hair silky and so great for a blow-dry.  I’m a huge fan- and it smells like heaven!   (sign up for BeautyKind here, purchase this product here)