Be Wild and Free


One of the things I love about our life on the road is that it requires us to simplify in major ways.  My closet in the RV is 18″.  I have a couple of small cubbies besides for the closet that I can store clothes in.  So it requires me to be highly selective in my packing, and to create a sort of capsule wardrobe for the road.  And there’s something beautiful about having so little to choose from- and something fun about mixing and matching every which way I can.  In this situation I find that simple pieces, paired with a few choice accessories, allows me to feel effortlessly well-styled.  And these black jeans are getting ALL of the wear.  We’re off to Yosemite today, but here are a few snaps from Tahoe (I have a backlog of Tahoe snaps to share, so look forward to more soon and another recipe post as well!!) Until then….xx- Sarah  {photos: Lou Mora}

Shop this outfit:  denim: Madewell, vest: Levi’s (similar) shirt: James Perse, hat: Rag & Bone, sunnies: The Row

lake_tahoe_style__A_HOUSE_IN_THE_HILLS-903 lake_tahoe_style__A_HOUSE_IN_THE_HILLS-909

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Fig and Cheddar Grilled Cheese


Hello my friends, happy Monday!  How was your weekend?  Our was pretty magical-  hopefully you’ve been following along on my Instagram where I’m sharing all the incredible things we’re seeing!    We’re still in Tahoe- I don’t want to leave!  Saturday we hiked Rubicon trail- and since our RV is too long to be allowed in the park and we had to walk in to the trailhead, it ended up being a 17 mile hike.  I’ve never walked that far before- my legs ached and there were moments when I was so walk-weary that I thought I might rather sleep in the forest than take another step. Which made for an ENORMOUS sense of accomplishment when we made it back to our home on wheels!

All of that brings me to this meal- a fig and cheddar grilled cheese with a simple green salad. AKA the best thing I’ve eaten in weeks.  Food tastes great when eaten outdoors and even better when your legs feel like they’re going to fall off, apparently.  HA!  But seriously, if you haven’t cooked a grilled cheese on an actual grill (this was my first time) DO IT!  Do it now.  Figs are going out of season, so snap them up and make this sandwich, I promise you’ll love it.  Until tomorrow…. xx- Sarah  PS- yes that is me wrapping chocolate in roasted marshmallows with the biggest grin you’ve ever seen.  I’m quite happy here on the road, in the forest, beside campfires, and most especially when eating grilled cheese and marshmallows.  Life if good.

grilled_cheese_Tahoe_A_HOUSE_IN_THE_HILLS-14 grilled_cheese_Tahoe_A_HOUSE_IN_THE_HILLS-3

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Lake Tahoe Style


Hi my friends, happy Friyay!!!!!  Our woodsy adventures are continuing in Lake Tahoe- it’s insanely beautiful up here!  I’ll share photos of the landscape soon- we’re wandering around taking a million photos today.  In the meantime, a quick style post for you.  I think I mentioned it before but I’m the nerd who wears plaid camping- always.  And I snagged this warm jacket since I own almost no winter clothes after years of living in the desert.  I’m having fun getting bundled up for the cold- we woke up to 40 degrees today!  Brrrrrrr!!!!  The dogs couldn’t wait to jump in our bed this am!  Hoping it’ll reach 68 by the afternoon so we can get out on a stand up paddleboard.  fingers crossed!   Have a great weekend, more soon…. xx- Sarah

{Shop this post:  jeans: Rag & Bone, jacket: Penfield, shirt: Madewell, boots: Plomo (old), bracelet: Miansai}


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Happy Thursday my friends!  As I mentioned before, we’re on the road again (horray!).  This time we’re exploring Lake Tahoe.  The drive up here was amazing, California never ceases to amaze me with it’s vastness, variety of landscapes and beauty.  I’m just in love.  We pulled over at this one spot on highway 395 and did an impromptu mini shoot.  This hat has been my saving grace as I haven’t washed my hair since we left (although a dip in the lake yesterday kind of counts, right?!)  I have to say, this RV was the best thing we have ever, EVER purchased.  I’m loving life on the road so, so much. Having our furry family with us, a kitchen and bathroom make roadtrips just a dream.  Today it’s rainng and we’re cozied up at our campsite listening to it hit the roof and on the lookout for bears.  It might be heaven.  More soon…. xx- Sarah

shop this post:  denim: Madewell, hat: Rag & Bone, tank: unknown, sandals: Joie (old)


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RV Adventures: Big Sur


I’m happy to finally be sharing our Big Sur adventures!  It’s such a spectacular coastline, and I’d never spent any time there before, only driven through, so I was so excited to set up camp for a few days and explore.  And now I’m so excited that I can bring you all along virtually- I’m sharing our favorite adventures below.  Hope you enjoy!  xx- Sarah

A-house_in_the_hills_big_sur-47 A-house_in_the_hills_big_sur-30

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The Art of Charcuterie


Happy Monday everyone, I hope you had a great weekend!  Today I want to talk about the fine art of a charcuterie board.  Truth be told if I could I’d eat nothing but cheese and fruit, crackers, crostini, olives and pickled everything for every meal for the rest of my life.  It’s my favorite way to eat- a nibble of this, a nibble of that, A MOUTHFUL OF CHEESE.  Ha!!!  In all seriousness though, there’s something so delightfully indulgent about a massive display and sitting down with friends to enjoy it- and it’s actually not a ton of work to prepare, but will make your guests worship you like a culinary goddess!  Below is my list of must-haves for a charcuterie, I hope this inspires your own decadent soirees!  xx- Sarah

1. At least three kinds of cheeses is my minimum for a great spread.  I look for pasture raised, organic cheese at Whole Foods and start there- asking for samples and choosing my favorites based on availability.  Generally speaking I like a hard cheese (like Parmigiano Reggiano or Gouda), a soft cheese (like a Brie or Camembert) and a stinky cheese (like Blue Stilton or Roquefort)

2.  Fresh veggies and fruit- I like to mix up the fruit and veggies I add to my boards based on the season, but some of my favorites are:  stone fruit (peaches, cherries, nectarines, apricots), grapes, pomegranates, figs, apples, berries (blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries).  With colorful variety of in season fruits you can’t go wrong!  Sometimes I’ll include dried fruits as well.  For veggies I love:  carrots, snap peas, bell peppers, radishes, cherry tomatoes, celery (with the leaves) and green beans.

3. 2 kinds of olives- I love  dry cured black  and Castelveltrano olives.  YUM!

4. Pickled somethings-  I am always on the hunt for a pickled something to add to a charcuterie board.  This one features spicy pickled green beans, caper berries, and Peruvian pickled peppers.  The kick that they bring to the table is just so tasty and so needed!  I’ve also been known to have bowls of pepperocini, and Cornichons.   My love for all things pickled is vast.

5. Crackers and bread-  These are my favorite crackers these days. Not only are they delicious but they’re SO pretty!  I also love grilling well-buttered slices from a baguette.

6. Nuts-  Marcona almonds (if you haven’t had them you MUST!), walnuts, pistachios, almonds, and pecans all make great additions to a charcuteries spread.  Bonus if they’re seasoned!  They’re the perfect nibble in between all of the sweet, sour and savory.

7. Fig jam & honey-  A touch of sweet spread onto a crisp or baguette with cheese over the top may be my perfect bite, so I always have a fig jam and a bit of honey on display to accommodate!

8 Hummus or baba ganoush- These two items make me feel as if I’ve eaten a proper meal- they add sustenance to the nibbling!  Here is my favorite hummus recipe and here is my favorite baba ghanoush recipe!

9.  Crostinis aren’t a must but they sure do add a little something something!  I grilled buttered baguette slices and made the following three variations:  sundried tomato and basil, peach with burrata and basil, mint with walnut, feta and a drizzle of honey.  They take minutes to put together and are such a treat!

10.  Garnishes – The pretty little bits that fill up space and add color, texture and finesse to your boards…. I love rosemary sprigs, flowers, and whole pieces of fruit.

My tips for assembly:  I love a board that’s overflowing, and I’m not a person that cares about foods touching, so I tend to pile on the goodness!  Start by pacing your cheeses and adding fruits, crackers, and veggies.  Fill in all the holes with nuts and garnish!  Don’t be too precious about it, have fun with it, and most of all- enjoy every last bite of it!

Styling sources:  marble and cheese board, cheese knives, wine glasses, bread basket, water pitcher  (all of the other wooden cutting boards will be available at Shop A House in the Hills soon!

A-house_in_the_hills_the_art_of_charcuterie-1 A-house_in_the_hills_the_art_of_charcuterie-19 A-house_in_the_hills_the_art_of_charcuterie-28